Brossard Apple Store Coming as Confirmed by Job Postings


For those living in Brossard, Quebec, get ready for an Apple Store opening inside the Mail Champlain mall. As noted by ifoAppleStore, Apple’s retail job page has listed numerous retail positions for a new store in Brossard, south west across the St. Lawrence river from Montreal. This will mark the fifth Apple Store for Quebec, with Laval, Sainte-Catherine, Pointe Claire and Quebec City having the other locations. The Brossard store will mark the 26th Apple Store in Canada.

We checked Apple’s retail job postings and as you can see below, it’s definitely going to happen:

The store is set to open by year’s end, but the exact retail spot within the mall is unknown at this point, but numerous vacant spaces fit for an Apple Store are available. All signs point to the mall run by Ivanhoé Fairview, which ifoAppleStore notes is one of Apple’s frequent management partners.

Carrefour Laval Apple Store Set for Expansion

In a separate story, ifoAppleStore points to further expansion of the Carrefour Laval Apple Store. The existing Apple Store according to sources will move into the existing RW&CO space, with the latter to close or relocate. The additional 4,884 square feet will bring the total expanded store to 10,979 square feet, which will be a massive Apple Store.

Apple Store expansions in Canada are common. Just this past weekend, we saw the re-grand opening of the Market Mall Apple Store in Calgary, as it moved into a much larger retail space within the mall.

For those living in the Metro Montreal region, get ready for more Apple Store square footage coming your way. Who’s excited? If you’re around Brossard, let us know below where you think the location could be within the Mail Champlain mall.

Update: The Apple Store has been confirmed to be at DIX30.


  • SlyRobber

    I would have thought at the 10/30 shopping complex. Then again that must have been a more expensive choice.

  • Not Mail Champlain, it’ll be in the Dix-30 complex, much more recent and much higher number of visitors per year!

  • o_clement

    The Dix30 would make more sense I guess; But Mall Champlain has a very good spot being close to the bridge and on Taschereau, it makes it a bit easier to access for the casual driver just passing by, as opposed to make a trip to specifically go to the Dix30…

    That being said, there’s been a boatload of new buildings rising to the sky at the Dix30 since the last few months. Time will tell

  • crosseyed_mofo

    dix30 isnt as accessible though and for most on the south shore, going downtown would be more convenient than having to deal with that traffic

    champlain mall would be perfect

  • The concensus seems to be mixed on where the new location will be. IIC army, unleash yourself and find out for us. 😛

  • crosseyed_mofo

    everywhere ive read, its all but confirmed it will be champlain mall

  • Sly

    I would say dix30 too. Champlain mall doesn’t make any sense. I don’t picture an apple store in a 2nd rate mall.

  • Sly

    Yeah there’s a big building coming up now that very well might be a more traditional indoor mall. There’s still no signage at all as to which retailers will move in.

  • Cyrus

    dix30 makes much more sense, fully outdoor and alot more nicer.

  • Mat

    I bet on 10/30 as well

  • Effelle

    There’s already an Apple store at the 10-30 although it doesn’t have a genius bar or service dept. Maybe they’ll be expanding?

  • It’s not an Apple Store, it’s a micro-boutique, simply an authorized reseller like future shop.

  • guz

    It will be in the new renovated Mail Champlain not far from the Sport Expert and Sears,

  • JM

    It’s 95% sure it will be in Mail Champlain. They have been doing MAJOR renovations for the last two year bringing the previously very outdated mall to a very modern and very contemporary looking one to get more major world-class retailers to come in. When they started doing the renovations and judging what it looked like it was almost confirmed in my head that if Apple one day opened it’s first south shore store it would be there. Apple is what’s missing in that mall to give it back it’s status as the most popular shopping destination on the south shore.

    Mail Champlain is very easily accessible by public transit as it’s located next to a major bus station, DIX30 is a nightmare to access by public transit with only one route running every 60 minutes during off-peak periods and don’t even try to go there by car during the evening or weekends as you’ll get stuck in the very badly designed road system that was clearly not conceived for the amount of car currently using it.

  • Best argument I’ve heard yet for MC.

  • Kamal

    Do you know when will apple open the store in Brossard? We do not have any news on it yet. Is the location fixed? We would very much like to know the timing. Thanks

  • Not a real Apple store. They are seriously going to be screwed with the real one 1 km away.

  • Nice capture!

  • Diaolos

    Who writes this crap? The new apple store in brossard is in the new dix30 mall connect to the new HR2 store. . You think apple cared about rent? Check your sources before posting info.

  • Adam Scott

    Looks like you missed the updated post here:

    This post is old and at the time nobody knew where it was going to be at. I thought it was going to be at Champlain myself. Chill outtt!