Canadian Black Friday Apple Deals: 20% Off iTunes Cards & More [Round Up]


With American Thanksgiving weekend coming up, that means Canadians get to jump right into Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as well. Who doesn’t like another excuse to spend money aimlessly?

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Here’s a round up of upcoming deals from Canadian retailers and online stores we’ve curated for you, from scanning through Black Friday flyers (via RedFlagDeals):


  • Best Buy/Future Shop: TELUS iPhone 6: 16GB for $129.99; 64GB for $229.99, both on 2-year contracts; trade-in price: $79.99; iPhone 5S: 16GB for $0 on 2-year contract
  • Target: Rogers/Bell iPhone 6 for $174 on contract + free $50 Gift Card
  • Walmart: Rogers/TELUS/Bell iPhone 5S for $0 on contract + $50 Walmart Gift Card


  • Staples: iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi for $379 (save $60); 32GB for $419; iPad mini 3 16GB Wi-Fi: $419 ($20 off)
  • Target: Free $60 gift card with iPad mini purchases; free $120 gift card with iPad Air purchases
  • Walmart: iPad mini 16GB for $228 ($50 off) + $20 Walmart Gift Card; 16GB iPad Air Wi-Fi for $398 (save $41)
  • Best Buy/Future Shop: Save up to $50 on iPad Air 2, up to $35 off iPad Air


  • Best Buy/Future Shop: 13” MacBook Pro for $1249 ($150 off); 8GB/128GB/2.6GHz i5
  • Future Shop: 13” MacBook Air for $999.99 ($200 off); 8GB/128GB/1.4GHz i5
  • Future Shop: 13” MacBook Pro for $1249 ($150 off); 8GB/128GB/2.6GHz i5
  • Future Shop: 15” MacBook Pro for $1899 ($200 off): 2.2GHz i7; 16GB; 256GB SSD
  • Future Shop: 21.5” iMac for $1249.99 ($50 off); 2.7GHz i5; 8GB; 1TB HDD
  • Future Shop: 4th gen Mac mini for $519.99 (save $30); 4GB, 500GB HD
  • Staples: Mac mini: $509; save $40
  • Staples: Door crasher (3 per store): 13” MacBook Air for $899 with i5


  • Future Shop: 16GB iPod touch space grey for $189 (save $30)
  • Walmart: 16GB iPod touch for $176 (save $43)
  • London Drugs: 16GB iPod touch for $199.99

iTunes Cards

  • Future Shop: $60 iTunes Card Multipack for $48; 20% off (same as last year)
  • Target: 10% off select iTunes Cards
  • Walmart: $50 iTunes Card for $45
  • London Drugs: Buy $100 iTunes Card, get free $15 iTunes Card
  • Costco: $79.99 for $100 iTunes Card multipack, Nov. 27 to Dec. 7

Other Apple Products

  • Target: Free $20 gift card with Apple TV purchases
  • Walmart: Apple USB Lightning cable for $20 (save $1)


Apps and Software

Apple Canada last year gave out gift cards as part of Black Friday. While this year Apple has already noted their USA amounts, we will wait until Friday to update Apple’s actual gift card amounts for Canada. We’ll also have a round up of various iOS app sales as well. Stay tuned.

This post will be continuously updated leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Refresh for updates.


  • 32 gig iPhone 6?

  • It’s $229 at FS/BS from Telus. Is that what you’re asking?

  • Richard Chiang

    iPhone 6 doesn’t come with 32 GB

  • OliChabot

    Does anyone know if you can combine the Apple Store gift card AND the student discount ?

  • OHHHHH #facepalm #babybrain

  • Mac Mekawi

    iPad air 2 16/64GB Is 49.99 off at best buy, I just picked one up myself

    I have to say though, this year deals suck big time compared to last year!!

  • OliChabot

    Target’s specials are really nice. I mean, 120$ gift card and a small discount on the iPad Air is amazing. Last year I got the same thing, but I don’t know if this year you could get the same card with an iPad Air 2 purchase. I think so tough, If I remember correctly, last year you could get any iPad and get the same card.

  • Scott Ballantyne

    Let’s hope that FS/BB has stock on the 6 for those of us who have to work first…

  • J. W.

    Finally, 20% off for iTunes cards. Haven’t seen that for years.

  • Mac Mekawi

    From what I saw in their flyer, you cannot get that on the air2, they only listed the 16 and 32GB which means last year models..

  • yes

    you can

  • Werdner

    these deals are so crap compared to the US ones

  • Welcome to Canada :/

  • Werdner

    best buy has $50 off iPad air 2 and $30 off the minis

  • Gabrielle

    It’s not even our Thanksgiving so it’s normal..

  • iTech

    Just checked at Future Shop – the $60 multi-packs only have a $5 discount. Not 20% off.

  • Starts on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

  • iTech

    Oh OK – Thanks for the clarification. I guess I jumped the gun. 😀

  • It’ll be live tomorrow 🙂

  • Johnny

    Has the Canadian Online Store Apple Store announced that they will be giving $50 gift cards? I know they are in the USA But they did not in the UK. Not sure if they will do it in Canada…

  • We’ll find out soon. Didn’t want to jump the gun until it was official. Apple USA’s deals only state USA-only so…

  • OliChabot

    Thanks. I’ve called before seeing your comment and the employee also told me I could. Still can’t wait to get there tomorrow and hear the employee tell me that they actually canNOT…. Classic.

  • Johnny

    USA apple store is down and Canada is still online….We arn’t getting $50 gift cards. The black friday hype is over. What a let down.

  • DaveB

    The deal is live at both Future Shop & Best Buy

  • erth

    can you buy $600 in itunes cards (@ 20% off) and use them to buy an ipad on the apple store?

  • Stephan

    7:30am MST, mentions nothing about gift cards. Too bad, I was waiting til today to pick up a new phone.

  • Werdner

    iTunes cards are for iTunes not the Apple store

  • SOB

    Looks like Apple Canada is doing nothing for Black Friday.

  • WebDevFreak

    Yes, You Should have been there on the Canadian Thanksgiving!

  • WebdevFreak

    I was at the Ottawa Store, Bought an Apple TV and Airport 2Gigs expecting iTunes Cards but in Canada they only donate to Aids on your behalf. That’s it. Returned everything right away and left. No biggie. It seems these Days Futureshop and BestBuy have great deals on Apple Products.

  • Werdner

    Correct, no deals for the iPad Air 2.

  • Werdner

    Yup, disappointing.

  • ITech

    Dunno man – the FS store on Robson has no discount on these cards.

  • It will show up on the computer.

  • justins

    future shop reps said deal on the cards is only on monday

  • Really? I bought them for $48 this afternoon in BC. But then I do see the flyer page shows the cards sale for Cyber Monday.

  • iTech

    Went on website – saw the cards advertised as being on sale – talked to a manager – got them for sale price. The problem was the cashiers weren’t ringing them up properly. The manager didn’t even have to do anything special – just that the staff didn’t do things right.

    Anyways – I got the cards on sale – am glad. 🙂

    Just have to make sure you are dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing.

  • Dan in Edmonton

    So far, EVERY Canadian website that I have looked at in Canada had disappointing Black Friday sales. So much hype for nothing. Kobo was especially bad. Why the fuss?

  • Yeah that seems to be the case at Future Shop, always ask another associate