BlackBerry Publishes “Outletiquette”, A Guide for Wallhuggers [Infographic]


Basically every smartphone user around the world who is not yet using one of BlackBerry’s devices is a “Wallhugger”, atleast that’s what BlackBerry CEO John Chen thinks. Inspired by his terminology, much like Samsung’s ‘Wallhuggers’ ad campaign, BlackBerry has come up with an infographic titled “Outletiquette”, which should serve as a guide for those smartphone users who are stuck being wall huggers.

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Here’s how the author at BlackBerry’s official blog describes it:

“Based on my field observations from time spent recently in airports, I discovered that Homo Wallhuggeris can actually be divided into eight different sub-species, if you will. I describe all eight, along with their neurotic behaviors, in the following SlideShare presentation, which I entitled “Outletiquette,” taking a cue from the American obsession with portmanteaus, in which you squish two related terms together, i.e. Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie = “Brangelina” or phone + tablet = “profound new addition to the English language.”

If you find that you exhibit the behaviors of one of the sub-species of Homo Wallhuggeris, then consider fixing your problem with a Z30, BlackBerry Passport, or the coming BlackBerry Classic.”

To check out the complete SlideShare “Outletiquette” presentation, hit up this link, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.


  • Chrome262

    Way to use its only feature to the fullest. The last slide shows someone using a laptop, does BB make laptops now with great battery life, oh wait thats Apple.

  • Fireeast

    But why need a laptop in an airport when you have the Passport, is the angle they are going for.

  • Vancity

    I have a BB Z30 for work and the only way I get a full day out of it is having the phone on Edge. If it’s on LTE, I’d be lucky to get 2/3 of the day through. What a pos.

  • guest

    I agree with you.I own the Z30 and even if I don’t use it the battery is draining and I can’t find the culprit.I bought a 64gb card and it won’t synchronise pics with link suddenly when I was on holiday trip.Lucky I had pc card and blackberry doen’t care with multiple complaints from user on the forum.This is a pos and I don’t care what happens with the company but I’m done with them

  • Chrome262

    I guess so, but what business traveler doesn’t have their laptop, and they are the core of BB’s customers.

  • Tim

    Working at Blackberry must be a demoralizing experience these days; like being on a train headed straight for a brick wall, a car speeding toward a cliff, a living being roasting alive in a fire, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, knowing that death is imminent.