Bell Announces “Pick and Pay” Option for All TV channels Not Part of Basic


In an effort to ensure that Canadians get the TV channels they want to watch, Bell has today announced support for “pick and pay” option for all TV channels not included in basic packages. The company has also announced a new model to “ensure the long-term sustainability” of local television programming.


With pick and pay flexibility, Bell believes Canadians consumers won’t have to pay for channels they don’t want just to get the channels they do. “In addition to the extensive range of TV packaging options we make available, we seek to offer pick and pay as an option to consumers,” said Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Residential Services”. 

Meanwhile, in order to ensure the future of local TV, Bell is proposing to convert local conventional TV stations into local specialty services, so that local channels can charge wholesale rates to broadcast distributors.

“Canada’s broadcasting system is built on a foundation of local television programming. However, the sector is no longer financially sustainable and to date none of the regulatory measures implemented to address the issue have managed to address the structural deficiency of an advertising-only funding model. 

Canadians benefit from a wealth of programming options, competitive TV distribution choices and technological innovations like Fibe TV. While Canadians have traditionally enjoyed more content choice and lower TV pricing than consumers in the United States, the US experience has shown that new models and revenue sources are necessary in order to sustain local programming going forward.”

Kevin Crull, President of Bell Media said that Canadians everywhere value local TV because it connects and informs them about their communities. “We need to act now to ensure local TV can continue to fulfill this mandate”.


  • gmd


    (thumbs up for Bell for putting this up before being forced by the government)
    (good call on Bell for putting this up before the government forced it on them with conditions they didn’t want)
    (are they getting insiders’ info?)

  • Erik Kappel

    It’s about time this becomes a thing. But it’s too late for me. I’ve already moved on to the internet, Discovery and Nat Geo be damned (unfortunately).

  • gmd

    When will we be able to use this through the online portal?

    Is it fair to assume that it applies to FIbe and Satellite?

  • Al

    “Meanwhile, in order to ensure the future of local TV…”
    Annnnndddd there goes the other shoe… spin it how they may. I suspect this will be a method for them to make their money back from the reduction in revenues from people dropping some of their packages. But I’m just speculating.

  • gmd

    “Bell’s submission filed today”… not a done deal. Won’t come on its own (like in Québec, 3 years ago); they’ll want to do more than just provide this option. We have to remember that they own lots of channels. Paying for local stations would balance things out for them.

    My YAGI will pay for itself.

  • Greg

    Don’t you still have to purchase the basic package to “pick and pay”?

  • Olivier Mouyau

    @Greg, yes “Don’t you still have to purchase the basic package to “pick and pay”?” It looks that way … so I guess I’m still not going back to TV subscription !

  • FragilityG4

    They’ve done this because people are canceling and watching tv via the internet … As the saying goes – too little too late.

  • harry bottinga

    They do not offer this in alberta, I tried to get this package, but was told it is only available in Quebec. This is a big scam

  • Jack Boat

    it’s been available in Quebec as a pilot for about a year now. everyone loves it, so it is coming to the rest of Canada sometime this year


    I think it all should be left to the consummers to have a choice of what to Watch in their household not be told by ay broadcast distributors what to Watch..or what basic package they have to order to have pick and pay.we should be able to buy want we want..most of the channels that bell has and operates are terrible channels ..why should the consummers pay to keep thèses channels alive..get rid of them.. only the channels we want to Watch..its just another way to rip the consummers off…thanks