Bezel-Free ‘iPhone 8’ Imagined in Impressive Mockups


The very first concept designs of widely rumoured bezel-free ‘iPhone 8’ have just hit the web, and they sure do look good (via Cult of Mac). Apple is expected to make major design changes in 2017, which marks the year of the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Rumours suggest the next iPhone may be the most beautiful one ever, featuring a curved, bezel-free OLED display and an embedded home button.

IMG 2533 780x493

Based on these design rumours, iDropNews has created some impressive ‘iPhone 8’ mockups showing how the body could merge seamlessly with the rest of the screen, especially the rumoured “Jet White” version. Other major features could include a retina scanner, while the Touch ID sensors may be embedded in the iPhone’s display. 

Take a look at the following mockups and share your thoughts in the comments section.

IMG 2532

IMG 2535



    Doesn’t look that great to me, kinda plain. Where’s the bling!

  • Oliver Hoffmann

    If they make something like this I really hope that there will be an option to switch to a regular sized screen where the top and bottom bezel touch can be deactivated. Looks cool but I would prefer to have a bezel to be able to hold the phone without obscuring part of the screen. And you’re holding it wrong is not the right answer.

  • Mamba

    Bad idea.

  • erth

    we have seen bezel free iphones in the past. i don’t think this going to happen anytime soon.