August HomeKit Smart Lock Sale: 20% Off, Lowest Price Ever on Amazon


If you’re tired of locking and unlocking your front door or side door by hand, it’s time to consider a smart lock like the one from August, which supports Apple’s HomeKit.

As of today, the August Smart Lock in both silver and black has dropped in price by 20% off, saving you $59, to $239.99, making it the lowest price ever on (according to price tracker camelcamelcamel).

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The August Smart Lock turns your iPhone into a smart key to allow you to lock and unlock any door as you approach it. You can control who has access and see an activity log, from anywhere. The unit just attaches to your existing deadbolt and off you go.

With support for Apple HomeKit, you can use Siri on your iPhone or iPad to control the August Smart Lock and check its status, plus setup automated scenes. The unit is battery operated and connects via Low Energy Bluetooth with your iPhone.

If you’ve been waiting for the August Smart Lock to go on sale, now is the time to get it.

Click here to jump on the sale from while it’s still available.


  • Olley

    If you’re tired of locking and unlocking your front door or side door by hand, you deserve to be ROBBED and SHOT in the face. PEROID.

  • It’s Me

    Bitter much? Besides a brainless rant, anything intelligent to add?

  • Tell us how you really feel 😉

  • Why have the need to not carry keys around or let people in when your not home or make sure your door is locked when your not home or on and on and on.

  • Rick

    Still too expensive along with other I see in Home Depot. Seems if it’s an iPhone app, it is automatically expensive.

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  • tomm

    What about if you need internet access or what if someone does not have iphone or android phone? What if you need a keypad so people without a phone can open the door? Do you have to buy other modules making it even more expensive?