Ballistic HC Case for iPhone 4


Now that the iPhone 4 is here in Canada, many of you are probably scrambling to find just the right case. With glass on the front and back of the iPhone 4, and the stainless steel antena susceptible to scratches, you might want some heavy duty protection. If you work indoors, in an office or retail type situation, this may not be a concern to you, but if you work in the trades, like construction, you want your iPhone to be indestructible.

Ballistic has come out with a great new protective case called the Ballistic HC, that provides some pretty hefty protection for your iPhone 4. It is pretty bulky, so it’s not ideal to keep in your pocket, but it does come with a compatible holster.

Ballistic: Ballistic HC

Premium protective case for your iPhone 4G offers durability with style to fit your everyday life.

  • Ballistic HC (Hard Core) design comprised of four dependable layers of protection for your mobile device
  • Includes an interchangeable outer gel skin layer, front facing inward holster and built in screen protector
  • Advanced rugged case engineered to ensure long-term survival against drops and scratches
  • Advanced shock absorption material isolated vibrations to protect your device
  • Sleek, edgy appearance adds a fashionable and unique appeal

Available at:

Price: $49.99

For more colours and a 360 view, you can check out the Ballistic HC Cases, here.

The Ballistic HC case for iPhone 4 retails for $49.99. You can order them online from their website. They are currently sold out, but they expect to have more in stock soon. rorypiper


  • Steve Lam

    why bother even getting an iphone if you have to throw it into that hideous thing.

  • mike

    i wouldn't get that…. they tried so hard to make the iphone thinner, now we put it in that case?

  • steve jobs

    ugly p o s

  • Steve Jobs

    how much they pay you for this post?

  • Luca

    Its extremely ugly i rather have the original bumper.

  • LOL

    “Sleek, edgy appearance adds a fashionable and unique appeal”
    Yea and Steve Jobs own an EVO…

  • rorypiper

    Ha. We don't get paid for posts. I didn't even get one to review. I don't like it either, but it's an option for people who need that extra protection. If you have a rough job, where your phone gets knocked around, you might want something like this.

  •  Xaroc

    Woah GOD! forget the death grip. this thing will block ALL signals lol. i admit that thing looks pretty cool. but no way i would ever touch it lol

  • Vk

    Lol seriously how much did you get paid to advertise for the ugly case?? They made the iphone 4 slimmer for a reason, not to put it in a case which makes it bigger than the previous one.

  • Vk

    Okay I just saw your post saying you dont get paid. But wow that seriously is one ugly cover! but as you said I guess it would be good if you have a rough job

  • Zilly

    This will appeal to a lot of ppl. If you just gonna comment how ugly it is and say he must be getting paid to show it wtf even bother commenting.
    My hubby works on an oil rig… this would be perfect.

  • Prybar


    That would be perfect for me in the cabinet shop…i need something to keep the dust out of the ports, and protect from flying debris…:)

  • iGuy-moo

    To everybody who is saying “why bother buying an iPhone if you're going to put it in something as ugly/hideous/etc as that”: If you have a rough job, this case is perfect. Although you wouldn't be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the new iPhone 4's exterior design, the phone itself would function and perform just the same. It's great to know that you all just buy iPhones solely for their appearance, and not how it actually works! I work on Naval ships and this would be great to have while I'm below deck repairing large pieces of machinery and electrical equipment.

  • Sorry but I think this case destroys the sleek look of the iP4. I prefer the Otterbox Defender

  • I'm still very interested if something as massive looking as that thing will actually reduce signal strength similar to the may the mophie air charger pack did because of it's bulkiness

  • Sviato

    looks big and ugly..

  • MR

    I don't work in an oil field, but I want an Otterbox. Why? Because my phone costs $800 to replace, and I don't have $800 to replace it. Pretty straight forward.

  • ShaunT

    I for one appreciate posts like this. I work in the trades and being my first iphone I'm very worried about damaging it even with it just being in my pocket let alone using it with muddy or dusty hands (drywall taper). I'm not a huge fan of the looks of this case but did end up going with the Otterbox Defender case. Now I just have to wait for it to be shipped so I won't be afraid to take the phone out of my truck!

  • Stugraham

    u are fkin dumb… no one needs to hear your crap stop commenting

  • Stugraham

    you dont get it…. read the comments… this case is for someone who is a soldier or in construction… i use one and im in construction… its amazing for my job but i take the iphone out and admire it soemtimes