Bell and Telus Ask CRTC to Dismiss Consumer Group Complaint Over CraveTV


Bell Media and Telus are asking the CRTC to dismiss the recent complaints, from two consumer groups, about Bell’s CraveTV streaming video service.

The consumer groups have filed two applications to the CRTC challenging “the tied selling of two online streaming services linked to the consumption of other telecommunications or broadcasting services.” The groups expressed concerns over how Bell sells CraveTV to consumers and how Rogers sells its Shomi video service to consumers.

The advocacy groups say that the three largest carriers in Canada are operating streaming video services. The Canadian companies not only require you to pay for their respective streaming service, however, customers are also required to subscribe to an Internet or Television package. The groups argue that this behaviour runs against the rules put in place by the CRTC to promote competition and consumer choice.

Bell says that it believe that the claim against CraveTV is “frivolous and vexatious and has no reasonable prospect of success.” The company also said the groups failed to address how CraveTV is different from any other video streaming service like Netflix.

One clear difference is that Netflix doesn’t restrict Canadians to a specific carrier or subscription plan (TV or Internet) before they are entitled to subscribe to the service. Bell, Telus, and Rogers must file their official responses to the CRTC by March 12.

[via CTV News]


  • winnertakesteve

    Lawsuit or no, rogers and bell are digging their own graves by not getting it. people don’t want their cable/satellite plans to get more bloated, which is all this does.

    theyre entitled to keep trying, but netflix, Amazon, iTunes and an increasing number of previously cable-bound players like hbo are going to obliterate them. 😉

  • Prashanna

    I think Showtime should made standalone Service for CANADIANS instead of teaming with crooks of Bell CraveTV

    same goes with Amazon Prime Instant video when they team up with Rogers Shomi

    should have attached there Original Series with Amazon Prime Canada
    member AMAZON will have gotten foothold in Canada

    Shomi and CravTV WILL FAIL


    when HBO GO LIVE this year a lot Canadian will subscribe to HBO GO and SHOWTIME using VPN or DNS I know I will
    just like hulu Plus

  • Prashanna

    NETFLIX will crush both Rogers and Bell

    NETFLIX have been in Canada for how long

    4 years + this September will be there 5th year and Big 3 just started steaming services just now and there late in game

    they will be obliterate soon and enough

    BIG 3 want monopoly all Canadian sector from Car WiFi, to your

    HOME SECURITY to Mobile Payment and physical credit card and to streaming services

    they want get in to mobile payment business APPLE PAY will beat them to it

    they want get in to the streaming business NETFLIX will beat them to it

    one day they will fail
    read my other post under

  • winnertakesteve

    I didn’t realize Amazon prime partnered with shomi. That’s legitimately disappointing. netflix is mostly sufficient for my tv watching needs though. And really hoping the hbo stand alone service makes its way to canada.

  • SidMon

    Who are these consumer groups? Article lacks substance without naming who it is.

  • Prashanna

    When BELL and ROGERS streaming services fails which they will. They have gambled there money to shut all these online services in Canada to avoid competition

    Amazon Instant Video,
    Hulu Plus
    HBO GO

    That why NETFLIX Canada cant get any rights to lock MOVIES & SHOWS since Day 1 when they launched in 2010 because the BIG 3 have them already. That why Canadians blaming them that Netflix USA has better than Netflix Canada its not there fault its the Big 3 blame them.That all going to change because NETFLIX said in 2016 there going for Global right instead going country by country that make a lot sense.

    If the Global right is success which it will all the other streaming services will follow that route

    Amazon Instant Video,
    Hulu Plus
    HBO GO

    why pay the middle man cable company
    that where my friend

    Rogers and Bell will be obliterate

    CRTC chairman said the future of TV is here online streaming

    Bell contract is done with HBO in 2018.

    HBO own HBO CANADA not Bell Media.Same goes with SHOWTIME

    HULU already registered there domain name in Canada long before Netflix arrived in the Canada. goes back to

    there still hope for Canadians in the mean time will use VPN get what we U.S

  • Paul

    Um, OK, maybe. Does that somehow make the lawsuit any less real or the reporting of it incorrect?

  • SidMon


    TMZ method of reporting “a close friend said…..” or “or an unknown source sais…..” does not cut it.

    Gotta complaint…put your name on it.