Belkin and Mophie Wireless Chargers for iPhone 8, iPhone X Jump $10 in Price in Canada


When Apple announced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, they also announced new wireless charging pads would be coming from partners Belkin and Mophie.

These originally were priced at $69 each in Canada, but the prices have quietly increased $10 to $79 CAD:

Screenshot 2017 10 30 11 28 46

Screenshot 2017 10 30 11 29 04

Both of these are showing shipping dates of November 2 via the quickest shipping speeds, but they are also available at Apple Stores in Canada.

Currently, these sell for $59.95 USD in the United States.

Thanks @XJin0120


  • Jake

    dammit I was going to buy one this week! haha

  • Olivier

    Just get one on Amazon for 20$

  • Albemarle

    I love the Anker puck. Much smaller, phone doesn’t vibrate off it, it’s easier to place my iPhone 8+ and it’s $20 on Amazon, much less than $35 lightning cable. For me, wireless charging is a major plus on the new phone.
    I don’t buy third party accessories from Apple. They don’t support them, so better to buy from Amazon with great support.

  • Jake

    I’ve tried about 5 different ones on amazon. Some are ok. Some have bright lights on all the time that suck. Some have no grip so my iphone slides off. Wanted the Morphie one as that one seems to fix all those issues

  • Ian Geoffrey Minton

    No reason to buy this overpriced stuff. I got two wireless chargers – one upright dock and one flat style – for $40. Once (if) they break in a year, I can buy two more and still would have only had one Mophie or Belkin.

  • Ned K.

    That bug is fixed in iOS 11.1. Try beta or wait for official release. I really suspect Apple made such bug on purpose to sell those Apple certified wireless chargers.

  • Salinger

    These were both overpriced for what they offered previously, now it’s just ridiculous. Absolutely no need to pay these prices for a wireless charger.

  • Gerry Lee

    I still have my samsung one when I had my note 5. Will just use that.

  • Olivier

    I got the Pictek one with Fast charge written on it and it workds great. Light shuts down after 5 seconds.