Bell’s Appeal Over Super Bowl Ad Policy Dismissed by Federal Court


The Federal Court of Appeal has dismissed Bell Canada’s appeal of a regulatory decision to ban the subsitution of American ads with Canadian ones during the Super Bowl.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced the ban on simultaneous substituation of Canadian advertising over American broadcasts in 2015, but it only took effect during the last Super Bowl in February.

In a judgment released on Monday, Justice David G. Near wrote that there is a certain irony that legislation with an objective to protect the Canadian broadcasting industry is being used to allow broadcasting of American ads during the Super Bowl. However, he said that it is up to the CRTC to decide how to best balance competing policy objectives.

Bell Media spokesman Scott Henderson said in an email that the company hopes the regulator will take a close look at the clear impact of its decision on Canadian broadcasting and all those who work in the industry.

[via The Globe and Mail]


  • Riddlemethis

    We have Kodi now if we must watch the Superbowl and it’s US commercials.

  • Bill___A

    One program. Once a year. Where the ads are special and make a part of the show. Let it go, Bell. I understand local stations charge the cable companies and then in turn charge us for local channels (including yours) to go on our cable. I also understand that many channels, including some of yours fight to become “basic” cable so that you can force us to subscribe. How about we truly level the playing field. Rule 1: Any channel we can get free over the air is supplied free to cable. Rule 2: Any channel that we pay to have brought to us if we want to watch that channel, we can. Rule 3: We are not forced to pay for any channel we don’t want. “Packages” are entirely selectable by each user. If the laws were the way that people wanted them, that’s how I think it would be, from a user perspective. Be thankful it is only the Superbowl.

  • erth

    my tv antennae always has us commercials. i suggest that if the cable channels’s description states it is from the USA, then leave the commercials alone. maybe you could buy time in USD…..

  • mcfilmmakers

    Companies pay millions to air ads during the super bowl. Bell won’t let it go because they “lose out” on that advertising. Here’s an idea, don’t air the Super Bowl and work on the grey cup instead.

    While we’re at it, ban simsubbing completely. CTV should not be ABC lite. Global should not be FOX lite. Air your own shoes and make money off that.

    Nobody watching? Make shows that people want to watch.

    You know, innovate. Such a foreign concept here.

    Bell should import that.