CAA: Red Light Texting is a Growing Problem in Canada



According to a new report from the Times Colonist, red light texting is still a problem in Canada. Approximately 33 percent of Canadians who took a survey conducted by the Canadian Automobile Association admitted to texting while stopped at a red light.

People still aren’t getting the message, even though the penalties for distracted driving in Canada has increased over the past two years. CAA’s VP of Public Affairs Jeff Walker said that the numbers of people who willingly admit to distracted driving are troubling. In a statement, Walker said:

“It’s socially unacceptable to drive drunk, and that’s where we need to get with texting. Attitudes are beginning to shift, but our actions need to follow.”

However, the survey also revealed that about 70 percent of Canadians believe that red light texting is unacceptable behavior. The CAA surveyed a total of 2,012 Canadians.


  • NOHoldsBar

    You’re stuck at a loooong red light and it’s bumper to bumper traffic.So you text on your phone. Perhaps one should ma sturbate instead? Texting or reading a map or chatting with your passengers while driving is one thing, texting or reading a map or chatting with your passengers or other distractions while stationary is another. It’s absurd to compare driving drunk with texting while at a red light. And just because something is law, doesn’t mean it’s sensible or practical.

  • HoldsBAr

    I am stuck at a loooong red light because the person in front of me is looking down at their phone instead of paying attention to traffic.

    Wait until one of your loved ones or you becomes paralyzed or dies because of a texting driver.

    Putting other peoples lives in danger because you’re text or email is the most important thing in your life? Stupid.

  • He’s not even moving how’s he stupid? When it’s a red light no cars are moving..

  • mcfilmmakers

    If you’re drunk at a red light, are you still drunk driving? The answer is yes and therefore texting while stationary is still texting and driving.

    Talking to a passenger is the car is not illegal, HOWEVER, taking your eyes off the road to talk to a passenger is absolutely illegal. It’s called distracted driving.

    You clearly don’t understand or respect the rules of the road and how you managed to get a drivers license is beyond me.

    Bring on the signal scramblers when the car engine is on!