BC Driver Gets 2 Distracted Driving Tickets in 7 Minutes, Hit with $736 Fine


The New Westminster Police Department in the BC Lower Mainland has been clamping down on distracted drivers this week, and recently shared an image of one driver getting two tickets within seven minutes.

According to the NWPD Twitter account, one distracted driver was “ticketed twice in 7 minutes. That’s $736 and 8 points.”

Nwpd traffic distracted driving

According to the BC Motor Vehicle Act, a first infraction for distracted driving also comes with a $175 ICBC Driver Penalty Point premium, so that’s $543 for a first-time ticket.

If drivers get two or more distracted driving convictions in a three-year period, they are charged a Driver Risk Premium (DRP), billed annually and separate from insurance premiums. According to the BC MVA:

For example, drivers with two or more convictions for the use of electronics devices while driving over a three-year period could pay as much as $2,000 in penalties – an increase of $740 – in addition to their regular vehicle insurance premium.

Last week, the NWPD handed out 116 distracted driving tickets at the same location in four days, near the Queensborough bridge. It seems drivers just aren’t getting the message to keep their hands off their smartphones while driving.


  • He was tweeting the 2nd time… Dammit, I just got a ticket. Oh no, gawd dammit!

  • Tony

    Even if the penalty was more serve like taking away licence and impounded car. People would still do it. It’s impossible to change everyone and people will just try to be sneaky and try to hide it which will divide their attention even more. So I think technology should be the answer. Geolocation phone lock down. Siri should be announcing all calls and text in all cars and be standard in all cars? Why touch your phone when you can touch a giant dashboard right? ? the discription of the offence is hilarious. Your car is basically a giant electronic device if you think about it. CarPlay standard on all cars please and thank you

  • Sagar Shingala


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    People are just not responsible enough to drive cars – self driving cars can’t come soon enough.

  • Olley

    yes but in reality it’s nearly impossible to mandate CarPlay as a standard feature. It’d be very beneficial to cars without navigation, but car companies usually treat CarPlay as a “luxury” option… you have to have some kind of media package installed in order to get CarPlay, which defeats the purpose in the first place.

    Again, car manufactures won’t let you eascape easily when they know that you may find out you don’t need their stock media/navigation option at all while on CarPlay…sad

  • cayaguy

    One word. ‘RICHMOND’

  • BeaveVillage

    What a load of baloney. Ah dang, just got my ticket.

  • Olley

    But this took place in new west…

  • Kael

    You know what would also work. Don’t pick up the phone!

  • John McClane

    It’s OK, the driver got lost…

  • Not So Smart Tony

    So smart that you cant even spell DESERVE? Is this typical of the morons that distracted drive.