BMO Sending Out New MasterCard Debit Cards for Apple Pay


Apple Pay is set to launch for BMO, TD and Scotiabank next month, with some believing the remaining three banks may debut the mobile wallet as soon as tomorrow (TD).

As for BMO, the bank has started to inform customers in-branch of an upcoming new MasterCard debit card, which will be used for Apple Pay. The signage reads the following (thanks George):

“There’s a new BMO debit card and it lets you do more.

– Pay faster for your purchases of 100$ or less with Interac Flash
– Make online purchases with retailers in Canada and from elsewhere in the world directly from your bank account.
– Pay with debit anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.

Get informed about the new debit card today!”

Bmo debit card new

BMO has told customers these new cards should be coming in the mail, by at least the end of June.

As for an update on the rumoured TD Apple Pay launch said to be coming tomorrow, the bank’s social media team says the mobile wallet is now “coming soon” (thanks guys), while some have been able to get Terms & Conditions to appear when adding a TD Visa (thanks Fred):


Regardless of the actual launch date for these three remaining banks, we know it’s going to happen sometime in June, so just wait a little bit longer folks…


  • Jesse

    It’s about time they bring in Interac flash!! I was just thinking to myself how it would be weird they supported Apple Pay before it..

    MasterCard debit card will be a nice addiction as well.

  • So would this be the same thing as TD Visa debit card?

  • Looks like it, but just MasterCard instead

  • pulp45

    So I hope I get to continue my Elite Air Miles but REALLY DISAPPOINTED about the $100 limit. For real? What da hell can you buy for less than $100 these days besides coffee? I want Apple Pay for groceries, tech, gas, etc…. EVERYTHING. Why not?

  • Kkli73199026

    Just would like to add… In-app purchase by Apple Pay will not have the $100 limit.

  • pulp45

    Oh? So just the MasterCard flash thingamajig has a $100 limit. That makes MUCH more cents! LOL Thank you. 🙂

  • I’m wondering would will get the cards and when… I’m with BMO… Will I get one? Or do I have to request… Hummmm…

  • Cornfed710

    Of course you’ll be able to keep your airmiles card, even though the program is terrible now. You should consider switching to a Cashback card unless you use the miles for flights, that’s the only thing airmiles are good for.

  • pulp45

    Of course! Paid for Jamaica one year and a VAN RENTAL for 2 weeks on Atlantic Coast. LOVE Air Miles! 🙂

  • Cornfed710

    Like I said, they’re only good for trips. So it sounds like you use them the there full potential. I was a diehard collector for over 10 years, but I don’t travel, so for me I’m better off with a Cashback card.

  • gerry

    If it happens on my birthday (June 4) I’d be a happy camper 😀

  • kkli73199206

    Sorry… i should have been more specific… TD Apple Pay will not have the $100 limit for in-app purchases.

  • Scouse@large

    ATB has confirmed in-app purchases go live on June 1… Still hoping for Scotia to be on board by then!

  • Gyslain Hamel

    Just called BMO and they said the new debit card will only start t obe distributed at the end of june

  • Gyslain Hamel

    When i called BMO the agent said you have to request it at a branch

  • I went to the branch this morning, they told me it will be send to client later this month…. they dont have it now….

  • Gyslain Hamel

    Twitter rept called me, and said the sign wasn’t suppose to be up because branches are not even aware of it. But he says that apple pay will probably be released before the debit card, which means thta for a little bit Apple pay would only work for credit card with BMO

  • Joe

    Saw this on Twitter. Hmm

  • That’s great news then 🙂

  • Gyslain Hamel

    that’s just for Credit card imo, debit will not work because they don’t have the interac flash

  • iTeodoro

    It not happening…lol…if you waiting for the debit card….you will have to wait after Apple WWDC keynote announcement…as BMO will offer the Interac flash card by the end of June…but if you have the credit card…you can add it before your BDAY! Happy early BDAY!!! ????????????

  • iTeodoro

    Lol…They will increase the limit in the future….just gotta accept the limit and pray they extend the Credit or Debit card limit as what is in the account.

  • pulp45

    How is it in America? No ridiculous $100 limit?

  • iTeodoro

    Lol…I am Canadian born and Jamaican background. I am with Scotiabank…but like to see other banks posts to keep updated on their progress with Apple Pay. 🙂

  • BMOhere

    I work at BMO in BC. We have 5 boxes of the new cards at my branch but are awaiting on HQ to give us the go ahead to distribute and upgrade. Hopefully in the next week or two.

  • Thanks for the update

  • Awesome

    Do you know if BMO’s HQ will release the new cards across Canada?