Bell Restricts Fibe TV on Apple TV 4 to Home WiFi Networks


Last month, Bell launched Fibe TV for fourth generation Apple TV users, allowing them to watch live TV, in what the company called a Canadian first. All users had to do was login to their Bell Fibe TV account and start streaming live TV on Apple TV 4, making the latter a convenient way to extend cable to different rooms in the home.

But now it appears Bell has restricted how Fibe TV works on Apple TV 4, as users are reporting you can no longer watch the service on an Apple TV 4 that is not connected to your home Wi-Fi network. So that means if you purchased an extra Apple TV 4 to use at another residence, you won’t be able to do so. The move could be an attempt to prevent users from sharing their login credentials with friends and family.

iPhone in Canada reader Luke explained when he contacted Bell on the matter, they advised him to just contact billing on the issue, because he said he bought two Apple TV 4 units because of the Bell Fibe app.

There appears to be a workaround though, as users can still AirPlay from the Bell Fibe iOS app to Apple TV to get around the restriction (thanks Riley).

What are your thoughts on Bell’s new restrictions for Fibe TV on Apple TV 4?


  • Mike Visconti

    Kick in the pants – but fair. I am sure a ton of people share log ins. But if you have another residence, with another network, they should allow you to use Fibe TV app on any network associated to your account.

  • Luke

    Hey Gary, the airplay bypass may only work for some as I tried it but with no luck. I do have a slingbox setup but quality is sub par… There is another method but it requires using a third party router and setting up VPN/DNS. It’s a tricky procedure which I’m still trying to figure out myself.

  • Mr Dog

    ha! Did not think of that but you are right.

    But you would need the house with the Bell TV to set up a VPN Server and then the other places to connect to that server.

  • Vincent Cadieux

    Well the main problem is that the Bell Home Hub does not have any VPN support meaning that you have to find a way to add another router on the same network as the Bell router…not sure how to do it.

  • Mr Dog

    At the bell home you just need a VPN Server and that can be done on a computer as well.

    On the other persons home is where you need a router that can connect to a VPN. (i.e your VPN Server)

  • Luke

    I’ve found some forums with detailed instructions. When I get home I’ll try to find them, should I post them in the comments or PM you?

  • Vincent Cadieux

    Can you do the reverse, my router (not where Bell Home hub is) support VPN Server (and ASUS AC-68U) so I would setup a VPN client on where the Bell Home Hub is that actually connect to my VPN server ?

  • Vincent Cadieux

    As you wish, pasting it here may help others also so…

  • Luke

    Will do, just worries bell minions might catch on or be spying lol…

  • Mr Dog

    I don’t think it would work that way unfortunately.

    The server would have to be set up wherever the Bell connection is. Basically what the VPN is doing in this case:

    Takes the traffic from your house transfers goes to the Bell house and then out/in through the Bell house. So you also have to be careful that only the Apple TV uses the VPN router as you do not want to fully handicap the Bell house internet.

  • Jamal

    all you hackers might cause bell to discontinue the ATV 4 app. it’s not meant to be portable!
    but a great way to bring the cable to your TV!!

  • Luke

    This isn’t hacking and in fact it is meant to be portable, it works on all other iOS devices when you’re out and about.

  • Luke

    Let me know the best way to PM you and that goes for anyone else interested in the links…

  • andrewe

    Please share, Luke! Thanks. andrewe — a symbol — me — period — com

  • Glassbase

    The AirPlay thing is not exactly true. If you’re not on your home wifi, you don’t get all the channels on the iPhone app.

    I’m not home to try again but the last time I tried to AirPlay from iPhone app, it said it was not allowed.

  • Glassbase

    Not really… you don’t get all the channels unless you’re on your home (wifi) network. You get most, but not all

    See link:

  • Luke

    That’s already a known factor, I simply was stating that the “fibe tv service” works on all other iOS devices. The geo-locked channels are a given.

  • Riley Freeman

    i dont have any isues accessing channels on my iphone when im not home. I have tuned into everything pretty much

  • Achim Ensslen

    Typical bell anyway to squeeze more money out of people

  • Allan

    Very typical Bell tech support not understanding the issue.

  • Eric Poirier

    I purchase a similar service with VMedia for use with Roku….Bell just sued VMedia over some of their channels lol. Same sort of issue with their service, only with less restrictions than Bell it seems.
    The simple fact is, if you pay for a product or service then you should be able to use that product or service as you feel fit. This means you should be able to bring your crappleTV 4 anywhere with a suitable internet connection and have access to the channels that you pay for. By restricting use to your home network Bell is essentially telling you when and where you can use your fibeTV service, and restricting you to only one location. This is classic of cable and satellite companies as it is how they have done business since the beginning, when there were no technologied available make this type of service portable, and accessible through a user ID and password login.
    I live in a small town that has been reliant on Bell and Cogeco service since the beginning of time, with extremely old infrastructure, and neither company is willing to spend the money to upgrade the infrastructure here. I can it get Bell Fibe5 internet here which will not support streaming at all, and Bell wants as much as I pay for a cable 120 package.
    I think I’m rambling on now. So to sum up….Stay away from Bell and their Fibe bullshit. If you pay for something you should be able to use it when and where you want. This is the same thing we went through with smartphones a few years ago when carriers would not unlock phones that were still under contract. This was criminal. By agreeing to the contract customers assumed a debt equal to the overinflated price the carriers were charging for the device. By accepting the debt the customer takes ownership of the device and as such, the CRTC has passed legislature that says that device belongs to the customer by law, and therefore the customers property to decide what to do with. All I’m saying is why should a service be any different? If you pay for something, either up front or through financing, it belongs to you. Bell needs to get on board with this and join the rest of us in the modern age.
    What I can’t figure out is why, after so many years and so many dissatisfied customers vocally expressing their distaste for Bell as an entire corporation….Why are they even still considered as one of Canada’s contenders for affordable internet, satellite and mobile services?
    They have the worst customer service, the highest prices, the worst service, the worst infrastructure, terrible plans in smaller cities and way too many more negatives to mention.
    So yeah….Cancel.your Bell service and call a cable company.

  • Z S

    I hope they extend this to support Fibe here in Atlantic Canada.

  • Vincent Cadieux

    Did you find the informations, I’m interested !

  • Nick Bain

    Thats not the point. Specifically the apple TV can only connect when its within the home network which sucks ass for me since I am at school and can’t watch it.

  • CB

    Anyway you can give me the links as well. I’d like to try that method. Thanks!

  • CB

    Any chance I could also get the information you’re talking about? I’d love it try it 🙂

  • Teejbee

    Hi Luke. I literally bought the new Apple TV yesterday because my old one won’t run the app and the gal at Apple said I could do this too setting up and I can’t. Which brought me here after I started searching. So I can watch it on my iPhone anywhere I go but not on my Apple TV. Not can I AirPlay (mirroring). Did you figure it all out?? Before I bring this back to Apple.

  • erth

    i know this is an old post but with the bell satellite subscribers being able to use bell fibe on apple tv, i have a new question. i have successfully logged into my account on apple tv bell fibe, but it will not allow anything to play. stating that you have to be connected to a home wifi network. well, i am at home and all of my apple tvs are on my home network, but they are all hard wired. the reason is that i have gigabit with hard wired, and a tenth of that when i use wifi. is there a work around or should i just call bell?