British Columbia To Experience Phone Number Shortage By 2016


Attention fellow citizens of British Columbia. It looks like we are going to have a phone number problem in 2016!

Many remember that BC had only one area code, 604, until 1996. At that time, a new area code, 250, was introduced to serve the area of outside of the Greater Vancouver Area.

Then, in 2001, British Columbia received yet another new area code, 778. This is also when 10-digit dialing was introduced to the Greater Vancouver Area before being extended province-wide in 2008.

Now the Canadian Numbering Administrator has advised the CRTC that they project a telephone number shortage by August 2016. The cause for the shortage is being attributed to the increase of wireless users.

But fear not! The CRTC is creating “a Relief Planning Committee to evaluate various relief options and make recommendations”. Yay! We’re saved! In other words, expect a new area code in 2016!

Those that wish to participate can get involved by calling 613-563-7242 or by fax at 819-994-0218 or by writing to: the Secretary General CRTC Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N2 by December 3, 2010.



  • Don

    One thing that technically (or logically) made no sense to me is why these data only devices (ipads, rocket sticks, etc) need a phone number attached to them… What a waste of a… “resource”…

  • Anonymous

    it’s because that’s how you get activated on the switch. the number for your account and provisioning plus the sim/imei/esn for tying you to the actual device. but I do see your logic to that.

  • oh no i live in BC!

  • Mayan Calendar

    2012…dun worry, its k.

  • Oh no, a phone number shortage! The world is coming to an end! LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    That’s a good point. I’m sure in the future everyone’s “phone number” will just be there email address (at least it should be). Look at FaceTime and Skype…

  • Jbohn

    This is so stupid. We’re not even 2 years into the switch to 10-digit dialing and already they’re projecting a shortage? Instead of making 778 a province-wide area code, they should have kept it on the lower mainland and had another second area code for the rest of the province… so lower mainland is 604/778 and the rest is 250/xxx.

  • Vancouver

    Just Make a F*&*%#& new area code and quit wasting money on a committee.

  • Noahattic

    just add more digits………..or have a new area code…………..

    however, i just got a really good number with 778!!!