BlackBerry Promotes New Model by Tweeting from an iPhone [PIC]


BlackBerry’s social media team seems to have caused a misstep by promoting the company’s latest Classic smartphone using Apple’s iPhone.

As you can see in the tweet below (which has since been deleted), as noted by The Verge, someone from BlackBerry was promoting the new phone by using Twitter for iPhone:

Blackberry 0

Despite there being an actual BlackBerry Twitter app, the tweet was clearly sent via an iPhone. Ouch.

Former BlackBerry ‘Global Creative Director’, singer Alicia Keys, also similarly tweeted about BlackBerry in the past from her iPhone. There’s nothing else to say here, other than “Oh, BlackBerry.”


  • Mike Fradette


  • Matt

    It looks like the “trade your iPhone for blackberry” promo worked!

  • Tim

    In the case of celebrities, their social media accounts are often managed by PR teams, so I fault them less. As for blackberry, I would have assumed that some of this marketing was in-house, but maybe not. In any case, ad departments (internal or external) should know of this often repeated blunder by now. Also, what social media team with any sophistication posts for major brands (products or people) from a mobile device? Use hootsuite or something or at least the regular web page. Sheesh.

  • Sometimes I wonder if these ‘blunders’ are planned, as they end up getting more attention/publicity than if they were to just tweet as we expect them to.

  • Paul Herman

    Would even be worse if it was planned.. The only attention/publicity they are getting is negative.

  • Eastvanfan

    This is most likely an outside PR firm doing their work and their people have an iPhone. But really this isn’t news. I mean Eric Schmidt, Goggle’s executive chairman uses a blackberry and has for years and has said he has no plans to change.

    Windows phone employees as per the Verge also mostly use iphones, even though they apparently have a choice.

  • It may not seem like news when other companies do the same, but BlackBerry always posts on their company blog about how great BlackBerrys are. So when this stuff happens it’s just hilarious.

  • Eastvanfan

    I think Gary you’re thinking about the old BlackBerry executive team with Lazaridis. Chen is not about saying how great they are, he has admitted that they have done a poor job in the consumer space. The old BlackBerry isn’t what the new BlackBerry is.

  • I’m still thinking about the current team. You have to check out the BlackBerry blog, it’s like Apple brainwash (almost).

  • Eastvanfan

    I’ve read through most of the blog and I don’t see the big deal about it. I mean some of the pot shots if you call them that are not as bad as Samsung spending tens of millions of dollars on commercials showing apple in a worse in my opinion.