Best Buy May Offer AppleCare at iPhone 6s Launch


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According to a new report from 9to5Mac, Apple and Best Buy may have struck an agreement to allow the retailer to offer AppleCare in store.

The change will reportedly take place when the iPhone 6s is launched this fall, and will be available for more than just phones. Under the new agreement, Best Buy would offer AppleCare at checkout, making them the only third-party retailer to offer the warranty.

AppleCare sold through Best Buy will be very similar to the one Apple sells, but it will reportedly offer additional benefits.

“The AppleCare plans sold through Best Buy will operate identically to the offerings sold directly from Apple, but they will also combine in Best Buy’s standard warranty. Customer who purchase an Apple product along with AppleCare through Best Buy will be able to service their devices either directly via Apple or through Best Buy itself.”

The report notes that Best Buy was reluctant in offering AppleCare, as it already offers its own warranty plans for phones and computers. With only one month remaining until the expected iPhone 6s announcement and release, it won’t be long before we find out if Best Buy will actually offer AppleCare to its customers.

Earlier this week, Best Buy Canada started selling the Apple Watch like Best Buy in the United States, and because of this it is possible that the AppleCare offer may also launch in Canada.


  • I remember talking to the Apple Store rep about Apple Care when I bought my iPhone 6. I asked him how much it costs to repair the screen if the iPhone gets dropped, he informed me it was $180. So I asked him so it’s $129 for Apple Care with a $80 repair fee totalling $210, is that correct?
    I asked him, do you see the problem there? It’ll cost me more to buy Apple Care than it will to repair a broken screen without it. He sat there a thought about it and told me, “You’re right… that doesn’t make sense now that I think about it” lol

    I understand it covers more than just a broken screen, but as the most common repair, I figured it would be handled a little differently.

  • Sarge

    If you drop your phone twice, then $360 repair vs $289 AppleCare, and it covers it for a 2nd year of warranty for non accidental damage.

  • Yes, I suppose that’s a good deal for clumsy people, as for me, I’ve only dropped a phone once in 10 years, never had to get one repaired either.

    I suppose it really does depend how careful and smart your are with your devices too.

  • Jason Bjerke

    Hopefully the screen is stronger in iPhone 6s. Sapphire glass would deter apple care. Plus craigslist repairs are cheaper , and sometimes if you find the right person, it’s the same person from their home as @ apple store 🙂