Best Buy: All iPhones Now Sold are “100% Unlocked”, Even on Contract [u]


Last week we reported Rogers was now unlocking outright purchased phones for free, ahead of the CRTC’s December 1 deadline, which mandates all cellphones sold in Canada to be sold unlocked and for the elimination of unlocking fees.

After hearing more from iPhone in Canada readers, more details have surfaced regarding the state of unlocked cellphones from our carriers and retail partners.

Some users noted Rogers phone agents unlocked iPhones, without charging the regular $50 unlocking fee. Readers on Telus also noted the latter also unlocked iPhones without charging a fee, just over two months ahead of the CRTC deadline.

Now, Best Buy has confirmed all of their iPhones sold now are “100% unlocked, responding to iPhone in Canada reader @iNathan18, when he asked, “Hi. Is it true that the iPhones you sell are all unlocked now ? Even with a contract ?”

Screenshot 2017 09 30 20 56 21

Best Buy’s Twitter account responded “Yes, Nathan, all iPhones we sell are now 100% unlocked. Thx.”

Screenshot 2017 09 30 20 56 02

What does this mean for customers? It means another option to purchase an unlocked iPhone outright, instead of relying on an Apple retail store of the latter’s online store. It also means any iPhone purchased from Best Buy can be used with any wireless carrier in Canada, no matter who you signed up with.

Update: only iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X support Freedom Mobile’s LTE network.

When iPhone X launches in early November, Best Buy could be the ticket to nab the device, once it’s carried in-store. Both Rogers and Telus iPhone X pricing on two-year contract will start at $600 with a $95 per month plan. Bell’s iPhone X pricing is similar.


  • Great news!

  • ierick

    Hopefully people don’t take advantage of it and start doing dirty business ( you know what I mean )

  • Prab

    Does this mean that you can now purchase phones outright at Best Buy if you are on a month to month plan? Or do those still only have to be purchased from an Apple Store? In the past BB would not sell phones without a plan.

  • GrannySmithBites

    And for that privilege they’re only charging $40 more than Apple

  • Stu Moir

    “It also means any iPhone purchased from Best Buy can be used with any wireless carrier in Canada, no matter who you signed up with.”

    You need an asterisk on that statement. *Provided the carrier you want to switch to uses compatible bands.

  • FragilityG4

    I believe the iPhone X is compatible on all Canadian networks.

  • johnnygoodface


  • GrannySmithBites

    $969.99 iPhone 8 64

  • Clarified to note only iPhone 8/8 Plus/X will support LTE on Freedom Mobile.

  • Si2k78

    THis is huge…

  • Not sure why that is, I got my 6s only a few months after it came out and bought it out right at Best Buy, no contract or carrier needed.

  • raslucas

    Only if those people absolutely hate their credit score. It’s really just the same as a loan…

  • Barton

    Unlocking on Telus is dependent, I unlocked my old iPhone 6 and they charged me the fee last week. They discounted it to $35 but they still charged it.

  • Si2k78

    Can anyone confirm now whether their Rogers iPhone X or 8 is unlocks when purchased?