Best Buy Canada ‘Marketplace’ Launches in Latest 4.0 iPhone App Update


Last May, Best Buy Canada announced it would expand its retail offerings by allowing approved and trusted third party sellers to sell their goods online, a similar strategy currently employed by With today’s latest Best Buy Canada iPhone app update, version 4.0 launches the new Marketplace for iOS users on the go.

What’s New in Version 4.0
We’ve made some improvements!

· Image gallery issues have been fixed
· We’ve launched Best Buy Marketplace!
· Access thousands more products
· Items will be sold and shipped by trusted, hand-picked sellers
· Purchases are managed by Best Buy so they’re still safe and secure
· Minor bug fixes

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With Best Buy Marketplace, sellers allow the electronics giant retailer to list their goods and to process payments. Sellers will then ship directly to customers, with full control over shipping costs and return policies.

Best Buy explains to sellers they can take advantage of the “millions” of visitors to and expand the reach of their business, which includes exclusive selling rights on their product for 6 months.

We did a quick search in the app to try and find a third party seller of random items, but nothing turned up (Best Buy wants to sell everything now, I see). Let us know if you end up buying an item from a third party seller within the Best Buy Canada app.

Click here to download Best Buy Canada in the App Store.


  • Riar Jotz

    now i will download it again

  • KIII

    So Futureshop was closed and now they’re offering a Amazon type service. It’s interesting how everything is headed.

  • Best Buy is diversifying so they don’t go the way of the Dodo bird.

  • KIII

    When Futureshop closed it was so surprising, maybe we can look forward to the Best Buy drone delivery service next.

    I need a Rosie the Robot to practice my Arnold impersonations. 😉

    “Aghh WE NEED TO GET YOU TO THA CHAGAhhhhhhh”.

    9 months later-” NO, that 960 Roomba is not mine …well FINE but don’t say anything about this for 17 more years.”

    Man ,iOS and Starbucks….is good, is good.

  • BigCat

    Well, they must be making good money from offering products from third party sellers. However, I really do not like that Amazon and now Best Buy are doing this!

    Stopped shopping on eBay because of all the crap sellers. Now, when you try to buy from either Best Buy or Amazon you have to try and filter out all of the garbage. Don’t get me wrong not all of the third party stuff is bad, it’s just so unreliable. You really have to think before you buy. It’s not completely worry free.

    I know I must be wrong, but this just seems to dilute their brand.