Bell Media Job Cuts Continue in Windsor, London and Kitchener


Bell Media-owned CTV has announced another round of job cuts. This time, it is axing an “unspecified number” of broadcasting positions in Windsor, London and Kitchener, reports the Windsor Star.

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Although the statement released by CTV doesn’t specify the segment affected by the job cuts, Windsor Star notes that Bell Media has been focusing on sport segments in its local newscasts.

“We have reduced a number of broadcast positions at Bell Media local TV stations in Kitchener, Windsor and London as part of a larger restructuring at Bell Media,” said Matt Garrow, director of news, local stations, sports, Discovery Networks and Community Investment.

The cuts are the result of the “challenges” Bell Media and the Canadian media companies need to address on multiple fronts, such as changing broadcast technologies, growing International competition, a tough advertising market and ongoing regulatory pressure, Matt Garrow told the local newspaper.

The London local sportscast is being eliminated, which also impacts Windsor viewers, as Windsor’s local weekend sportscasts are handled out of London by sports anchors Norman James and Brent Lale.


  • Don

    Does anyone know who at CTV Kitchener was let go? Can find no information on this

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  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Maybe if Bell entered the 21st Century and released apps for Apple TV, Roku, etc… and have stand-alone subscriptions without their package bundling and cable box rentals they would not be losing as much money as they are now. I would subscribe to their TSN channels like I do with Rogers SportsNet channels. I would also subscribe to HBO. They continue to blame everyone else except themselves for their mess. Much like Trump in the U.S.

  • joe

    FYI – Bell does have an Apple TV app.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Missing the point. You have to subscribe to one of their expensive bundles and rent monthly their cable box. Most people only want TSN while others only want HBO. No bundles. No cable box rentals. You can subscribe to Sportsnet without a monthly cable box rental or one of Rogers cable packages.