Bell Confirms iPhone 4 Launching July 30th


We previously covered that the ‘Big 3’ in Canada confirmed they would be carrying the iPhone 4 in July. However, none of them have confirmed on their websites about today’s July 30th Canadian launch date–until now.

Bell has updated their iPhone 4 page to include the words “Coming July 30th” in their iPhone 4 graphic. Given that wireless carriers are usually kept out of the loop until the last minute (just like consumers too) I’m not surprised Bell updated their page. It’s only a matter of time before Rogers and Telus does the same.

When Will iPhone 4 Upgrade Policies Be Announced?

That is the question of the day. When will Rogers, Telus, and Bell users receive information on upgrade policies towards the iPhone 4? The norm in Canada is for carriers to push these updates at the last minute (think of last year with Rogers and the iPhone 3GS). Now that the official iPhone 4 release date in Canada is out of the bag, the ball is in the court of the ‘Big 3′ to respond in a timely manner regarding upgrades and pricing. Please do so at least a week before the iPhone 4 launch. Please?

Rogers and Telus–you’re up next and we’re waitin’!


  • Dear Big 3:

    Please don't make it messy.



  • Dear Lawrence:

    You obviously don't know us well enough. Messy is our middle name.

    Big 3

  • The Truth

    I guarantee that the Big 3 will offer better plans for 3 years commitment then month-to-month unlocked Iphone buyers.

  • Shadow

    Dear Bell,

    Even though I upgraded to the iPhone 3gs 32gb back in November please give me some sort of upgrade incentive to upgrade to the iPhone 4…!!! Otherwise screw you I'll buy one unlocked from Apple!


  • Ex

    They'll give you about $100 less the full price. At least right now.

  • I want an iPhone4! Hopefully there will be enough supply for the demand (though there never is). I guess I will drop by the local Rogers store here in the West End and check it out. I'm sure i can upgrade as I've had my iPhone for a while now (just 3g)

  • Dan0783

    This is why I hate Rogers

  • D4Yv3

    I'm not getting my hopes up, just getting ready to dish out the ~$800…

  •  Xaroc

    Bell should Offer users to Upgrade to Rogers or Fido… lol
    i know to some that might be worth more then the phone in it self lol

    In all seriousness i just happen to live in a bad reception area for Telus/Bell ^_~

  • Guest

    If you do the calculation at 10000 calls per many more dropped callsnis that on the iphonen4 than the 3gs

  •  Xaroc

    Steve jobs addressed that question in the conference today. Per 100 Calls the iphone4 Dropped less then 1 call LESS then 3Gs is what ATTs Data showed

  • Ryan

    How is it possible that this process gets even more complicated every year?

    They should have a standard upgrade policy when it comes to the iPhone especially as this is going to be the 4th year of the iPhone and 3rd year for it in Canada not to mention an unforeseen amount of years in the future…

    And here are few other questions…

    Why does Canada still have 3 year contract?

    This makes upgrading very difficult especially when you want to upgrade every summer…

    When is the jailbreak for 4.0/4.01 is going to be released? (Nothing to do with iPhone 4 or the unlock for iPhone 4)

    Apparently the Dev team completed the jailbreak tool already (Spirit) and was waiting on Apple to release 4.0.1 then to release it… I know its been two days but if you have something completed and the new firmware doesn't patch any of the jailbreak/unlock exploits then technically you don't have any work to do but release it…

    And why isn't there a pre-order a week in advance like the first 5 countries got?

    This would be awesome as I won't have to be concerned if I will get an iPhone from the first shipment because we all know once they sell out you wont get an iPhone 4 until maybe the end of August and with a pre-order if you don't get an iPhone you have a plan B which is to wait in line on lunch day for one…

  •  Xaroc

    Canada has 3 year contracts because although we complain about it, each and every one of us still goes for it lol. Upgrade policy is as follows ( From my good friend who works for Rogers ) Last year if you had a 3G it didnt matter how ffar you were in to your contract, you could Sign back for 3 years to upgrade to the next gen iphone for a small discount, he strongly believes it will be the same this year (hes 90% sure)
    The jailbreak said they were very close. We need to have patents ^_^ good things are worth waiting for.

  • Ryan

    Thanks for the reply…Your right about the 3 year contracts but I think it's partly due to the fact that a 3 year contract is still an option…

    Here is my personal suggestion for the Big 3… Let me note firstly that i'm not an Apple fanboy… The only Apple product I do own is an iPhone so maybe i'm an iPhone fanboy but not one of these lol

    Back to my suggestion… They should have an iPhone specific contract…
    Same as you regular 3 year contract but you get perks example every year they automatically send you a new iPhone on lunch day which restarts your contract so there is no need to call in or wait… And for the Big 3 these are guaranteed sales until you opt out and you get better voice/data plans since technically your going to be with this provider a very long time… example Wind voice/data plans where you have $35 unlimited talk/text plans which include all features and a $30 unlimited data (max 5GB)… And for the Big 3 this will be just matching the competition… I would willingly pay $65 a month and $299 every year until I'm fed up of Apple/iPhone and I know a lot of people that would sign this contract and be a lifetime customer…

    If anybody in a position to make this happen reads this you should consider it especially since the majority of iPhone sales so far have been iPhone customers upgrading

  • kiwi

    Bell was watching the same press announcement as we all were and only updated the page from what they saw there!! lol! Canadian Carriers know jack sh!t about iphone 4.
    BUT they should have been working on their upgrade policy s etc and how to screw us out of more money to pay for their lazy arse middle mgmt.

  • skull

    no it dropped less than 1 call more than the 3GS

  •  Xaroc

    Right right. Thanks For the correction 🙂

  • kiwi

    yes, very true. Canadians are the true sheep.. we wine and complain but take up the Rogering we get 😉

  • stu

    does anyone know when we will be able to preorder this iphone in canada?
    and when we do preorder it will we be able to buy it on contract?

  • Kiwi


  • The Real Deal

    I guarantee that the Big 3 will screw you all again and again!!! ha ha ha!

  •  Xaroc

    Screwing people Is an art. Some make a business out of it… Phone
    companies too.

  • Ampntlguard88

    I've posted this in another area maybe it will answer some questions as far as rogers goes , I work for Rogers Call Centre in Ottawa, and we just started our up training for the IPHONE 4 speculation through the call centre, is that with the new iphone 4, there will not be the early upgrade we seen last year from the 3g to the 3gs, according to the business manager and my trainer all signals point to the standard 24 months into your contract before you can upgrade with new customer pricing, I in no way am guaranteeing this, but last year at this time with the 3GS , it was known during our up training for the 3GS that apple wanted an option for people who had recently got a 3G, apple was willing to subsidize this transition as to not alienate consumers who had recently got a 3G unaware of pending release of the 3Gs , as of this point until we at the contact centre are told differently we are to tell customers that standard upgrade policy is in effect, that could verify well change to in the near future but as of now, we have been told no early upgrades for orders of the iphone 4 unless told otherwise

  • Marco_p_26

    we most prob will not have pre orders…

  • Bruce

    My concern is whether Rogers will announce the upgrade policy prior to the pre-order date on the Apple site. Seeing as the demand will be high, I will order on Apple's site come pre-order day. But if Rogers then notifies us after that that they will allow promo pricing for 3GS owners, I will be very pissed. Unless I still have time to cancel my Apple order. Will that option be available if Rogers announces we can get iPhone 4 at pre-order price. Will I be able to cancel the Apple order?

  • Jr

    What makes you think there is going to be a pre-order through Apple?
    They have never done that before for Canadians, and not even with something as recent as the iPad.

  • Noahattic

    in terms of patching the jailbreak, i don't think apple really cares about it right now. they 're just busy making some new “facts or data“…….

  • Incorrect.

    People were able to pre order iPads in Canada.

  • Turtle

    To everyone who might be thinking of upgrading, but is only 1 year into their contract: Rogers will give you an early upgrade if you ask for it, but it will extend your contract by an extra year (+3 from the day you get your new phone). I've done this every year for 8 years. Now I'm not sure if I've been lucky every time, but I have had to bother them for a little bit in order to get them to acknowledge this. Don't call on the phone, those people don't mind being rude to your face. Go to a store. My last few upgrades were from a Nokia 5300 to a Blackberry 8100 to an iPhone 3g to an iPhone 3gs. I'm doing my usual upgrade in September and I'm not worried. The only problem would be supply of the iPhone 4, so I'm hoping I can get my hands on one at that time.

  •  Xaroc

    Yes I can agree to this post, I too upgrade both my phones yearly. One
    Rogers, one telus.
    Of course it helps to have many years of faithful service on your
    record, some times you need to fight a little, but they can do it.

    Sent from my iPad

  • Bruce

    In fact I even received my iPad by pre-ordering it. So it is possible there will be a pre-order for the iPhone.

  •  Xaroc

    I'm not quite sure how my co-worker did this, I think he called Rogers
    directly but he pre-ordered a white iPhone4 because he contract was
    over and they wanted him to re-op. So it is possible, he proved that
    to me.

    Sent from my iPad

  • Xywix

    if it anything like the US preorder date, it would b 10 days b4 the launch…

  • Unknown

    Lmao thanks for the confidence level given to us rogers reps, HUP where yearly before and u shouldn't have had a problem doing the HUP. If rogers does give an early upgrade jump for it because there now really strick on it being every 2 years.

  • Engineer

    RF and Wireless System Engineers of the world rejoice. It is very exciting to see the CEO of Apple Computers to suffer the indignities of having to tell its customers that “you should hold this phone like this, yes like this, but not like that, and oh not like that” as he twists and turns his body, wrist, and the phone in multiple configurations like a talented contortionist. It is simply bad RF product design, admit it. Instead Apple is recommending to its customers a newly designed phone, just that it is a really cheapened version of the new phone, i.e., a phone with a new shell, or a new phone with additional unheard of hand positioning requirements. I have long wondered how Apple could have gotten away with no wireless expertise or with really bad expertise and still succeed in the wireless world by a pretty face. Now we have the answer. It was just lucky. The problem would have been found within 3 months of live air user tests, or the KPIs would have been trending high that no one could have explained. Apple either had no live air facilities or that no one was skilled enough to know what was going to hit them. This is millions of devices today, today, already in the field. This is a real handset issue that cannot even be side-stepped on the network side. I can only imagine that Nokia, Huawei, Motorola, are partying like there is no tomorrow. The curious thing is what AT&T was doing. It felt like they had been intoxicated by Apple's device successes and were just asleep at the wheel. I can just imagine AT&T is now going back to 2 years worth of data, and trying to find all hte dropped call cases that were not RCA'ed. The Apple CEO even suffered additional indignity of shouting to the world that the KPI will only deteriorate by 1%. Good heavens! Some boys in AT&T have their pay linked to the Dropped Call KPI, at the 0.1% granularity, and they will be getting a pay-cut. Not Steve Jobs, of course.

  • een

    Agreed Ryan re: 3 year contract.
    If they would have 2 year contracts they'd have me.

    But I'm buying outright. Screw them.


  • Mikomi Kitty

    FYI: only the 8GB 3GS's are unlocked from apple, not the iPhone 4's

  • Ex


  • theused

    turtle, just a FYI, if your looking to UPGRADE early within a year from the last time you upgraded. You might be Shit Outta Luck, in august, rogers changed their upgrade policy from letting customers upgrade to another smartphone after one year to two years. And coming from somebody who is on the frontline, don't bother trying to negotiate something with a instore rep, because we have no power to let you upgrade early.

  •  Xaroc


  •  Xaroc

    He's right. In store reps are just cashiers. If you want to twist
    someones are the best place is customer relations, which you have to
    call in for. Have many years of faithful service gives you more of a
    bargaining chip.

  • Surfsk8slide

    Gary/Ex will Canada be sold out on day 1 or in the first week?

  • Just walked into a Rogers Centre in Burlington ,, asked about the Rogers launch , she said July30 th ( ok )
    I asked can I buy Iphone 4 without a contract extension .. she said “Yes”
    How Much ?
    Clerk said ” 699.00 -16 gig and 32 gig 799.99
    What about the Antenna Problem .. I asked ..
    She said ” They had a recall ” ( her exact words )
    I love dealing with rogers staff … she also said no pre-order and limited supplys

  • ???

    Ya….don't say stupid shit when you don't know what the eff u'r talking about d-bag…

  • I got a question. I got the 3G like fours days after the iPhone 3GS launch because I couldnt find any of those in my area.

    So, do you think they will let me upgrade to an iPhone 4 from a 3G if they offer promotional pricing. The contract is about 1 year and a month old. Im with fido.

  • Ex

    Likely no.

  • Ex

    First week, definitely.

  • OMFG!iPhone4

    Question for anyone who knows: If I am eligible for an upgrade with Bell (and I have a credit on my account for a free iPhone 4 through Bell) do I have to go to the Bell Store to get it or can I get it through the Apple Store?

  • Ex


  • OMFG! iPhone4

    So, other than signing away 2 more years of my life, I can walk into an Apple Store and walk out with a brand new iPhone 4 without spending a penny?

  • Kale

    are we going to be seeing 2-year contracts then?

  • Kale

    only if you steal it.

  • Kathyg

    how long until the next shipments? cuz i'm planning to wait to hear from canadian iphone users on how the antenna fares in canada. then if everything is fine, then i'll buy.. but i dont want to have to wait so long for the next shipments!!

  • Ex


  • Ex

    Probably every 3 days

  • Diesel

    i have a question ex, does no contract mean unlocked because i want to but an unlocked iphone 4 for over seas use!

  • Ex

    You're going to have to rephrase that.

  • Iratiprbr

    Will all iPhones 4 be factory unlocked, even if I buy from one of the “Big 3” ???

  • Mat

    I understood Ex. Yes if you buy an iPhone not on contract it will be unlocked here in Canada so you would be able to bring it over seas and use the carriers in Britain or where ever you plan on using it. It will cost you close to 800 dollars though without buying a contract.

  • alex

    I hope you are joking

  • Ex


  • Canuckdaneh

    My question is this: If I decide to buy the phone unlocked at the Apple store because Rogers is not giving me a good enough price for my upgrade to iPhone4 (I've have a 3G since launch 2008 but my 6 gig date plus corporate voice plan and iphone package visual voice mail bla bla bla), will they try screwing me over when comes the need for me to buy the micro sim card to transfer my info since I can't just use my current 3G sim card? They'll obviously know I've bought the new phone since I need the new sim card. I don't see the point in buying the phone unlocked if they don't let me just finish my last year of my contract. Does the Rogers guy on here have any thoughts?

  • Ex

    The locked, contract, upgrade price will be the same whether at Apple or Rogers.

    Rogers will likely charge for the microsim. Apple won't.

  • Malanka

    Does anyone know how quickly you can expect to receive the iPhone 4 when preordering from Apple? Will you receive on July 30th or is that the day they ship? Can you preorder and pick up in store?

  • Jessica

    If I am switching over to an iphone…I currently have a blackberry right now….will I still be able to keep my old number?

  •  Xaroc

    If you stay with your current service provider yes

  • theused

    the rogers center??
    Was it a rogers plus location or a rogers wireless location?? Just to give you a heads up, Rogers Plus is directly from rogers, Rogers Wireless are third-party dealers(who on most occasions pull info outta their ass's)

    So far there is no official word from rogers on date, prices and availability of outright purchase. If the same policy stands as last year when the iphone launched, Rogers will more than likley not sell iphone 4's for full price without a contract.

    Obviously from what she said about the “recall” she has no idea what she's talking about….

  • HFX-JW

    Obviously you must have access to Apples's HR system so you can detemine who they have on staff and who they don't and have extensive knowledge of their processes. Yet another person excited to try and go after Apple and their success becuase they have an issue with the company. If you don't like them then move on and don't bother reading and posting nonsense. The antennae has an issue obviously but most people haven't actually read the reviews that say even with the issue, reception is better than previous phones. Far too many people have bought Iphones because it is an Iphone and not had any consideration that AT&T has a poor signal where they live or work. I spend about 48 hours per month on my 3GS iphone, minimum, for work in areas which range from 1 bar to 5 bars and I experience 1 to 2 dropped calls a month. I also use my iphone in multiple locations where my Curve will not allow me to make calls.

    Why would Steve Jobs take a pay-cut, Apple has record profits and success? They have a defect, they are addressing it and announcing it, move on pussy cat.

  • The Truth

    False. You can port your number to any carrier now.

  •  Xaroc

    Not what Rogers told me when I tried. Perhaps things have Changed since then

    Sent forms my iPhone 3Gs

  • theused

    That's the craziest thing i've ever heard of in my life.

    You want one of the “big 3” to subsidize a brand new phone that retails at $800+ every year for you, do the math and you'll relize why that will never happen.

    you want to pay $65 a month and get a $500 discount towards a phone every 12 months..

    $780(cost of phone for a year) – $500(discount towards iphone = $280 profit for phone company.

    if you think thats the proper way to run a company, maybe you should start up a cell phone company in canada.

    also, the reason that wind's voice/data plans are so low is the lack of discount towards phones(you need to buy your phone full price) and their lack of coverage.

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  • guest

    So how do we go about getting one without the preorder? Lining up at every Rogers/Bell/Telus/Apple store at 4am?

  • Norshorer

    It's probably already been mentioned by now, but I just called several (i.e. 4 to 5 stores each) Rogers, Bell & Telus stores within my local area & all stores told me the same thing:
    – No pre-orders… first come, first served
    – No early-hours openings. They will stick to regular store hours and open at the same time they usually do any other weekday.
    – They don't know how many phones they will be getting per store. Could be as little as 10 phones in some instances (that's what one Rogers store told me).

    I guess it will be a mad rush regardless which carrier you go with. Great. I foresee headaches & many pissed-off people who waited in line overnight. :-/

  • jbill

    You can move your phone number to whatever carrier you choose. It has been this way for almost a year

  • TheB

    I do not understand the wireless companies here in Canada. Why do they make it so difficult? It is almost as if they want to deter people from buying the phone? The whole iPhone selling scheme is just atrocious. This is going to be a yearly thing. They should be thinking of a way to make it more pleasant for their customers, not a pain in the ass.

  • Malanka

    I think it was mentioned that pre-orders will be available through Apple ( I would assume that would mean that phones will be sold at Apple stores on day one.

  •  Xaroc

    I must have missed that by an inch because it was about a year ago I
    tried lol. O well, thanks for correcting me 🙂 more knowledge *thumbs
    up* lol

  • Spambait

    The real problem wasn't expertise, but secrecy. Apple did all of their live real world testing with the iPhone4 wrapped in a custom case to make it appear like a 3GS (see for details of Apple's fake 3GS cases). Those cases prevented detection of the antenna flaw in the wild.

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  • Zanteogo

    I agree. If I want the phone anytime soon I will have a miss a day of work and HOPE I get far enough in line before they run out. With this much demand and with the seeming slow production I will be lucky to get one this year. If this is the case I may just get different phone.

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