Best Buy Apple Event: 8GB iPhone 4 Free on Contract, $50 iTunes Cards for $39.99


Best Buy currently is holding an Apple event where they are offering bonus Reward Zone points on select Apple products. As for iPhones on sale, the 8GB iPhone 4 is currently available for free on a three year contract either from Rogers, Telus, Bell or Fido. This phone is regularly priced at $49 on a three year term.

Other sales include $50 iTunes gift cards, available for $39.99 (applicable towards purchases in the App Store, Mac App Store and iTunes). Also, if you’re close to a Loblaws in Ontario they are also offering 20% off $50 and $100 iTunes gift cards  as well (thanks @tosui).

If you’re looking to purchase a new iPad, Best Buy has knocked $20 off the retail price. Do note Apple does have their Back to School Promo still going on until September 11th, which will enable you to receive a $50 iTunes gift card if you purchase an iPad from them or an authorized Campus Store.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on any of these deals.

Thanks @meadorsmusings and @swotam for the tip!


  • Ih8mndays

    Save $50 over 3 years for a 2year old 8gb phone? Seriously, how long can even apple fanboys put up with this complete rip off?

  • If you can’t afford an iPhone 4 fully unsubsidized, then the ‘free’ price over 3 years sounds pretty good to a newbie iPhone owner who doesn’t care what model iPhone they are going to use.

  • Ih8mndays

    My point is that I’m pretty sure there will come a time when that “I’ve gotta get an iPhone, just because it’s an iPhone” mentality will not be enough to support Apple sales. Hopefully at that point there will be better deals for those who still wish to purchase one. I mean no disrespect to the author, and I do like Apple products. Would be nice to see a commitment of 2 years or less for a phone this old.

  • Yeah, Canada sucks for 3 year terms for full subsidies, compared to 2 year terms or less in other countries. Apple sets the prices and the carriers need to do what Apple says or they don’t get the iPhone. Let’s see what happens this fall eh!

  • imorton

    I agree, $50 off over 3 years, what a joke. Your paying an average of $60 month x 36 months for a total of $2160. You may as well pay the $159 and get a newer iPhone 4S, or even wait till Sept and get the iPhone 5.