iPhone X Pre-Orders Selling on eBay For as Much as $60,000



As pointed out in its report by Fortune, iPhone X pre-orders are selling on eBay for as much as $60,000. So if you weren’t lucky enough to get launch-date delivery for the iPhone X during the pre-order mayhem this morning, you can get an unlocked Space Gray iPhone X for delivery on launch day by paying the person who pre-ordered it for a bargain price of $20,000 on eBay.

One listing for an unlocked Space Gray 256GB iPhone X currently bidding at $20,000 has the following note:

“Brand new Unlocked Iphone X 256 Gb Space grey.

I will personally hop on a plane and hand deliver the iPhone November 3rd. Just trying to get ahead in life pay off some debt maybe travel a bit who knows.

Thanks for looking have a great day.”

Pre-orders for the iPhone X began at 3:01 a.m. ET today and within minutes, the initial supply on sold out, pushing shipping dates back on all subsequent orders. As of this writing, Apple is promising a December shipment date on new pre-orders.

Are you putting up your iPhone X pre-order with launch-date delivery for auction on eBay?


  • Riddlemethis

    What an idiot. IIRC, the ordering was similar if not better (with more stock availability) this year compared to last year with the iPhone 7+

  • Mark Holoubek

    These ARE only starting asking prices…from what I’ve seen elsewhere they are generally selling for US$3,000-4,000. Still insane.

  • xxxJDxxx

    This is the first year I’ve missed launch day thanks to the issues with the Apple store.

  • Waiting to see who actually buys these!

  • Salinger

    I think the more accurate title of this article would be “iPhone X being offered on eBay…” I doubt they’re actually going to sell any at that price.

  • You’d be surprised.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    just another creative way for money laundering i suppose, i wonder who may be interested with doing money laundering with apple ‘s 😉

  • BeaveVillage

    $60,000 for a phone with a notch in the screen and no fingerprint sensor? ROFL.

  • It better be made out of gold and autographed by Donald Trump.