Bell iPhone Upgrades Now Require $80 Monthly Plans



According to a representatives from Bell, all new iPhone upgrades will require a new monthly plan.

If you are a Bell customer and you are looking to upgrade to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and you are on an old plan, the carrier will now force you to upgrade to one of the company’s newest plans which start at $80 per month.


As you can see in the image above, a customer service agent at Bell said that any new iPhone upgrades (all upgrades require customers to sign a new contract) needs to be accompanied by a new plan from Bell. The main portion of the plan is $60 per month and all iPhones require an additional $20 per month data add-on. MobileSyrup has similarly confirmed that Bell will be forcing customers onto their new monthly plans.

If you are an existing Telus customer, the company tells us that you may be able to keep your existing plan, however it depends on which legacy plan you have. The Telus representative tells us if you have been a long-time and loyal customer, the loyalty department should offer you something similar or better than your current plan.

“Telus has legacy plans from $30, it all depends on you tenure and kind of customer you are… I’m sure you are an outstanding client and that’s why you should speak to the Loyalty department and for sure they will give you something similar or even better.”

All new Telus customers looking to purchase the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will be required to sign a two year contract with a minimum $70 per month plan.

Back in August, Rogers confirmed that any new iPhone upgrades will require a minimum $80 per month plan. We have confirmed that Rogers will be forcing users to upgrade to new plans, unless your current plan is at least $80 per month.

What are you expecting to pay for your monthly plan if you upgrade to the iPhone 6 next week? Let us know in the comments below.

(Note: All three carriers are bound to make some exceptions, however, for the most part this rule will remain in effect)


  • Brad

    I can confirm Telus will let me keep my $75 6GB plan. I spoke to their support via twitter

  • Michael Moniz

    And yet another reason I blew Bell off after 17 years and got a epp with Telus

  • Bryan Simmons

    I found this out the hard way. They said my plan was “obsolete”

  • Nick

    They got their minimum of $70 anyways, so they probably went about it like Rogers. If your existing plan is over $70 I doubt they would say anything 🙂

  • derek speed

    I rather keep my $50 plan and buy the phone from Apple.

  • Jesse

    I second that!

  • matt

    Fido just requires a 60 dollar one I think

  • Bailey

    This is collusion and it has to stop. Bell and Rogers are nothing but crooks. First they do this, then they Jack the subsidized pricing for the iPhone 6? You are paying nearly 1/2 of the full price for the phone and they call this “subsidy”? It went from paying 1/3 at $199 for a $600 phone, now its $485 for a $969 phone (you do the math and see).


  • Tag

    I’m also leaving Bell after many years to go with Telus EPP

  • 🙁

  • Anish

    There’s no way I’m giving up my 6bg data plan for $30, so I will not be upgrading.

  • Intrepid026

    How is this not collusion between the carriers when they offer the same $80 mandatory minimum plan???!!

  • Jeff

    My wife just upgraded to the iPhone 5c and she was forced to take the $60+$30 Data plan. Once my iPhone 6 Plus arrives on Friday (If Bell doesn’t screw it up) I will be getting the $60.00 Plan without Data because under the Family Plan we would be sharing the Data. Are you saying that in order to “Share” the 2GB data I have to pay another $20 and we now have a pool of 2.5gb?

  • Joe

    So does anyone know if this applies to Fido customers or not as well? I got home too late and missed my chance to ask them. Right now I have this…
    $25 Unlimited incoming calls Plan – 200 weekday minutes (8am to 7pm) – 1,000 Outgoing Eve/Wknd minutes (Evenings Starting at 7pm) – Unlimited incoming calls – Call Display – Expanded Network – Call Waiting – Conference Call

    add ons:
    Visual Voicemail Value Pack
    2500 Sent/Unltd Received Text
    $30/6GB Data Plan

    (My contract with Fido actually expired last December)

  • CK

    it is colluding. I even got a spiel from Rogers CS that no matter where I go this is the new thing…price fixing ftw?

  • aftoy

    Telus in Sask iPhone 6 plans are $55/Unlimited talk/text/ 1GB data
    Or $65/Unlimited Talk/Text/5GB data

  • aftoy

    Bell in Sask iPhone 6 plans $50 Unlimited Talk Text plus $15/5GB data. So $65/Unlimited Talk/Text/5GB data.

  • Davis

    As long as your phone is connected with the data of your wives you will be fine to just keep the 60 dollar plan and draw off her data. You won’t need to add another 20!

  • Sterling Archer

    Oh, it sure as hell is.

    I don’t like the coverage of Wind, but I finally decided I was going to have no more of the big 3’s BS.

    When they talked about introducing the 2 year plan, they also mentioned they would have to adjust things to even the playing field.

    Well, they went too damn far. I have the 1 gig plan wih a bonus 5 gigs and was told that it was very possible that if I chose a subsidy, there is a very good chance I would lose that, and my only other option would be to instead get a plan that would increase my bill by $40 and get me LESS data.

    Thankfully, I don’t need my phone for business. I don’t often travel outside of major cities, and considering that Wind has virtually unlimited data, I said screw it and bought my iphone outright.

    It was a ton of money, I paid about $600 more upfront with apple care +, but considering I was debating on replacing my iPad with a mini, the 6 plus is more than a perfect compromise. I will also make my money back in slightly over a year, I’ll have 10gb of data (yes, I know it’s not LTE and it’s not perfect) and if I chose to switch providers, I’m free to do so.

    I’m not happy about Wind. I know their service and support is a bit lacking, but I simply cannot justify being railroaded by these disgusting companies any longer.

  • BugNo2

    Wondering the same thing. I love what they replied last week to CRTC about having to sell per channel instead of bundling: “If you make us do that a lot of people are going to have to lose their jobs.” Don’t we have laws against blackmail in Canada?

  • BugNo2

    The best way to get new iPhone is Apple store credit card–3 months no interest to pay off unlocked phone… This is what I got. I am not paying $80/months for 500MB data.

  • BugNo2

    So I have been kicking around an idea for new web site (water cooler convos at workplace…). I would call it “”. Simple idea really: Users propose lawsuits against corporations who do psychopathic things and people commit to how much money they would contribute to pay in legal fees to get it started. Lawyers see this and accept at which time crowd funding stops and lawyers do their thing. Why is this a bad idea? Nobody could tell me… Other than “I don’t want to be involved”… but think about it… it would work! Anybody out there wants to help me with it?

  • Brittany

    I had the same experience, I was really afraid I’d lose my 6GB data a month from the launch promotion for the 5. Having a minimum is shady, but at least Telus’ is lower than Bell’s, I guess?

  • keger

    That’s why I left bell. I purchased an unlocked iPhone 6 with Apple and I signed up for a share plan with Telus. Month to Month.

  • Kishan P

    Whats your plan derek? How much data usage u get for 50?

  • KBlazer07

    Has anyone been able to get the phone in a plan less than $80? Was hoping my corporate plan at $60 (30 + 30) would be enough, but no luck yet.

  • Micah

    a colleague just ordered the 6 plus and he had no problem keeping his $60 plan. Bell & Rogers need to step their game up. Currently on the Thunder Bay $50 Plan in Toronto (6gb), will never give the plan up. I guess buying outright won’t hurt as much.

  • leafstom

    Sorry for hijacking your post.

    I’m with Rogers, I love Rogers, I don’t mind getting locked into their plan because I love subsidized phones for my 6gb plan. I got a nexus 5 for $0.00 from Rogers.

    I want more subsidized phones while keeping my 6gb but now I’m reading no.

    So I want to switch to wind on the day they actually force me out. How do you like wind? Would you say their cell service in Toronto is 50% at best or best to just stay with the big 3?

  • Nick

    From Bell?

  • Nick

    Currently I don’t believe this applies to Fido, but if you find out otherwise please let us know 🙂

  • Nick

    Wind is slowly expanding and providing more coverage. If you are in downtown Toronto I would say their cell service is more than 50% but then again it depends where you are.

  • Bryan Simmons

    If you’re ordering it online, it won’t let you complete the order unless you’re plan is compatible. I’m not sure of anybody has had any luck with retention or not

  • Jay

    yeah same im gonna stick with bells 50$ thunderbay plan, unlimited calling + 6gb

  • Kishan P

    You have unlimited calling or 250 minut and unlimited incoming ?

  • Jay

    unlimited canada to canada long distance, i got this plan from a friend who worked at bell in tbay last christmas, and they’ve increased the price to 60$ now. But still, there’s no way im losing this plan lol

  • Kishan P

    True bro dont loose it and dont forget the 6 gb 😉

  • Joe

    I’m so happy Fido let me stick with my old plan unless I change it myself but otherwise I can upgrade my phone to the i6…although another 2 years contract with Wind still a better company than Fido?

  • KBlazer07

    No, Rogers. Interesting tidbit from Rogers store guy – business plans still have 3 year contracts, so it may be possible for a subsidized phone! Will post if I have luck later today 🙂

  • Mike Fradette

    I’m keeping my legacy $67month plan including 6GB from Bell. I already ordered my 128GB iPhone 6 Plus from Apple 🙂 I’ll save the money in the first year, plus I sold my iPhone 5 for a decent price.

  • Nick

    Thanks for the confirmation! 🙂

  • Nick

    Thanks 🙂

  • Nick

    Fido has more extensive coverage than Wind because they are a subsidiary of Rogers and they use Rogers’ network. Coverage on Fido should be just as good as Rogers. It depends where you live but you might also be able to find good coverage with Wind (who for the most part has cheaper plans).

  • Jimbeau

    So, basically a class action law suit with less class and more action? 🙂 Crowd-sourced justice? I like the fact that it draws on the collective power of consumers, but to know if it would be tenable, you should run it by a lawyer.

  • BugNo2

    That’s the thing. To even ask one would cost me $500. And corporations count on it. In this particular case (BELL and Rogers and pretty soon all telcos will be making entry plans $80), we have a clear case of “collusion” or “implicit collusion”, and lawsuit can start simply based on that. But coprs count on average person not having money for legal representation and to start civil investigation which will find evidence that upper mentioned CEOs are members of same golf club, “share course by accident” and “think out loud” while playing.

  • Jimbeau

    Well, sure. But I guess I meant, informally, like on a golf course. People know lawyers. I just meant, to find out in general whether such a thing is even legally tenable. I get what you’re saying though, as a catch-22. Maybe get in touch with the folks at Open Media – they’ve been organizing to fight the telcos and have had some success I believe.

  • BugNo2

    “Open Media”… I’ll look it up. Thank you for that.

  • Thierry

    Actually I called Fido and it turned out that for the iPhone6, you get 500MB for a 80$/month, 1GB for 85$/month and they aren’t offering the 5/6GB data anymore.

  • Joe

    Oh yea because my plan is one of the older plan as I paid $30/6GB data and they refer that as the Max plan. Some how my plan is eligible for an upgrade to the iPhone 6, I went to the store and I got the same answer. Now I’m just confused after seeing your post..I really don’t want to lose that grandfathered plan..even the representative told me not to go anywhere because the 6GB data no longer offer at Fido.

  • Joe

    My price plan though I still pay $80+ tax in so I’m guessing it qualifies the upgrade.

  • KBlazer07

    No luck, 3 year contracts exist, but can’t subsidize the iphone6 on a 3 year term.

  • TheLostVancouverite

    It’s simple; do the math and in most cases, you’ll find that the cost increase to your monthly plan eats up the difference between unlocked and subsidize phones in under 2 years and often with a data plan that’s worse than what you have now.

    In my case:
    $150 (outstanding balance) +
    $379 (subsidized) =
    $529 (cost to upgrade through carrier)

    $859 (unlocked) –
    $529 (subsidized) =
    $330 (out of pocket)

    $80 (new minimum plan, unlimited, 500MB) –
    $65 (current plan, unlimited + 2.5GB) =
    $15 (additional monthly cost, +$20/1GB, +$40/3GB)

    $330/$15 = 22 months (16.5 months/$20, 8.25 months/$40)

  • SK

    I was just told over chat with Bell that I could add a new iPhone 6 to my family share plan for $60 a month on a two year contract. I would not have to get extra data for the new phone.

  • Stephanie

    2 years later are you still on your original Bell plan? Have you been able to do month to month on it without any price increases or have the 6 gb taken away? I have a 6 gb plan with the contract ending soon and they won’t let me renew with the same contract so I want to keep this plan month to month but don’t want to lose anything or have any surprise price increases. Thanks!

  • Mike Fradette

    Hi Stephanie! I switched to Public Mobile, they’re a MVNO owned by TELUS and considerably cheaper. It’s cheaper to unlock your phone and switch to them, you can even keep your number! Check them out at
    I’m on the 90 day, 12GB plan with unlimited canada-wide calling and international text. I seem to use a lot less data than I did with Bell too for whatever reason…