Bill Gates Shares His Relationship & Last Meeting With Steve Jobs [VIDEO]


Walter Isaacson quoted Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates in the official Steve Jobs biography as claiming Jobs “said a lot of very nice things about me,” while noting that he also said “a lot of tough things”. In a recent interview with Yahoo! and ABC News (via 9to5Mac), Gates shared his final conversation with Steve Jobs and how his passing affected him. Interestingly, the two Silicon Valley luminaries kept in contact with each other throughout their respective careers. “He and I always enjoyed talking. He would throw some things out, you know, some stimulating things”, he said.

Gates reflected how Steve’s death affected him:

“Well, it’s very strange to have somebody who’s so vibrant and made such a huge difference and been … kind of a constant presence, to have him die. It makes you feel like, ‘Wow, we’re getting old.’ I hope I still have quite a bit of time for the focus I have now, which is the philanthropic work. And there’s drugs we’re investing in now that won’t be out for 15 years — malaria eradication, I need a couple of decades here to fulfill that opportunity. But, you know, it reminds you that you gotta pick important stuff, because you only have a limited time.”

Here is the video clip, check it out:

(The Steve Jobs segment begins at mark 3:35. Flashless version is here)


  • Acquiresim

    Wow, we’re getting oldStupid ass has nothing good in his heart to say about his friend.

  • Anonymous


  • cwh

    All the billions that Apple has in cash, they should take a page from Gates and do something for the world with it…

  • Bill

    Friend?  Steve Jobs did nothing but crap on Windows all his life.  What did you expect? 

  • Steve Jobs

    Are you serious? Without me, windows wouldn’t be alive right now.

  • makeintosh

    Gates is indeed a class act.

  • Anonymous

    Great man doing great work.

  • Menna00

    What gates has done for the charity, steve had never done 10% of that…If you come out of ur iphone/ipad, you’d know that besides apple modern invention, steve was an ignorant person. but as usual apple fanboys have tendency of over looking such things..