Concept Shows Off Budget ‘iPhone mini’ Running Flat iOS 7 Design [PICS]


Designer Martin Hajek from the Netherlands has yet again released a new set of renders, this time marrying an iOS 7 flat concept by Dámaso Benítez with his budget iPhone concept from March. As he notes on his site:

After seeing some cool new iOS 7 concepts on Gizmodo I just had to see what they would look like in my budget iPhone concept.

Taking Dámaso Benítez’ really nice concept I rendered up some images of how Apple might introduce the new, cheap iPhone.

Check them out below and tell us what you think:

Iphonecheapios7 A

Iphonecheapios7 C

Iphonecheapios7 D

Personally, it reminds me of some sort of Windows Phone from Nokia. Thoughts?


  • wstoneman

    The flat design reminds me of windows mobile os as well. I jsut really hope there are widgets… I want widgets.

  • Jake

    Kinda looks like an “iphone for kids.” Something from fisher-price.

  • That looks like a child’s toy, not a handset from Apple. Do this at your own peril.

  • Nicely done. Yes, they look a bit childish, but I think that would likely be Apple’s target market if they released a phone like this. Teenagers, that is. Although the icons are perhaps a bit too young-looking, even for teenagers.

    This is a very well-done concept though. Looks totally Apple. I personally kinda hope they don’t do this, but I could see it happening.