Blue Microphones Hit Lowest Prices Ever on Amazon in 1-Day Sale


Looking for a solid USB microphone? Then you need one from Blue, as they have a couple on sale right now on, as a one-day deal. According to price tracker Camel Camel Camel, these two mics have hit their lowest prices ever on

The Blue Yeti is available for $89.99 at 50% off in white only. I have this mic and it’s really, really good:

Screenshot 2015 12 28 10 35 53

The smaller Blue Snowball iCE Condenser in black is available for $39.99, savings of 43% off:

Screenshot 2015 12 28 10 37 44

Both these microphones are eligible for free shipping and Prime. If you’ve been waiting for a price drop, now’s the time to jump on them, as there’s just over 11 hours left to do so.


  • Lakh Jhajj

    Is the snowball as good in front of yeti?

  • runner

    Thanks for the heads up! I have been mulling over upgrading to the yeti. At that price, I am sold.

  • Cheers! Yeah, white isn’t that bad of a colour, the most important thing is having the mic! Definitely a good price.

  • Haven’t tried the Snowball, so can’t say. But the Yeti is pretty good. I am sure the Snowball will be more than ‘good enough’ for voiceovers.

  • Steve

    Get the Blue Snowball instead. The Yeti has features that you will never use 99% of the time. At the same gain, sound quality is almost exactly the same. Plus, the Yeti is extremely huge for a condenser mic. It’s like having a huge dildo that blocks the view of your monitor.

  • JMCD23

    I was reading into this a while back as I was considering an upgrade myself. Pretty much all the information I found stated that the yeti would be overkill for any voip/codec based programs and the improved quality would not be noticeable.