Bell Releases iPhone 4 Pricing, 6GB Data, iPad Sharing


Earlier today Rogers/Fido announced their upgrade pricing for the iPhone 4. It looks like the ‘Big 3’ carriers are waiting until the last minute to release their pricing for customers. Bell has just updated their website with iPhone 4 details and they are the same as plans leaked earlier.

There’s nothing new here compared to Rogers/Fido (no surprise, eh?), but this is what Bell iPhone 4 upgrade prices will be:

3 year contract pricing:
16GB iPhone 4: $159.95
32GB iPhone 4: $269.95

iPhone 4 Promotion Details–Including iPad Offer:
-To get the lowest 3-year price on this phone, choose any combination of voice, data plan and features with a minimum value of $50/month.
From July 30 to September 30th get 6GB of data for only $30 per month with unlimited Wi-Fi in over 750 locations including all Starbucks in Canada.*

– Have an iPad too? For an additional $10 per month, you can share the data between both your iPhone 4 and iPad.

– Exclusive Mobile TV offer:
Get access to FREE Mobile TV (data download and usage charges apply) until September 30th and catch full-length episodes of your favourite shows, news, weather, entertainment and sports. Download the Bell Mobile TV app from the App Store to access this service.

*Must be combined with eligible voice plan.

I must say the $10 add for sharing your data plan with your iPad is a pretty good deal. I use about 1GB of data on my iPhone every month, depending on what I’ve been doing. To be able to share the rest of my data plan with an iPad 3G for $10 is a great deal.

Rogers is charging $20+GRRF (Government Regulatory Recovery Fee; this has NOTHING to do with the government; seen by many as a blatant cash grab) to share data with iPads.

Hmm…Bell is looking better for iPad 3G owners right about now!



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  • JfromK

    Oh here I found the leaked documents at Boy Genious..

    Most definately says Tethering. Anyone can have this plan. it does say in one spot that it’s not available to corporate clients… but then in other areas it says it’s available to business clients.. *shrugs* is a corporation not a business? anyway. Found the answers I was looking for.

  • Rockalittle

    No comments here? Guess nobody at bell has an iPhone. Lol.

  • Looks like I'm switching to Bell! Goodbye Rogers, you sucked enough blood from my piggy bank! $20 + GRRF to tether? Are you kidding me???? It's more like Bell's $10 (+ another $10 + GRRF) cash grab!

  • halirob

    That upgrade pricing, what's the timeframe for upgrade and that upgrade from any mobile phone on bell?

  • Tyler

    What the hell telus.. cmon release something

  • Matt

    uhhhh Telus….come in, Telus. Over….

  • The Truth

    Do the plans change at all. If I like the $60 or the $80 plan, do I just add the 6 gb at $30 to the monthly price?

  • funk

    wooo! can't wait. as for the deal of getting a plan of atleast $50 a month. the rep on the phone said if i maintain that for 3 years i will have a full $650 credit which makes the phone free to me. hmmm…. interesting. im gonna get my phone from best buy since i have some gift cards there anyways

  • Eli

    “Wi-Fi in over 750 locations including all Starbucks in Canada.”

    Just wanted to say that Wi-Fi in Starbucks are free to all customers starting like a month ago whether you are a Bell customer or not. They shouldn't really include this bit anymore.

  • Steval

    why pay 10$ or 20$ for the iPad (and why to buy an iPad 3G if you have an iPhone)… save on a wi-fi only iPad and use Mywi on your iPhone to tether anything wi-fi, for free ! (for 20$ (one time fee, to buy My-wi…)) after jailbreaking your iPhone (it's now legal too…). Anyway. Finally, 12 hours before the launch, we've got some details ! πŸ™‚ Thanks ! Great website (I'm reading you since your beginning…). Stef.

  • Stephen

    This is a clear indication that Rogers has no clue how to deal with clients, both new and old. It's all about stockholders, how much money can they grab. No concerns at all for customer retention! In Quebec, Videotron soon to be a major Canadian Wireless provider as well) started to sell local Telephone service via Cable. at one point they were changing 5000 customer a day away from Bell! This is going to happen to Rogers. They have no clue. I am so satisfied with Videotron. TV, Cable and Ultra Hi Speed Internet, One package great price great service. I have been a customer with Rogers for apx 25 years…. the day has come to move on! Like many this was to much. I do hope that when more players enter the wireless market, Rogers gets a hit that wakes them up!

  • That is all good news to me. I pre-ordered mine today from Baka which goes through Bell and they had nothing concrete on the data plan or the price of the phones themselves. I was expecting the phones to be more expensive and the data plans were no hell either.

  • Guillaaaume88

    I'm going with Bell so far πŸ™‚

  • Frank56

    Jailbreak is legal too?? Not in this country

  • Mike

    If you already have 500 MB at $25 (i know it sucks lol), do you think i'd be able to swap that for the $30 GB data plan. I currently own the iPhone 3GS and i'm on Bell. Thanks to anyone who can answer this..

  • Hey Mike, I am on a coporate plan with Baka (Bell) and I was very specific with them about being able to move plans around and they said that yes you can. I believe all they care about is that you are locked into a 3 year data plan but what that data plan is doesn't matter.

  • Asfas

    telus forgot the iphone 4 launches tomorrow

  • JfromK

    Does this promotional 6gb for $30 iPhone Data deal include tethering as was previously reported? or at least eluded too.. If they're allowing tethering on this deal, thats a serious clincher. Having bluetooth tethering for your laptop anywhere you go is a huge advantage, not having to worry about hotels with or without access, airports that charge you 10 bucks for the 2 minuts you need. etc. etc. I know there is tethering options through jailbreaking and such but it'd be nice to have legitimate no hastle, non 3rd party tethering.

  • Happy

    Now if only Bell had an iota of customer service. Their service makes Rogers look grand. Now that's a feat!

  • Tyler

    Talked to a friend that works at a telus store and they said they have 10 16gb white ones?? maybe there is few white ones out there. Also could have read the box wrong though I guess. seemed pretty sure of himself though.

  • een


    Give me 24 hours.
    I'll get back to you. πŸ˜€


  • een


    Information from Bell.

    I'm on the list at my local Bell Store. Have the full HUP credit.
    We'll see if our small town BS will have one for me when I show up…and they said they wouldn't be in until around 14:00.
    Still gonna go at 09:00. heh.


  • blue

    OH Thanks so much for the unlimited Wi Fi. ??? IT's unlimited at Starbucks for any human.
    So, thanks so much guys

  • Alex

    By “Get access to FREE Mobile TV (data download and usage charges apply) until September 30th” do they mean you get it for 3 years as a bonus if you sign up before September 30th? Or you can only watch free TV from now until September 30th (then have to pay extra?)
    That would be so awesome if I could stream live NHL games…

  • Pourya

    Rogers also updated iphone info on their website

    see “view pricing”

  • Frogger1X

    I'm a little confused on the wording.
    So is the 6GB/$30 throughout the whole 3 years, or do you just get it between until Sept.

  • Farooq

    how come its still sayin 'coming soon' on apple's web site..?

  • Does anyone know if the 6GB /$30 is for the whole 3 years or just until Sept. 30.??

  • Artie

    how long of a data plan do we have to get to get the 6gb for 30 dollars?
    does it have to be 3 years? or can it be like one year or two

  • Allyman

    Its still saying that for Australia and New Zealand where its probably 10:00 am Friday morning. So I don't know if Apple is having some problems with inventory or thay are not planning on offering it online for now

  • Brian

    Telus come in, over…over…we lost em.

  • Kate

    Anyone notice Virgin's new countdown?

  • Don

    Does anyone know how the 6GB plan will be incorporated for existing users. I have the $50 combo plan with Bell so I'm guessing $25 is for the voice plan and $25 for the data. Will Bell just remove my $25 500mb portion replacing it with the $30 6GB option making it $25 (voice) + $30(Data) making it $55/month or will it end up being $50+$30(6GB data) making it $80/ month??? Bell isn't too clear with this and all the CS is closed………..

  • Finally!

    So this can be added to any voice plan? Any recommendations? Lol

  • Anthony Totarella

    Telus hasn't answered anything, no pricing, no HUP. Bunch of clowns running that place.

  • I've just been able to get a 6GB for 30$ with Telus as an addition to my current regular plan.

  • axite

    I'd like to know too. I got a iphone in february, wondering if I can get a discount if I purchase a iphone 4 like with rogers.

  • Guest

    Telus is absolutely horrible. No early upgrade. No word on iPhone 4 pricing the DAY BEFORE THE LAUNCH. This company is a joke. I feel like a complete idiot for signing a contract with them in November for my 3GS, and it's a 3 year one too, UGH!

  • Mr. Mac

    Apple New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore still say 'coming soon' on their websites. Will it really be available at Apple Online Canada on July 30th?

  • Matt

    He’s dead, Jim.

    Alright! Time to go join the line @ Eaton Centre!

  • Carl

    Hey ex I'm lineing up right now it's 9:11pm do you think I'll get an iPhone for sure?

  • Ex


  • CGSColin

    By my math, given how long it took Telus to confirm that the iPhone was indeed coming to Canada on the 30th, I suspect we'll probably get information on any new plans on Monday. This would be funny if it weren't so depressingly close to the truth.

  • 9.5 Hours Left!

    Your data will be replaced or if you got it as promo pricing as a combo you may need to create a new plan from scratch.

  • Chris

    50 + 30. Talked to a CSR at Bell and that's what they told me.

  • Adriano Mancino

    Hey let us know when you will be lineing up and how many people there are.

  • CF

    Is this for contract customer only? What if you're on a month to month plan?

  • Mr. Mac

    Very cool!

  • Thelilgrant

    I was jsut over at the telus site, and the picture for the iphone device category has been changed to an iphone 4, even though it is not yet in the device list. Also, at the top it says “We are currently making improvements”. Is someone playing catchup or is it just me?

  • Phil

    I saw that too and they say there might be interruptions between 1oPM tonight and 10 PM tomorrow, maybe they'll update the iphone 4 info at 10 tonight.

  • Paulo

    I just went to my bell store and there was nobody, so I'm going back at 5AM.

  • Don

    Wow thats pretty rediculous though because the keyword in the $50 plan is “Combo” Bell has included the cost of 500mb's of data as well. It should be $25 for voice and now the $30 for the new data plan I would as to switch too. I better be getting 6.5GB's of data going by Bells logic.

  • Don

    Yeah I sure hope your right about that, I really can't see Bell charging me $30 on top of my $50 combo plan that would mean I'm paying for two groups of data $25 for 500mb and then $30 for 6GB's. I'm goning to definitely call them from my work tomorrow morning.

  • Meg

    So excited for tomorrow! Thanks Gary and Ex for all the great information. Lord knows the Big 3 were pretty much useless!

  • JonnyDub

    The offer is a limited time one until Sept. You get 6GB/data per month at $30/month (its a sweet deal, by the way).

  • JonnyDub

    LOL! Wouldn't put it past them…

  • Cyber_flux

    If Telus offers th ^G for $30, what kind of voice plan would you get. It looks like you'd have to spend upwards of $40 to get similar voice features as is offered with the $50 @500mb plan.

  • JonnyDub

    I believe when you upgrade, you're signing a new contract so you should be eligible for that promotion.

  • JonnyDub

    Thats pretty sad.

  • JonnyDub

    I believe it's only for contract customers. Ex, Gary, any info on that?

  • Mike S

    I was just on my account with telus on line and under my “offers” which now says and it didnt a day ago $300 off of iphone 3. Not 4 or 3gs but 3? Ummm I dont think so and even if I have to wait a month for a on-line order from Apple un-locked thats where Im going and buying myself out even at the heavy costs. Canadian dummies Ill show them and all its costing me is a grand between the two.

  • Quebec_FS

    I work at Futureshop and I can assure you Telus knows the iPhone 4 is coming out today. Just to give you an idea, we received 4 of the Telus brand while 2 for Rogers/Fido and 1 bell 1 virgin. (biggest store on the south shore of montreal)

    I can also confirm the Telus microSIM for the iPad is fully compatible with the iPhone (while others carriers say no). But I have no info as of pricing.

    Personally i'm gonna buy it unlocked from the Apple Store. Tomorrow hopefully, but only if there are some left at around 10PM. I'm really not a lineup guy lol

  • Benny Wheels

    I was just at Best Buy on Cambie Vancouver, the dude said they had only 6 phones for rogers/fido, and 16 for telus!

  • Tony Rubicon

    Im on fido and have a bunch of fido dollars, can I redeem these instore (fido store) and will the phone then be charged to my account, or will I have to physically pay the difference?

  • Mechael

    my Telus account said $300 off apple product for the longest time, and I asked someone at the store if i could use it on the iphone 4 when it came out. They said yes.

    Just now, it changed to saying $300 off apple iphone 3.

    WTF telus?

  • Arkaine

    Same thing happened to me man and I am so pissed.
    I'm on a combo retentions plan and they won't let me remove my 500mb data and add the 6gb data.
    My only option is to add 15 bucks and it will be 1gb data… stupid.

  • souly

    Thing is, most of the times you 'move plans around', they'll find a way to make you re-new your contract all over again. Rogers got me 'good deals' *rolls eyes* by making me renew. I think I renewed my contract with Robbers something like 3 times in my first year lol.

  • Wes

    Can I use iPhone 4 with pre-paid plan? Let's say $20 per month?

  • funk

    telus… EPIC FAIL!!
    on a side note… what was the point of registering your interest on any of the sites? i never got a single email from any of them. MAD EPIC FAIL!!!

    ok so i went around to stores today to do some checks on everything
    Best buy… 8 for bell, 5 for telus, 2 for rogers. The free 2500 points is only for new activations. if your renewing then no points for you.
    Bell store beside best buy… about 8 as well
    Bell store at the mall… 10
    bell kiosk at mall… 10

    so looks to be an uber shit ass launch. can't beleive it. the only good thing about it is the shockingly low $159 price. other then that the launch sucks balls

  • ThisGuy

    Hey I just had the exact same thing happen to me. I phoned Telus and bitched so they offered that I buy out the rest of my contract at half price ($180) which will allow me to get the iphone at the 3yr price of $160 or whatever it is. Ended up being a better deal in the end. Give it a whirl.

  • splicer100

    I called Telus asking for the 6gb of data and they had no idea what I was talking about. They would not match Bell or Rogers.

  • Beth

    Couldn't you just tether the phone to the iPad like a computer? Rogers has tethering included so u don't pay $10 extra

  • Bob

    It's here. I finally hold my iphone 4 in my hands this afternoon at the Telus store next to my place. They received it around 11h00 this mourning and were cool enough to let me see it but it was lock for emergencies only. Freaking nice!!!!

  • DeadManMac

    I just tried the same. No dice.

  • funk

    i hope that was a demo unit.

  • Plastik2

    my retention plan from bell is costing me 45$/month. You guys think i am screwed because my bill is lower than 50$ per month?

  • splicer100

    I dont think the iPad has a USB port. Is there another way?

  • Junior

    I just negotiated a new contract with bell:

    For $50/month I get:
    – 250mins.
    – 300txt msgs
    -500mb data
    – voice mail/caller id
    – Fav 5: unlimited nationwide calling and texting.
    -Evenings and weekends free starting at 6pm.

    For Iphone 4

    I think this is a pretty decent retention plan.

  • Junior


    this is what i got:

    For $50/month I get:
    – 250mins.
    – 300txt msgs
    -500mb data
    – voice mail/caller id
    – Fav 5: unlimited nationwide calling and texting.
    -Evenings and weekends free starting at 6pm.

  • anom

    why even get an iphone4 if you only have a $20pre-paid plan? you will probably have to sign up for a 3yr contract or just buy the unlocked phone from apple at full price

  • Plastik2

    Keep your plan, you got a lot for the 5$ diff.

    I got

    fav5 nationwide
    evening at 9pm
    voice mail/caller id/service access fees

  • DeLaHardy

    wow that's so terrible! i wonder how many the apple store in pacific centre will have?

  • Junior

    Hey tried to give me the same crappy plan, no offense. You should phone them back and re-negotiate it. They started me at 150 mins then went up to 200 mins then went up to 250 mins. They also threw in 6pm evening and weekends because I bitched to them telling them I already had it and new customers get it for signing new 3 year contracts. I got the 300 txt msgs because were offering me standard 250 txt msgs for $5.00 and I got them to give me 300 txt msgs instead.

    You need to keep phoning them back and getting them to budge a little on everything. I made a total to retention it's your money man I suggest you tell them to give you 6pm evenings and weekends they will give it to you for sure. And ask for at least 50 more mins. Tell them you have trouble keeping within your mins and that you need more. This is what I did.

    Good luck. Trust me phone them again it will pay off. I've only been with them for 3 years and this is my first retention plan.

  • Junior

    I mean to say that I made a total of 3 phone calls to them.

  • Junior


  • astr1x

    My retention plan is $45 as well!!! I reaaaaally hope they give me the $160 price…

  • football fan

    Just bought my 32 gb iphone 4 online from virgin mobile πŸ™‚

  • DeMar

    I got a question here – hope someone can answer it. The 6GB 30$ data plan, can it be combined with ANY voice plan at Bell? So since I dont require many minutes anyways, could I hypothetically sign up for the $30 voice plan that gives me 150 day time minutes, etc. and combine it with the 6 GB Data plan, for a total of $60 + tax? Or can this data plan ONLY be combined with a certain voice plan?


  • Roger

    Was that hard to manage? I'm a first-time smartphone owner and I haven't negotiated before, but your plan sounds like what I would like.

  • Matt

    Yeah that email idea was garbo. Every one of them! So glad I used my junk email address to sign up. I feel it was a blatant way to collect….

  • Junior

    It was actually a retention plan because my voice plan had just ended. If you are negotiating a retention plan then you have some leverage. I had to make 3 phone calls to bell in order to negotiate that plan. The trick is to keep phoning the loyalty and retention back and have each CSR keep giving you something extra.

    Every time I phoned they kept budging a little more until the 4th time they didn't want to budge anymore and told me I already had so much promos. I was trying to get more minutes and other perks. You have to be greedy with the phone company, that's how they are with us.

  • amoemabutt


  • amoemabutt


  • SF

    This is outrageous!! Can Apple please just let us know if there will be any online ordering at tonight?
    This waiting is making me sick!! πŸ™

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  • Bob

    I'd love some info on that, it will determine if i sign the dreaded 3 yr contract or i get an unlocked version from the apple store.

  • Frank

    actually its only free at Starbucks for bell customers. Everyone else has to pay

  • Keith

    I just called my local worldlynx bell store in NB, and the rep advised me that their first batch is only for new customer's activating a new line. He said he wasn't allowed to get one either. So I have to wait even longer now. That's doesn't seem right for a loyal bell customer of 3 years.

  • BirbBiet

    Can't believe it's so hard to get a decent deal with these companies. They really need to learn a thing or two about customer relationship management. It's like that commercial where one kid gets ice cream because he's brand new and the other kid gets nothing. I mean COME ONNNNN.

  • Don

    Wrong. As of July 1st it is free for all Canadians or as the other person said All Humans.

  • Stephen

    Can you provide details on how you did so? So far nothing official from Telus on a 6GB for $30 option.

  • Frank

    AWESOME! lol thanks

  • belle

    O hey who do we call from bell? (what department?) My 3yr bell contract just ended too and I'm looking to get the iphone 50 plan but i also want 300 texting and caller id! how do i go at it?! (i dont want to add on 15 every month) Thanks!!

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  • Steve

    Hey Demar…
    I have the iphone 4.. costco had it for an upgrade and not many wanted bell and all the other carriers were flooded and couldnt activate… anyway.. I renewed a 3 yr , my current plan is through the local chamber for voice… 200 min a month early nights and evenings, free weekends, voice (small one 4 boxes) and caller ID and one number local phone to phone per month… hrmmm somthing else I forget and then that is 30 then I added 6 gb for 30.. Its great, you can skype out with 3g and mobivox for long distance too and I dont really need my laptop anymore with 6 gb and a decent screen. Hope this answers your question… Steve BC

  • Ernest Lee048

    I called the Retention department and they worked this shared plan between 2 phones.

    500mb + 500mb
    600 minutes shared or (300 minutes shared with fab 5 for each phone)
    call display and voice mail
    weekends and evenings free after 6pm
    250 + 250 text messages
    unlimited in coming text
    free calling between shared members.

    or…. for $110.00 get everything stated above with 500mb + 1g of data instead

    Even though iPhones are all sold out, I am still going to hound Bell for a better deal.

  • AJ

    This plan is no longer available with BELL

  • Scott-sutton

    i wish i had a grand to throw away on a phone like it’s nothing…. yea… canadians are the dumb one’s

  • why pay extra to share your data ? this got to end if u pay a monthly fee for 6gb should be allow to use in any way we want this no sense got to stop.