Canada’s Mobile Internet Speeds Rank 13th Worldwide Says Ookla


Ookla, makers of Speedtest, have released their new data tool called Speedtest Global Index, which ranks countries based on their mobile internet and fixed broadband Internet speeds.

Canada ranked 13th worldwide for mobile Internet speeds (35.19 Mbps down/10.06 Mbps up) and 18th for fixed broadband (up from 19th as of June 2017) with an average download speed of 57.86 Mbps and upload of 18.19 Mbps:

Global speedtext index canada

The top spot for mobile speeds goes to Norway, while Singapore has the fastest fixed broadband speeds.

Ookla says these tests are “Based on the billions of consumer-initiated tests taken all over the world using Speedtest,” which allows them to show the “latest information on which countries have the fastest mobile and fixed broadband and which have the slowest.”

The company says “Results are updated at the beginning of the month for the previous month. To be ranked in each category, countries must have at least 670 unique user results for mobile and at least 3,333 for fixed broadband.”


  • bbousquet

    With the prices we pay, I’d expect us to be higher in the rankings…

  • IAmTaka

    Man look at US pricing, convert with the dollar and we are paying the same as them… This whole we pay too much thing compared to the US isn’t true. I would love a smaller bill but it’s not THAT bad.

  • bbousquet

    Our internet isn’t as bad as our cell plans, I agree. It’s when you compare to what Europeans pay that our prices look ridiculously high. Nevertheless, you can still get “fair” prices here if you haggle/threaten your provider a bit.