How to Buy Apple’s BeatsX Headphones for $119 at The Source, 34% Off


Apple finally released their BeatsX wireless headphones, powered by the same W1 chip found in AirPods, earlier this month, after a lengthy delay.

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The wireless Bluetooth headphones have now made their way to The Source, which means those eligible for the Partner Savings Program (PSP), such as GoodLife members can save 20% off BeatsX. But it gets better, as users on RFD have noted the $25 off $100 email newsletter sign up coupon takes savings down even further.

Priced at $179.95, saving 20% off brings the price down to $143.96, while the $25 off $100 coupon makes it $118.96 plus taxes—34% off Apple’s original price. The fine print says the coupon does not apply to Beats…but it’s working for some reason, notes users on RFD.

One RFD user shared a PSP validation code you can use to register yourself: B2G013000; reference code: Venngo.

We’ve seen this same discount formula also apply to AirPods and Apple’s other W1-powered headphones, Beats Solo 3.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this—right now, only black and white BeatsX models are available.


  • Nick Portman

    I’m excited about these, currently using Sol Republic Shadow Bluetooth neckband headphones and they are great.

  • I’ve been eyeing these for weeks, finally got them! $170 with a 3 year warranty, you can’t go wrong. Thank iPhoneinCanada!

  • Cheers! great deal 🙂


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  • Flip Tragnée St-Pierre

    I think someone over there discovered the trick: the newsletter mail is no longer sent. I tried 4 different email adress, used 4 differents browsers on both windows and iPhone and of course checked spam for all adresses. Fortunately, I could use my girlfriend promo code for a grand total of 137$, quite reasonable. Hopefully this will go through… 🙂

  • tlm

    This deal worked out for me on Feb 22nd using the detail Gary provided in the post. I had to create an account here using the code from above and then signed up for the newsletter to get the $25 off. My BeatsX are in the mail!

  • beavisaur

    Does anyone have a promo code from the newsletter? The 20% is still working on the AirPods, looking to grab the additional discount from the newsletter signup, but unfortunately am not getting the welcome email either….

  • tlm

    Just got my pair and completely forgot that these come with a free 3 month trial of Apple Music. Since I already am a subscriber of the family plan of AppleMusic the code put a $30 credit onto my account!

  • John McClane

    I got the Beats Solo 3 for $249.63, applying even the $25 email discount. The $25 email code did NOT work online, I called The Source and they confirmed that I can get that in the store, if I will show them the email. So, it worked just fine in the store! 😉

    Thanks Gary Ng (iPhone In Canada) for all the great deals…!

  • Yipeee Kai-yayyyyyyy!!