Apple Music Prices in Canada Revealed: $9.99 for Individuals; $14.99 for Family Plans


With this morning’s release of iOS 8.4, Apple has revealed its Apple Music pricing in Canada. The new Music app is showing prices that are the same as our American neighbours (YES!), at $9.99 for Individual and $14.99 for Family plans:

Apple music pricing canada

This competitive pricing puts Apple Music right in the mix against competitors such as Spotify, Rdio and Deezer. Apple Music is set to launch at 9AM PDT. Get ready!


  • Cornfed710

    I’m ready

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Wanna try but can’t. Bec don’t wanna loose my jailbreak on iOS 8.3. Hopefully soon 8.4 will be Jailbroken or will have to wait for IOS 9 jailbreak.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Can anyone confirm how much Apple charges to fix a broken screen on iPhone 6 that is still under warranty??

  • Eric

    works already

  • Zeke

    Is there an equalizer? I cant find one.

  • Rio

    Last time I went, in March, it was $129 + tax. Might have gone up because of CAD dollar since then.

  • natedog

    go into settings, music. turn on eq

  • Rio

    Any info on the quality specs of what they are streaming?

  • Zeke

    Thanks. I was hoping Apple would do an equalizer like Spotify has thats totally customizable. Its a deal braker for me. Im sticking with Spotify but i like the way Music looks.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Did they change the screen or swapped the device for u. ?

  • Apple Music will stream quality based on your connection, no exact details were revealed.

  • Rio

    Just changed the screen. I believe you can ask for a replacement but that cost $229 + tax.

  • Rio

    I take it at some point, people will look more into what is being streamed and give us a ballpark?

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I tried to get it done locally but the repair shop messed it up more, front camera and ear piece not working. I hope Apple won’t find out. I didn’t know its not much difference in price if we get it replaced from Apple

  • This is great! Like the live Beats1 show so far. Zane is a great host.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Loving it. Goodbye Spotify.

  • Rico

    looks like the free trial in Canada is only 1 month. Is that correct?

  • No it says three months. Where are you seeing 1 month?

  • Rico

    sorry, you’re right, it’s 3 months. It says free trial will continue until Sep 30. When I disabled autorenewal, I probably got confused with “Individual (1 month)”

  • aaloo

    so they haven’t released iTunes 12.2 yet eh. I can’t seem to play apple music on my mac yet. says i need iTunes 12.2. Current version is 12.1.2

  • This might be the cheapest subscription price out of any other countries out there! We lucked out!

  • Josh

    Student plan is out now in Canada! $4.99 for apple music

  • Ron

    How do you get this student plan?