Bell Canada to Launch New Internet Streaming Service


According to a new report from TheStar, Bell Canada will launch a new streaming service to attract customers who prefer watching videos over the internet instead of traditional TV service.

CEO George Cope said the company will announce its plans within the next four to six weeks. The company is trying to combat the trend of cord cutting. Cope said that he sees opportunities to grow in a space where cable competitors have more than half of the TV market. To do this, he said that Bell will expand their current television packages and offer its new streaming product.

In a statement to shareholders in Ottawa, Cope said:

“This industry’s in an evolution towards people viewing TV in different ways over time.”

Cope said that by enhancing their so-called over-the-top (OTT) service, which includes CraveTV, would also help enhance their initiative to build powerful and fast Wi-Fi in the home.

This year, Bell plans to roll out its fibre optic network to reach over 1.1 million locations in Toronto. In addition, the company is also actively expanding its fibre optic network to new cities like Montreal.


  • Si2k78

    Good luck bell. No one wants to give you $100/month so they can have access to 500 channels, of which, most will only watch 20-30.

  • Cornfed710

    Isn’t that the whole point of the article?

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    From Bell, I only want TSN and maybe HBO. Not 500 channels and not any local channels that already get with my HD OTA antenna. The price better be right too because I am not spending $20 a channel. Better yet, introduce cableCard in Canada and put these channels on the OTA antenna so not to use up my Internet data line. Internet is getting congested with all these streaming services.

  • Michal

    Is it? Knowing Bell this will be exactly what happens.
    Instead of paying for satellite or ‘fibe’ – you will pay same for whatever they call this abomination. Will still shove their shitty ‘good’, ‘bett’er’, ‘best’ CRAP down our collective throats.

  • Brenda

    This will only work if they give you a selection of programs not available on streaming services in Canada like Walter Presents, MHz and the new Criterion Filmstruck. I doubt that this will happen because these services are not going to give away lucrative licensing rights.

    Bell isn’t going to get any money from me to stream stuff I can get on cable.
    I just paid $60 for two seasons of a series I could stream from a subscription service in the US (yes, I know I can get it free, but the creators deserve to be paid for their work) because I couldn’t get it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Mubi, Apple, etc.

    And for a country with a large francophone population, the selection of original French programs on streaming services is worse than poor. I want to watch Un Village Français, a series that has been out since 2009, but can’t unless I spend over $100 for the DVD.

    I’d love to see a list of who owns the rights to what in Canada. Then I’d know who to boycott.

  • David Hood

    Bell needs to make available better Internet Connections, I can only get 25 down and 2 up and I live in a large city. How can they move towards more streaming when they have not put the Infrastructure in place to support that???

  • ticky13

    25mbps is more than enough to stream HD video.

  • David Hood

    ticky13 you are correct 25mbps is fine for streaming but the 2 up is not. I have a large photo collection which I would like to sync into iCloud Photo Library and would not even try with that upload speed.

  • bumboclot

    This will be a scam. Why would they want to get rid of all the subscribers they are already ripping off? Unless you can get slingtv or one of those other $30 plans up in Canada, to create competition, Bell can just make up another rip-off service like all their others.