Benchmarks Reveal iPhone 5S GPU Is 2X Faster Than iPhone 5


During the iPhone 5S launch event, Apple claimed 2X performance increase over the iPhone 5 in CPU and GPU performance, and 40X over the original iPhone, with its latest flagship smartphone. According to GSMArena’s benchmarks, it appears that Apple’s next generation system-on-a-chip A7 64-bit processor is indeed twice as fast as the iPhone 5’s A6 chip.


“A GFXBecnh 2.5 score confirms the performance has indeed gone up, but the test is getting old now (and uses OpenGL ES 2.0) so we’re not seeing the full capabilities of the new GPU (like those fancy lens flares in Infinity Blade III).”

Apple mentioned the inclusion of OpenGL ES 3.0 support at the iPhone 5S keynote presentation, but GPU model was not disclosed. The source points out that since Apple A6 in the iPhone 5 had a PowerVR SGX543MP3, there’s a high chance Apple is using a newer PowerVR or at least one with more cores / at a higher clock rate.

“In the 1080p off-screen test, the iPhone 5S shows nearly double the performance of its predecessor. This doesn’t show up in the on-screen test though as the benchmark hits the 60fps screen limit (the test is old and can’t stress the GPU at the native 640 x 1136 resolution of the iPhone 5s).”


With OpenGL ES 3.0 support on iOS 7 and improving mobile GPUs, we’re sure to see some amazing smartphone 3D games in the near future.


  • you disappoint me, apple :(

    and… playing a game side by side on iphone 5 and 5s will we be able to tell the difference?
    (i doubt it)

    also…. not sure about you folks, but this stat to me just does not seem that important or earth-shattering 🙁
    definitely not worth another $900 or so for a new phone, so i can play infinity blade III like a boss.

  • Chrome262

    Lots of people don’t bother with the S variants, as people not buying the S4 for example. But as S steps go this one is significant, with the new processor and the M7, as well as the fingerprint scanner, they could’ve easily called this the 6, just the body is the same. But I agree with you that if you have a 5 is not really a big enough boost, if speed is the only reason to upgrade. Now if you want to use your phone on more networks, switch to Wind for example, then it might be worth it. Or if you want better track of your movements for health purposes, or even find you car.