BREAKING! Apple Confirms “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event For October 4

Apple has just confirmed “Let’s Talk iPhone” press event will be held at the company’s Cupertino campus on October 4 at 10am Pacific Time. As reported by SlashGear and further confirmed by The Loop, an email just arrived in their inbox which is an invitation to what’s believed to be the iPhone 5 launch event. It is speculated that Tim Cook’s will be announcing the new product launch for Apple for the fist time.

According to SlashGear, there is still no word as to why the location has been shifted to Apple campus instead of the usual San Francisco venue:

The reasoning behind choosing that location is unclear, though earlier this week we speculated that Apple could be preparing a 4G LTE demonstration using its own base-station equipment installed in Cupertino. That would allow the company to show off the high-speed connectivity tipped to be present in the iPhone 5, without relying on its carrier partners having coverage at any of the usual San Francisco venues Apple has used before.

Rounding up the rumor mill, it is expected that iPhone 5 will sport a dual-core Apple A5 processor, an 8-megapixel camera, a larger display in a thinner chassis and will run the new iOS 5. Other speculation suggests that a second, cheaper model i.e the “iPhone 4S” could be in the works as well.

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  • Cake

    It’s about time ! 15 months later. There has to be a redesign, and Canadian Pre-orders.

  • Ryan

    I like the invite. Shows the date, time and location of the event using standard iPhone icons. Nothing hinting at anything “5” though, but I don’t think that necessarily means anything.

  • Joy Joy

    Hallelujah a confirmation finally! If Canada gets shafted again with a delayed release, anyone know if we could buy from the US and still have our warranties honored in Canada?

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, with the icons we have the Map (Apple Cupertino), Time 10 o’clock, Date 4 tuesday and we also have a Telephone icon with a 1 as the Alert badge. This mean we will only see IPHONE 5 or IPHONE 4S!

    But not 2 new phones as some may have said.

  • Anonymous

    October 4th – New iPhone conference introducing the iPhone 5/4S

    October 5th – Rumours of the next iPhone 6/5S/4SS begin.

  • Stoker

    Big question, as I’ll be in england during October, if I purchase an iPhone in England, will it be 1) unlocked and 2) warranty valid here in Canada?

  • samm

    will Rogers get it on time like they say oct 15th 2011 i hear rogers shouldn’t pull off a a long delay again.

  • Yes


  • Stoker

    got it wrong there sir, more like this:

    October 4th – New iPhone conference introducing the iPhone 5/4S

    October 4th (right after the iPhone 5/4S is announced) – Rumours of the next iPhone 6/5S/4SS begin.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha or right after Tim Cook says “hello”!

  • Cake

    I was thinking the same thing of the 1 on the phone icon. I’m crossing everthing and hoping for a re-design instead of a spec bump. I can’t see it just being a spec upgrade with the amount of time they took to release this years iphone. I know Apple will be  pushing IOS 5 majorly, but its just software , which shouldn’t take over a year to finish. Can’t wait!!!

  • Anonymous

    If u buy it without signing a contract, it will be unlocked. The warranty is only valid in Europe.

  • beavisaur

    I think carriers have known about this for a while.  Telus has been boasting the iPhone 4 for $99 “only until October 3rd”.  Since they must have known a while ago that the new iPhone would be announced.  More of a “hurry up and buy it before no-one wants it anymore” as compared to what they make it seem like “hurry up and buy it because it’s such a good deal.”.
    I believe Bell did/has a similar sale.

  • Coleleduc

    Anyone know if I signed a 3 year contract last year on the day the iPhone 4 came out will if I be able to get an early upgrade price when the new iPhone comes out this month? I’m with Rogers if that makes any difference. 

  • Rob Legood

    I really think the voice activation rumors are going to be a BIG part of this release.  Especially with the tag line they have.   Add a comma and the whole meaning comes to life..

    “Let’s talk, iPhone.”

  • Anonymous

    If the carriers follow in suit the way they have the last 2 years, then yes. Previously they have let iPhone owners (who buy in and around the time of a launch) upgrade the next year for the full subsidized price by re-signing a 3 year agreement.

  • Anonymous

    I tell myself now I wont upgrade, come release day I’ll be the one who’s been camping for a week outside the apple store

  • Coleleduc

    Perfect. That means if I sell my phone for $300 it will cost me nothing =)

  • Harold

    Actually they don’t know I worked for telus and I have contacts there and there is no official announcement also I now work for at&t and we haven’t been told anything Just assumptions

  • Anonymous

    Only if you bought it for the full price at an Apple Store will it be unlocked.

  • Anonymous

    The specs on the next iPhone won’t sway me to upgrade from my 4.

    If they don’t do better on the next iPhone 6 I might jump ship to Andriod

  • Anonymous

    It would suck if they limited the voice activation to just the new iPhone 5 and not in the iOS 5 update for the iPhone 4 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Uhh… It has been known for months that a new iPhone would of been out in the fall… Not a big surprise. Also Rogers, Bell and Telus (including all their sub-brands) have all had the $99 offer since late August. The end date just kept getting pushed back until Apple comes out with a firm date, and now that they have with Oct 4th, all the offers will end then. Then Apple will come out on Oct 4th and say that the iPhone 4 price will be $99 for all carriers.

  • ssm

    forget android.  i’ve jumped ship to the new windows phone mango running on a samsung focus.  it’s really slick & feature rich.  has android & ios beat – at least for now.  i like apple but the ios ui is looking old.  it needs a re-design.

  • Moelleux

    IPHONE FOR IS FREE with 3 year contract at best buy if u guy havent noticed so telus deal is no deal as usual.

  • murving

    I’m hearing its not possible to implement the new voice features on the Iphone 4 due to memory issues. I believe it will only be supported on new devices.

  • Murving

    Looking old? They have a winner on their hand. Why change the look and feel of the OS. It is the reason so many people buy IOS devices.

  • aoknows

    except an excrusiating 3 year term with rogers which I think is well worth the $700 to buy out the phone and not have to be on a contract. How does it make sense that a current customer of rogers or even long time customer recieves the same promotion as JOE SCHMOE walking in and signing a new contract. It makes me laugh how all these people think theyre getting a good deal “upgrading” their phone and renewing contract. Think twice people its a scam, rogers loves to draw you in to their incentives which arent that great, just to lock you into another 3 year contract.

  • aoknows

    WTF is with the new look, or should I say old look. I have an iphone 3gs which has done me well. I fell in love with the iphone 4 look, but thought I would excersise my patience in getting an iphone 5, and its the same style as my 3gs!!! Thats devastating!  Good job on upgrading the software and capabilities of the phone apple, but crappy job of designing the look of it. Now this has thrown me a curveball, to get the iphone 5 still or just go with the much sleeker looking 4??? any suggestions

  • Jonny Duhb

    I heard that too. The 5th gen iPhone will supposedly have 1GB of RAM and the A5 dual-core CPU to support the “Assistant” feature. Which kinda sucks; me and my iPhone 4 32GB were looking forward to that. Oh well…

  • Jonny Duhb

    True dat. But for those of us that have used it for 3 1/2 years, I agree with ssm; it needs a graphic overhaul. 

  • Lauraaa

    Do you think they will announce the 5th Generation Ipod Touch on the 4th as well?

  • Ass

    fuck get siri for ipod touch

  • Asshole

    Yeah fuck bitch ass puck dick stupid