The Best Amazon Canada Prime Day Deals for 2016 [LIST]

Amazon Prime Day 2016 is here folks! For the shopaholics out there, here are some deals to check out, based on what we’ve scoured for you today.


35% Off AmazonBasics 
Hard Drives
Other Deals

It’s probably a good bet to pick up a six foot long MFi AmazonBasics Lightning USB cable, as they are 35% off today, and these are great to use in bed or on the couch when you want to charge and use your iPhone or iPad at the same time. This year’s sales already seem better than last year, but the limited time deals are moving fast.

Let us know what you’re picking up today—click here to see the latest Amazon Prime Day sales.

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  • Anthony ?

    The meh is strong with this one, just like last year. OK, maybe it’s marginally better than last year, but nothing there that makes paying for Prime worth it unless you live in the middle of nowhere and need to have Prime just to get things delivered in a timely manner.

    The worst thing about Prime day (week) is the bullshit that the Amazon warehouse staff have to deal with for the weeks before, during, and after Prime day. Forced “mandatory” overtime, forced early shift start and forced late shift end. Zero fucks given for employees who have kids with set daycare start / end times. Staff who can’t accommodate these mandatory changes to their hours have to take vacation time to avoid being punished by management, etc. Amazon is a shit company who masquerade as the champion of the consumer and get away with it because nobody cares how badly they mistreat the people who work for them as long as they get their shit delivered on time.

  • FragilityG4

    No disrespect meant, but did you once work for them? Or do you know someone who does? Those are pretty specific examples and if accurate it’s BS.

  • Anthony ?

    I’ve never worked there but I have a close friend who has been there for a couple of years now. They absolutely hate Prime day / week because of everything that is forced on them by the company for the 2-3 weeks surrounding the event.

  • FragilityG4

    Garbage. Family first.

  • Jason

    I’ve seen a documentary on Amazon UK Warehouse, the conditions looked horrible. If you get the chance YouTube it. With that said, it still didn’t stop me from picking up the Philips Hue Starter Kit today.

  • hlna55

    wired headphones on sale! In an unrelated post, the new iPhone 7 is forecasted to arrive without a headphone jack!!!
    Oh I know… they’ll probably give you an adapter… good luck charging your phone and listening to music!

  • scouse

    Thanks for the post! I ordered a pair of the Bose earbud headphones – absolutely amazing sound quality and mine stopped working just last week. Can’t beat the $50 price either.

  • Cheers! That’s a great price.

  • Uri Peliowski

    I don’t think the Hue starter kit was on sale. $199, same as Apple store

  • Jason

    It was 149.99. And seems like everyone was price matching.

  • Uri Peliowski

    Weird, I looked for it and it came up as 199 for me.

  • Jason

    A little late to this but were you a member of Prime? prime members were offered the hue starter set at the 149.99 price which was also being price matched online and in store at best buy that same day.