Bloomberg: iOS 7 Flat Design Comes at Cost of Missing Deadlines



Jonathan Ive’s flat design plans could leave Apple at risk of falling behind on the next version of iOS. Speaking with people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reinforced what 9to5Mac heard just earlier this week, but according to their sources, Ive’s push to eliminate skeuomorphic elements from iOS 7 comes at the cost of missing internal submission deadlines.

Ive, 46, has begun revamping iPhone and iPad applications, shunning realistic images, such as wood bookshelves for the Newsstand feature, and he’s exploring more dramatic changes to the e-mail and calendar tools, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans are private.

Ive is also methodically reviewing new designs, seeking to avoid a repeat of last year’s release of map tools that were widely panned, and he’s encouraging collaboration between the software and hardware divisions, which operated in silos under co-founder Steve Jobs, people said.

Apple is facing tremendous pressure to come up with something new, and the major overhaul courtesy of Ive’s taste in design aims to bring that change. We will likely see a preview at WWDC in June, but additional features may come with future updates.

The Bloomberg report points to Ive’s relationship with Jobs, emphasizing that Ive can’t get that kind of feedback from Tim Cook that he got from Jobs, but you may recall that even with Jobs on board, Ive enjoyed more operational power than anybody at the company.

“Jony Ive isn’t a coder, but he clearly understands the value and importance of a rich, easy-to-use interface and he will have great input on that,” said Tim Bajarin, a technology- industry analyst with Creative Strategies. The Wall Street Journal previously reported Ive’s involvement in the software meetings.

With Ive taking responsibility for both hardware and software design, he now attends meetings with the software design group, along with its leader, Greg Christie, to offer feedback.


  • Falling behind what? One of the last thinks Steve said was that apple was going to get off this yearly schedule. Iphones HAD to be released in June, iPads HAD to be released in April, OS X HAD to be released every year. All because it’s expected, not because they have something amazing to bring out. I get that with the phones it’s more difficult since it is literally Apple against the world (in that they have no OEM partners, it is literally them against every other competing handset maker) so they need to fend off competition. However, we not only expect them to fend off EVERYONE, we expect it to be perfectly fully baked, with everything we ever wanted and on a routine schedule.

    They never anounced a date, nevermind that iOS 7 exists (could be a whole different name for all we know). Apple have missed real deadlines in the past (They were late on Lion, for example) but we can’t hold them acountable for imaginary deadlines.

  • And if it takes longer to work properly then so be it. iOS needs the over haul, and some of the additions of late are working well now, but have had issues. You don’t want a hurry up and release and have issues like Android or MS has or had.

  • Ive has never let us down! The Force is strong with him!

  • WatDah

    This is one of the things I like about Apple as a company. They really seem to hold on to their own believes and philosophies. At the same time, Apple understands that not everybody agrees with them, and they don’t have to. Apple will continue to make what they believe to be quality products with this passion. Not just a variety of devices that are made with the “there must be one that fits you” mentality.

    Almost all these “deadlines” and “expectations” are generated by the analysts and critics, who also spread rumors around to the general public. Which in turn creates a sense of false hope when the rumors doesn’t come true. In time (in this case, time is a relatively short period because the world today is fast paced), people starts to lose faith the company, leading to a drop in stock prices, and people loses money.