Beware Of Java 7 Exploit, Labeled “Super Dangerous” For Macs

A Mac computer is light-years ahead of a Windows computer in terms of security, they do however experience rare exploits a few times a year. Earlier this year nearly 600,000 Macs were affected by Flashback malware, spread through Java. Only days later, a trojan called ‘LuckyCat‘ took advantage of an exploit in Microsoft Word on the Mac.

Once again, Macs are experiencing a similar situation, as a new Java 7 exploit is spreading through Macs. If you have updated Java 7 to “update 6,” there is a chance you could be affected. Your machine can be injected through any browser on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.

ComputerWorld describes how you may be affected:

Beardsley called the bug “super dangerous,” noting that it was “totally a drive by,” meaning that attackers could compromise a Mac, or other personal computers, simply by duping users into browsing to a malicious or previously-hacked website that hosts the attack code.

All Mac systems are generally vulnerable. Even Mountain Lion and Lion have the ability to be affected; the Snow Leopard and Leopard operating system just have a more immense vulnerability rate.

The exploit was just made public less than 24 hours ago, usually Java’s creator Oracle is fast at patching issues, but until then you may want to disable Java on your system.


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  • Nick

    “light-years ahead of a Windows”… I disagree. I just picked up a Macbook Pro Early last year model and within a week I put Windows 8 Consumer Preview on it. So much better. As for security, if you know how to use a computer/PC, then you don’t have to worry about Malware & other Viruses. The new Windows OS’s are way batter than limited OS X Lion.

  • Nick


  • Coluch

    The article stated that “a Mac computer is light-years ahead of a Windows computer IN TERMS OF SECURITY” (all-caps emphasis is mine). Your comments refute a different statement that you created with an incomplete quote.

    “…if you know how to use a computer/PC, then you don’t have to worry about Malware & other Viruses”.
    This is complete conjecture, and a comment that I think would give any security expert pause.

    “The new Windows OS’s are way batter than limited OS X Lion”.
    An opinion lacking citations or specifics is of little value or interest to anybody.

  • RyanStOnge

    Nick, I have no problem with Windows. I used Windows XP and Windows Vista for years. I have always been ‘computer smart’ and never really experienced a virus. But my family on the otherhand had me fixing their computers a few times a year due to a virus. As for the user-interface and navigation, I love it. The security part can just be a huge issue.

  • RyanStOnge

    Thanks for clearing that up for him, haha.

  • I disagree with statement that “A Mac computer is light-years ahead of a Windows computer in terms of security” It is simply not true. Windows has waay way better security then OS X. Only difference is that Windows is much more popular platform then OS X especially it was 5 years ago, so what happened is that exploits, viruses, etc were created for Windows. You will see much more viruses for macs nowadays since macs are becoming more and more popular.
    Also, what Apple did with mountain lion is implementing App Store like with iOS and gave us a choice to protect ourselves from unauthorized apps. Without that feature on you are a sitting duck because os x does not have advanced security like win 8 for example. Even firewall is turned off by default. To sum up, Apple simply whats that 30% of all apps you download on your mac and iOS device. They are using “security method” that simply works on iOS devices. Maybe in near we wont be able to download anything on our OS X computers, because apple will block it the same way it did on iOS devices; will that be Apple’s answer to security problems?

    If you do not believe me, do some research about security on both platforms and you will be enlightened. Apple’s “advanced” security is just a legend.

  • How to use a computer is not a solution. The point is making devices secure for everyone, even for retards. Just saying.

  • I hate Windows’s user interface. It sucks when you compare it to OS. However you have a lot more control in Windows over hardware with additional options

  • RyanStOnge

    At this point in time, as in today, Windows is much less secure than Macs. It’s a proven fact. We have seen 3 or 4 security exploits during the past year on Macs, Windows is through the roof.

    I will give you this, the reason we don’t see many viruses on a Mac is because the producers are focusing on Windows, as the operating system is much larger. In tech-terms a “light year” is equivalent to 3 to 4 years, ultimately because you never know what is to come. In 2003 did you imagine a phone like the iPhone?

    Anyways, at this point, a Mac is much more secure.

  • Tminu

    Correction: the reason macs are more secure is due to the fact drivers are not as accessible compared to windows.

  • ccuth

    actually, Ryan, Windows is more secure than Macs, according to many independent analyses of the two platforms (a quick google search reveals this).

    I’m not at all surprised by this. They learned a lot during the mess that was Windows 98/ME/XP. The only (perceived) security that Apple users had was it’s advantage in a small marketshare. The general consensus used to be that why would anyone spend time making a virus for 5% of the PC market if they could make one for 95% of the PC market. In the meantime, you have Apple telling people for years how they could run OS X without any sort of protection (Admittedly, I still do) and, instead of preaching the virtues of security, Apple tells people it’s invulnerable to the hundreds of thousands of Windows viruses out there. Though a true fact, this claim doesn’t even mention anything about spyware, which doesn’t discriminate operating systems. Bottom line is, Apple has for many years not educated people about the types of threats that exists on the internet. This has created a user base that has become primarily complacent when it comes to malware. Only now is Apple changing its tune.

    I love apple and will never go back to Windows. But I feel Apple has seriously dropped the ball on the security front. And to that point, they had it coming. I’m sorry to say. It looks like OS X is entering the Windows 98/ME/XP phase that Windows went through.

  • Nick

    If OS X is more secure than Windows, then why doesn’t Apple ever proclaim that. Never have I seen an ad or any wording any where that states that. This argument can forever go on and almost every hacker will forever agree that there’s just not enough Macs out their to bother with. Also, @Coluch:disqus, that whole thing you wrote below, you forgot to explain why I am wrong rather than pointing out my expression. LOL, Windows 8 Consumer Preview shits on my OS X Lion. Also, just to share, EXCEL kicks Pages ass any day!!. lol

  • Carlos

    FYI…Pages and Excel do two different things. Is your brain running Windows XP still?

  • Nick

    LOL. you’re partially right. Pages does one thing and Excel does a million things. You just mad because I ain’t willing to settle for good enough.

  • Nick

    Also, I must add. Atleast XP gets more shit done compared to your silly ass iPad OS you commented off. And I own one too, so not hating. Just stating the facts.

  • Nick

    you my friend is probably trying to buy an iPhone next gen as we speak.

  • Carlos

    Actually I’m not mad, just wondering if you’re stupid. I’d take a PC over stupidity any day 😉

  • SlyRobber

    Nick’s obviously a Windblows troll with no outlet for his frustrations. Do not bother with his rants. Obviously nothing to see here. Java will be fixed or sImply eliminated from modern computing by Apple the way Flash is being rendered obsolete. Move along a further response to this bridge denizen will not be forthcoming.

  • Nick

    nope. and I rest my case.

  • Nick

    Must I remind you that we’re light years away from Java going anywhere and this article is about Macs right now. So.. I am sure you know where I am going with this. And you’re just upset that I roll with both Win8 and OSX. LOL, I have no issues with either. Just stating my experiences. What are you gonna tell me next Mr. Know It All; “the iPhone 7th Gen is coming out next year” LOL, this is why I own Apple products. Just cuz you guys take shit so personally and I can comment based on actual experiences.

  • Nick

    HEY @4b22337466c23c60e7e1f7135f9b2dec:disqus. Did you find me a Apple solution to Excel. Still waiting bro… Trolololol… I wish this Blog would allow us to interact through Facebook in turn meeting in person and actually having such debates. All the beautiful things about Excel I would show you. Let me guess, thats “stupid” for ya.

  • Nick

    Above msg was for @4b22337466c23c60e7e1f7135f9b2dec:disqus

  • Nick

    WTF! looks like he changed his name. @ C A R L O S