BREAKING: iPhone Firmware 3.1 Beta 2 Now Available To Developers

Earlier this evening (July 14), Apple pushed out the iPhone SDK 3.1 Beta 2 and the iPhone 3.1 Firmware Beta 2 (7C106c). This comes exactly two weeks since the original release of iPhone 3.1 Beta 1 on June 30, 2009.

This 2-week release schedule was common during Apple’s beta releases of iPhone 3.0 firmware. The beta build period for firmware 3.0 lasted a few months in which new beta builds were released every 2 weeks until the official release date on June 17, 2009.


The firmware 3.1 update is to deliver a slew of new enhancements, some of which are detailed below:

  • Voice Control can be activated/used from a Bluetooth Headset
  • iPhone vibrates when you move apps on the Home Screen
  • Modem firmware updated to 5.08.01
  • Cut, Copy, Paste functionality for the Dial Pad in the Phone App
  • Video editing now has the options to trim your clip “Trim Original” or trim and  “Save New Clip” rather then replacing the original clip.
  • OpenGL and Quartz improvements
  • APIs to allow third party apps to access videos and edit them
  • Triple click home button option to bring up Accessibility Options (Voiceover, zoom, etc)

Many iPhone/iPod Touch owners anticipated a quick release for firmware 3.1, but with the release of 3.1 Beta 2, we may all be in for a longer wait than originally anticipated.

Also remember, if you have your iPhone/iPod Touch jailbroken or unlocked, you should not update to 3.1 when it is released, as you will lose both your jailbreak and unlock.

Update 1: Firmware 3.1 Beta 2 may prevent users from using IPCC hacks to enable tethering on their iPhone. Currently, this seems to only be affecting AT&T users.

Update 2: Firmware 3.1 Beta 2 may add support for manipulating live video. This can be used in Augmented Reality applications such as ‘Layar’ seen here.

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  • Dusty

    So 1 or 2 more betas to a final release 3.1…? I hope it's soon 🙂

  • Guest

    So 1 or 2 more betas to a final release 3.1…? I hope it's soon 🙂