Notorious B.C. Driver Banned After 14 Distracted Driving Tickets


Last month we told you about a notorious Richmond, B.C., woman, who was pulled over by RCMP after nearly colliding with a cruiser, had accumulated a whopping 12 distracted driving tickets since 2011.

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Well, it turns out the number 14 is unlucky for her, as Richmond RCMP reports she has been “prohibited from driving”, after accumulating even more distracted driving tickets.

The RCMP did not mention how long her ban would last, but the news left many residents happy, while some questioned whether she would just return the road anyways.

B.C. distracted driving fines are $167, some of the lowest in Canada, and also come with three demerits. Ontario drivers face $400 fines, while those in PEI face $500 to $1200 fines per offence.

Last month, a distracted driving blitz took place coast-to-coast, with North Vancouver RCMP going undercover to nab drivers using their cellphones at the wheel, by using an aerial vantage point from a cherry picker van.

[via CTV News]


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Better than the Toronto police:

    “Toronto police won’t charge woman captured on dash cam leaving LCBO, swerving, hitting another car”

  • Yeah, I’m kinda thinking she’ll just drive the next day anyways as the article said.
    After getting 10+ tickets didn’t seem to do anything. Some people just don’t get it.

  • ShaBi

    Or don’t give a Fuxk with a capital F.

  • Joe

    But there are probably more severe penalties for driving without a license

  • ShaBi

    Not probably, there ARE more severe penalties. But trust me, when I said some people just don’t give a Fk, they literally just don’t give a Fk. I’m in the insurance business, and I’ve had the “pleasures” of working with people like this many times.

  • KBlazer07

    Heard that 1 in 4 drivers on the road don’t have licenses anyways, so I’m sure she’ll keep going on.