Bell Fibre Internet Installation Turns into a Nightmare for Toronto Residents


Bell Canada came to install fibre optic internet cables for Steve Stinson last week, however, the routine install turned into a nightmare really quickly.

Stinson received a package from Bell which detailed what will happen during the installation. The pamphlet said that a “small 12 inch-wide hole will be dug, and a network box will be fitted into the hole and covered by a small cap.” However, the note from Bell also insisted that everything on the property would remain as it was prior to the installation.

During the construction, workers cut deeply into the roots of Stinson’s tree. After this incident, he sent a picture of the damage to the city’s Urban Forestry Operations department, who promptly requested the removal of the tree. Stinson said:

“I’m going to lose it. It provides privacy and shade in the summer; it’s a tragedy.”

Unfortunately for Stinson, the damage to the tree was only the beginning. Recall that Bell was supposed to dig a “small 12-inch hole” for the network box. The technicians who came to install the fibre optic internet actually dug a 33-inch hole that took up a large portion of Stinson’s yard. Stinson said:

“They came and knocked on my door [and said] we’ll leave your land exactly as it was. They’ve basically lied to me.”

Bell responded to Stinson over Twitter saying that they were “sorry to see this happen” and reassured Stinson that they were investigating the matter. CBC Toronto reached out to Bell Canada about the issue and found out that Bell will be planting a new tree as soon as possible.

Other neighbours experienced similar nightmares during this installation process. For instance Nell Ban Meter, who lives on the same street, “went to bat” after Bell wanted to dig up shrubs that took over 20 years to grow.

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  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    I know with time the plan is to get fibre to all properties. I figure a lot of variables will come into play, and I always wondered how’d they get this done.

    Unfortunate situation, but I imagine it’s going to be challenging to bring fibre into many, many properties.

  • MikeOxlong

    They should be running aerial to these established neighborhoods, plain and simple.

  • aRhyno

    What’s the reason for the diggin and installing a box in the ground?

  • Ms Bella Mybell

    Concrete cuts were made into existing new sidewalks and filled with asphalt. Asphalt is unsafe as it not flush with sidewalk; it has sunk, it is raised, it is bumpy and I’ve tripped. I expect hundreds more will trip, fall & have broken bones. Subcontractor doesn’t really care. I spoke to him already and it is what it is he said.

  • Riley Freeman

    i live at a condo at harbourfront where they came to our lobby for a week with a little pop up shop to get people to move to fibe. one of the technicians who was doing these installations ended up basically cutting my service. This was during the NBA finals which pissed me off. no internet or cable i think it was game 4 and as many of you know with the way they restrict their bell app i couldnt air play to my tv (i have unlimited phone internet). I called in and one person offered me 50gb or something of tethering for the inconvenience. called back and a manager said that was not allowed and couldnt honour that. i think a day or 2 later another “manager” called but was very nice and listened to everything i had to say and gave me one month of free service. He said that was more than they were supposed to give but i was greatfuly.

    they resolved my situation but it did annoy me that a technician could be that careless to disconnect someone elses service

  • Ms Bella Mybell

    Today got telephone message purportedly from Bell Canada but it a telemarketing company instead offering the new fibe service. It $10 more per month that’s if you already have Fibe and it supposed to log in immediately.

  • Ron

    You can’t do Aerial drops if the utility poles aren’t already in place.

  • Ron

    To place in a concrete tub that houses a NAP, which connects fibre to a group of houses in the neighborhood. 33″ sounds about right. Stating it would be only 12″ was just a stupid mistake on their part.

  • Ron

    You make a complaint with the city, or directly to the Telecom company that’s in-charge (Bell, Telus, etc). Not the subcontractor.

  • Ron

    I do fiber drops for Telus. We face a lot of obstacles on a daily basis.

  • Rick Jeans

    I thought we are wireless. So what’s this nonsense of digging?

  • Brenda

    Here in Quebec at least some of the installers are contractors. The ones who did my fibre installation had to work outside in -30 C for almost three hours. I let them in to warm up and made them tea several times during the install. They drilled one hole to bring the line inside and all that you saw when they left was a metal box attached to the brick wall. I was 100% satisfied with the work.
    However, I had a bad experience with a Bell installer when I first moved into the neighbourhood. He wanted to put the satellite dish on my neighbour’s balcony and wouldn’t stop the installation when asked to by several people. He was just plain stubborn and rude. To Bell’s credit, they resolved the immediate problem and I got a number of follow up apology calls. I went with Vidéotron until Bell brought fibre to the neighbourhood. I got such excellent service from Vidéotron that I felt bad switching to Bell, but Vidéotron has some catch up to do with the technology.
    In the end, it comes down to who you get as an installer. You can get good and bad service from any of them. Generally though you’ll get better service from those who train and treat their employees, including contractors, well.

  • Ever heard of fibre, which is more reliable and faster?

  • Rick Jeans

    Yes I have and still thought we are going wireless. reliable? from this story? hummmm, you work for them?

  • SV650

    I believe Mr. Stinson’s tree is on the city right of way. Many folks believe their property extends to the sidewalk, when there is usually about a metre beyond the sidewalk reserved for utilities. This, I’m sure, causes LOTS of clashes!

  • MikeOxlong

    Youre forgetting that old established neighbourhoods are exactly the place where utilities are provided via poles… It’s only new subdivisions where everything has been buried.

  • Ms Bella Mybell

    I did make direct complaint to City at 311 & it gave my info to contractor which completely surprised me. Brad Biggar of Distinct Pech said the work his company has completed to date is satisfactory. I disagreed said I will forward photos of deficiencies which I have yet to do (broken arm). I still can’t believe how poor the work is. I will provide photos and you can see for yourself. This 1.5 million dollar project should come to an immediate stop. Stay tuned.

  • Ms Bella Mybell

    No way you kidding me? Come to North York & see how incompetent Bell employees are. They take the lazy way out and install lines thru trees; over top existing wires, wrap lines around poles. It’s a disgrace.