Budget iPhone to Adopt Colours from Apple Bumpers, plus Gold iPhone 5S [Rumour]


Hot on the heels of the Reuters report claiming Apple is feeling the pressure of Samsung phablets, Japanese blog Macotakara claims that the low-cost iPhone will be available in five colours, borrowed from the official bumpers made for the iPhone 4.

According to information obtained by Macotakara, the low-cost iPhone will be shipped in September and will be available in the following colours: black, white, pink, orange, and blue. There is no information about a red iPhone model.

Rumours of coloured iPhones have been around for a while now. Whispers about possible colour variations were heard last month by the Japanese blog, which has heard from several sources about two sets: navy, gold–orange, white, and gray while the second set was white, pink, green, blue, and yellow–orange.


If the information shared by Macotakara’s sources are correct, we can expect a new colour model iPhone 5S at launch: Gold. This could reinforce earlier iPhone 5S component leaks spotted by BGR, which was the first to report photos of a gold-coloured SIM tray.

Also, the sources point to an August launch of the iPad mini 2, but they have no information about the iPad 5 launch.


  • OliChabot

    Why don’t they just go with ”usual” colors ? Get us a dark blue, a red, a green iPhone. In my opinion, those colors are way more interesting than a girly pink, a gold and a freaking orange. Seriously, would you buy an orange iPhone ?

  • K3

    Would you want an app with a sunflower on it- it’s all about taste, preference and a huge customer base.

  • OliChabot

    Got me. But I think there is a bigger want in a red, dark blue and green iPhone than on an orange and a gold one, don’t you think ?

  • K3

    Cant say, there is too many factors when talking product that sells out millions of units. Apple probably already has a good idea of what direction to take (if this multiple color rumor is true) based on the bumper color sale stats.

    This could also possibly be a bandaid for the problem of running out of inventory at launch as well; using that orange for example- black has now completely sold out but nothing has moved for orange, provided there is a buy back option, orange is sent back to Apple for that change to a black housing at a US plant. While this is happening the production lines over seas are starting up a fresh run of that more sought after color.

    Too many rumors and too many unknown factors on Apple’s side of the fence when figuring out how to present the best product to the masses.

  • OliChabot

    Bumpers sales factor is interesting, didn’t think of this !

  • Olley

    fuck ugly.

  • WatDah

    You mean fugly.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Keep in mind that according to the rumors we may not even see the budget iPhone in North America. These colors might be more popular in overseas markets..??

  • ward09

    You’re both right.