AT&T’s iPhone vs Palm Pre Fact Sheet “Leaked”


This summer is going to bring some exciting things our way. We have iPhone OS 3.0 firmware scheduled to be released and the possibility of a next generation iPhone. There’s also going to be another potential “iPhone killer” coming our way, called the Palm Pre.

The Palm Pre is either going to give Palm a new lease on life or potentially take the company further downhill if it fails to live up to expectations. It’s going to be launched on the Sprint network in the USA, which is CDMA.

AT&T, the sole provider of iPhones to our American friends down south recently had an “iPhone vs Palm Pre” internal memo “leaked”. Essentially this memo is for AT&T employees to memorize so they can persuade customers that the iPhone is worth buying. Take a look at this document:


Clearly, looking at the points made out in the document it heavily favours the iPhone. Now, I’m pretty open to smartphone competition but until the Pre is released to the masses I’m going to hold my judgment on the phone.

Palm Has an Uphill Battle to Climb This Summer

The Pre will be entering a market dominated by Blackberries and iPhones. With the weak economic outlook and people pinching their pennies, it will be interesting to see how many people will purchase the Pre along with a data plan.

If the Pre is successful on its launch, don’t count Apple out just yet. This year will mark two years after the launch of the first gen iPhone, which means the 2 year AT&T contracts will be coming to an end. I think Apple will launch their third generation iPhone at the end of June, to coincide with the return of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs Will Most Likely Bring Something With Him Upon His Return

Steve launched the first two iPhones, so it would only make sense he debuts the much anticipated third generation phone as well. Now, the perfect incentive to “sign on” for another two years with AT&T would be the launch of a new iPhone handset and iPhone OS 3.0.

I can only imagine how heated this summer will be with all these smartphone wars. One thing is for sure, we have heard lots about “iPhone killers” now (think back to the Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch Diamond, Blackberry Storm) but none of these touchscreen phones have come close to the iPhone.

Given that the Pre is going to be a CDMA unit at launch, it is possible that Telus/Bell could carry the phone in Canada. Would you give up your iPhone to get your grubby palms on the Pre?


  • Dusty

    I read up on some of the Palm Pre news a couple days back, it sure does look interesting.
    This brings me back to last year, when the 2.0FW was being release and Telus was introducing the so called iPhone killer HTC Touch and so on. Well have to wait and see how well the Palm Pre is…

  • TheOtherHalfofTheGlass

    Unless Palm comes out with some outlandish idea, there is no iphone-killer yet. Nokia/Palm have to create something more intuitive than the iphone. While ,May not be the One for 100% of the earth population,the iphone is still good enough for a good chunk/majority, may be 70%. Just like the revolutionary wii, it is not for everyone , but for a good majority of casual people.
    On another side, for every car, phone there is a buyer, and different people have different needs/views, so some people will buy the pre ( price/specific feature/keyboard/new gadget…etc) , it is just going to be smaller niche/market than the iphone. Palm had a chance to take the bull by the horn and run with it, but they failed, apple came in and did just that, now they are taking their time improving the software and hardware too, I don’t see Apple taking their foot off the pedal anytime soon.

  • Graves

    When you’re the top dog everyone wants to take you down and I suppose it’s just a matter of time until that happens, but I don’t think that time is now.

  • Tony

    nope, pre is not a strong contender

  • trixer

    I don’t even get what’s with all the hype about that pre phone. It’s not out yet. We barely have any specs concerning it. All we know is that it took a couple ideas from the iPhone and has a very easily scratch-able screen. Sure the pre is faster than the iPhone but the iPhones almost a year old.

  • Mike A

    Pre stands for Prepubescent iPhone

  • Billy Beane

    My hands are NOT GRUBBY

    They may be sweaty, hairy, grubby, rough but they are not a pornstar.

  • I agree. I’m going to wait for Palm to release the Pre, but even then it seems they are going after the segment that wants a touchscreen and physical keyboard, which the iPhone doesn’t offer.

  • uh…okay? You just called your own hands grubby! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Never thought about it this way ๐Ÿ˜‰