Campers Start Lining Outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store Ahead Of iPhone 5S/5C Launch


Even though Apple’s scheduled Special Event is less than 5 days away, the actual launch of iPhone 5S and 5C is not going to happen until at least 10 days after the media event. However, Apple enthusiasts have already started camping outside the company’s flagship Fifth Avenue Retail Store in New York, reports MacRumors.

Iphone 5s fifth avenue launch line

The report claims that two representatives from SellYourMac arrived outside the Fifth Ave. store for a 2 week campout, though they were not the first ones in line outside the flagship store, which is believed to be one of the most high-profile launch sites due to its 24-hour operation and iconic glass design. Ahead of them were two other campers, who claimed their spots at the front of the line last night.

“While early lineups are frequently done as promotional stunts rather than campers arriving simply as devoted fans, with some early campers at past launches even receiving sponsorships to promote brands while they wait, it seems that the bar is continually being raised with campers now arriving even before Apple has announced anything. 

According to Sell Your Mac’s Jon Murphy, the campers have yet to have any discussions with Apple’s store staff about their plans, but the line is forming in its usual spot on the plaza outside the store’s landmark glass cube.”

Apple is expected to start selling the iPhone 5S / 5C in Canada and other first-wave countries on September 20th.


  • Chrome262

    It is a pretty cool store, never went late at night though, didn’t realize it was open 24hrs, hummm

  • Sidney R.

    I did that before and won’t ever do it again for a LOCKED iPhone.

  • ????Dennis

    These people need to have kids….

  • Who says it won’t be released until at least 10 days after the event? Isn’t it possible for Apple to start selling it within a few days, or possibly even immediately? If there’s already rumours of product arriving in the US, I don’t see why they’d wait another 10 days after the announcement.

    I still think it’s stupid to line up for something that hasn’t even been announced yet, I just wasn’t sure where the 10 day info was coming from.

  • WatDah

    The last releases of Apple products were released after 10 days of their announcements, so naturally people assumed its the same this time as well. But yeah, I also think nothing is for certain and things can always change.

  • True

    “Daddy is on tv mommy!”

  • I hope they’ll be taking showers.

  • Apple’s last iPhone releases have for the most part been happening closer to the announcement each time. The first iPhone was announced Jan 9 and released June 29 (almost six months), the iPhone 3G was announced June 9 and released July 11 (28 days), the 3GS was announced June 8 and released June 19 (11 days), the 4 was announced June 7th and released June 24 (17 days), the 4S was announced October 4th and released on October 14th (10 days), and the 5 was announced on September 12th and released on the 21st (9 days). So it makes sense that they WOULD release less than ten days after the announcement, if history is what everyone’s basing their information on.

    I was confused because the article states that the release “is not going to happen until at least 10 days after the media event” which sounds like there’s some specific reason it can’t happen sooner than 10 days, and I’m just wondering if I had missed an article that explained what that reason was.

  • stiguy

    Totally agree, I lined up for every iPhone except the 5 because it was only being sold locked at launch in Canada. I actually think this made their sales worse because I and many friends didn’t buy one because we buy our devices outright.

  • Lk. Mr

    This is weird. IIf it is legitimate, it’s obviously not they are waiting to get their hands on the next great product, they don’t even know what it is yet.

    So there are two options:
    (1) These folks are paid to camp out for (bad) publicity. In that case, it just looks like they are reaching. Also, Apple fans have had more flack than usual lately for their “fanboism/sheepness”, so this would probably do more harm than good. If it’s publicity what Apple should be showing is all the totally sensible, professional folks who really want a great device, and are willing to line up for it. Not some overly ambitious fans, who are lining up for something that doesn’t officially exist yet, confirming the oppposition (Samsung’s) portayal.

    (2) This has nothing to do with publicity, these people are lining up for the next iDevice 2-3 weeks in advance. These are simply folks (possibly sensible, professional ones) who have way too much time on their hands and decided to spend their vacation/sabbatical/unemployment/retirement doing this. I won’t judge them if that’s the case, it’s their choice. But c’mon guys, there’s more fun places to camp if that’s how you want to spend your 3 weeks.

    Don’t get me wrong I see think camping the day before or lining up for hours is actually pretty reasonable. It only takes a day usually (unless you don’t get a device), and then it’s done for the next 1-3 years until you upgrade. I personally usually wait until things, die down, but something it’s worth it. But weeks ahead of time…

  • WatDah

    I got my 5 online and was delivered to me unlocked on the release date. No line ups, no delays, no hassles, no problems.

  • WatDah

    3) These folks have too much time on their hands because they could not find a decent job or not taking their lives too seriously. Therefore, tech sites and bloggers paid these people to line up for them so they can get their hands on whatever it is that’s coming. It doesn’t even matter that product it is, it will be the newest model. Then these sites/bloggers can then claim themselves of having the first hands-on review or drop test or whatever, and in turn generate hits and make a profit. As for the folks who lined up, not only is it an easy job, they also get to be on the news for their 3 minutes of fame, and possibly their picture on the newspapers, and a free T-shirt. It’s a win-win situation.

  • johnnygoodface

    Why not! Life is short! Let’s follow our dreams!