Best Buy iPhone 6s Pre-Orders Available In-Store for Rogers, TELUS, Bell


As expected, Best Buy is also offering iPhone 6s pre-orders for Rogers, TELUS and Bell customers. All you need to do is visit in-store, put down a $50 deposit and your name will be on the list.

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Traditionally, this route has been a faster reservation method compared to systems from the Big 3. If you have an Apple Store in your city, you can also setup Reserve & Pick Up online again this year.

Let us know if you’re going to hit up Best Buy!


  • Daphoid

    Wow, and they advertised cheaper prices for the newer phones down in the US. Back with I got a 64GB 6+ Fido dinged me $479 which I thought was insane but I had a bunch of Fido Dollars so that helped. Now I see that’s gone up to $599 and the new 6+ is $650, while still on contract.

    I remember when that used to be the cost off contract, unlocked.

    This is highway robbery :

  • Cornfed710

    Blame the Canadian dollar, the 16gb 6s is still $200 on contract in the States