BBM for iPhone Launches in New Zealand And Australia


Earlier this year, Blackberry announced that it would be shipping BBM for iPhone and Android. The day has finally come, BBM for iPhone has made its debut in New Zealand and it will slowly roll out to the rest of the world throughout the day.

BBM for iPhone includes:

  • Instant Chat
  • Delivered (D’s) and Read (R’s) Receipts
  • Group Chat
  • BBM Broadcasts
  • Share Notes, Photos, and URLs
  • Profile Pictures
  • Invites Via PIN/QR
  • And Much More


For many users the BBM app for iPhone is currently not usable. Users are unable to sign in with BBM services and some are taken to a webpage saying that the site is under maintenance. Here are some screenshots:

BBM_Error1 BBM_Error2

Stay tuned for more BBM coverage. BBM for iOS is supposed to officially launch in Canada on the 22nd around midnight EDT.

[via iTunes (New Zealand)]



  • David

    Got to say I liked BBM back inY2K but who needs it now with imessage and if that doesn’t work for others users there are plenty of other options. Sad to say but a little too late for BB…

  • vman

    possibly a good whatsapp replacement. i read a thing a while back saying the whatsapp security is awful and people can steal your phone # or something. BB is well known for their hard encryption, so I might switch from BBM to whatsapp to talk to my android friends.

    But youre right. no real use for BB

  • gibiin99

    Completely irrelevant and waste of time. Just txt the last few BBerry brick sheep that are left.

  • Blackberry keyboards and BBM are the best!

  • Biggy604

    It maybe irrelevant but there are people willing to download BBM and ditch whatsapp/snapchat/kik ever since its announcement.

  • Arcsvibe

    It’s been pulled (delayed) due to the Android version being leaked? RIP RIM….

  • J. W.

    I’m curious as to whether the “unlimited BBM” phone plan addon would work with the BBM app.