Canada Gets Some Love This Week


This week has been a great week for the iPhone in Canada. Not only is iPhoneinCanada adding many new writers (including yours truly), but there have been some great product releases that have shown the Great White North some love.

Before I begin I would just like to take a moment to introduce myself to all the faithful readers of  My name is Jon Pilon, I’m a Computer Systems Technology student and iPhone (plus pretty much everything else Apple makes) enthusiast.  I can’t wait to start writing for all you guys and girls, so let’s get to the news of the week.


It's Finally Here!

First off, and probably the biggest news, is Netflix has now officially opened up its movie and TV show streaming services to Canada.  While many Canadians were not impressed with the low number of titles available at launch, the Netflix catalogue appears to be growing daily at a decent rate. I signed up for the one month free trial and find it very easy to use, though I do have to agree that the amount of content is subpar at the moment.  Hopefully, as licensing deals progress, we will be able to watch nearly any movie we desire with the touch of a button.  Now that we have Netflix, let’s get to work on getting some Hulu!

Not to further the Netflix news too much, but I have to show a little Canadian pride with the fact that we get a cheaper subscription rate ($7.99 CAD vs. the cheapest rate in the U.S. being $8.99 USD). However, our service is streaming only, where the US gets a disc by mail, but I’m willing to give up the physical media for the dollar savings.  When asked about this, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings replied that Americans are most likely too self-absorbed to notice, according to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.  Usually once services like this become available in Canada, they are at a much higher rate than in America.  I hope that this starts a trend!

Who needs Big Brother with friends like these?

Facebook Places:

Also this week, as Gary wrote about earlier, Facebook Places has been released in Canada.  I’ve been trying out a few of the check in services lately, and I’ll have to admit, I’m not sold on them yet.  There are very few people in London that use them and I haven’t found any value to the services, like discounts at stores, so far.  I think Facebook has a much better chance at going mainstream with the check in service due to its huge user base and current mainstream success.  Users of the Facebook app on the iPhone were greeted with a screen that highlighted the fact that the new service had become available.


In other news, it seems as though the iPhone 4 availability is a little less strained than it has been since the release.  On Friday, my brother was able to walk into a London, Ontario Rogers store and get the iPhone 4 he’s been hunting for since the release day.  The sheer number of tips that the iphoneincanada Twitter account has received corroborates this theory as well.  Now if only we could get some word on that white iPhone we were told all about, we would be set.

Ping Sidebar:

While not specific to Canada, but still worth mentioning, early on Saturday morning, Apple released an update to its iTunes program which included a Ping Sidebar.  The sidebar allows you to see your Ping feed in any iTunes music window, similar to how the Genius Sidebar worked previously, which now appears to be gone.  Also, you can now ‘like’ or post about a song by clicking the Ping button that appears to the right of the song.  I hope this helps make Ping a little more relevant as there is great potential with this service, but the previous UI was just too difficult to navigate.

If there’s anything else people want to add, I’ll be keeping an eye out in the comments for news I might be missing from this week.  Also, if you want  to get in touch with me, feel free to follow me on Twitter @jonpilon, or check out my personal website at for other news from me.


  • Forest Li

    The only reason Canada is getting iPhone availability now is because the iPhone 4 has a market in China now. in other words, no one is lining up in front of the Apple Store to buy and then resell the unlocked iPhones in China for a higher price.

  • Mikomi Kitty

    Blacks Photography in Vancouver; on 579 Robson St Has lots of iPhone 4’s for Telus

  • Anonymous

    Welcome Jon and look forward to reading more of your posts!

    I’m happy to see Neflix here in Canada as well and, even with the somewhat limited selection at the moment, have been able to find plenty of flicks that I’m looking forward to watching.

    Despite my best efforts (showing up at 8am at the Apple Store on a few occasions and calling/visiting my local Rogers Store regularly) I still haven’t been able to get my hands on an iPhone 4. Hopefully the availability improves soon.

  • Thanks Tim!

    I found some great movies too! There are some great movies that I didn’t even remember on there until I saw them come up (Dragonheart!).

    I hope you can find an iPhone 4 soon!

  • Darr

    I finally was able to get one in Windsor on Friday…thanks to my wife waiting in line for an hour

  • The only reason we have Netflix for cheaper is because we only have 2.5% of the selection that they have in the US. If we had anywhere close to what they have I’m certain we’d be paying more than them. What a disappointment!!

  • Welcome jon

  • How much data does a movie & T.V show take up?

  • ok Pandora, you’re next. Come on!

  • Trance

    I got one two weeks after it came out at Rogers on Devonshire Mall.

  • Trance

    Did anyone notice that Netflix uses 1 GB an hour bandwith? Cogeco gives me 60gb bandwith a month, which is the main reason why I am not getting Netflix. If however Cogeco would make an exception for Netflix streaming, then I would get it in a second!

  • hey, jon, from your personal introduction, i feel like you r studying at BCIT CST program, rite?

  • Passerby

    I went and visited Bell Mobility at Aberdeen Center at richmond yesterday and they said that if you put a deposit of $85 dollars you would have an iphone 4 by next week.
    I believe they said this is something at all Bell Mobilities in Vancouver.

  • Hst20202010

    how much data does it take?im new to the Iphones

  • Half_Pint

    While this is good news in general, it just highlights the fact that Canada suffers disproportionate data throttling and bandwidth caps and penalties as compared to the U.S., forcing us to ration monthly internet usage.

    I hope this changes soon, but the internet is currently offering more than our telcos are willing to let us have.

  • Trance

    for iPhones it’s different, but for streaming through your computer or video game system, it uses 1GB an Hour. Thats a lot!

  • Hi Noah,
    I’m actually studying at Fanshawe College in London Ontario, but it is the same program (though they call it CTY for some strange reason).

  • Hst20202010

    Thx Trance,that is 6hours of movies a month becuse i have the 6gb a month plan,that sucks.Can you please tell me how much bandwidth does Fido give us.Thx in advance

  • Don’t worry Hst, The 1GB is only for desktop streaming. Netflix on your iPhone or iPad will reduce that size quite a bit. I don’t have any exact data but according to my phone i’ve used 238mb this month and I’ve watched 2 movies over 3G on my iPhone.

    Hope that helps

  • Bethgrixti

    They have finally changed the recording on Rogers *611, it even asks if u want to upgrade to iPhone 4 to press 2, but then you get a person telling you they don’t do upgrades over the phone, but they check eligibility. Strange.

  • Bethgrixti

    It’s actually because we don’t have the physical DVD option. That’s just in the US. The selection grows daily as they get more licensing permission