Canada Lacks Apple News App in iOS 10, Gets Widget Instead


When Apple launched iOS 9, they debuted their own curated news app, made available to customers in the USA. Canadians could easily acquire the app by changing some regional settings, but the hope was we’d see the native app appear in iOS 10.

The public release of iOS 10 came earlier this week and to nobody’s surprise, the News app is still missing, sadly. But wait! There’s still sign of the News app for Canadians in iOS 10, as we all get access to a new widget, seen below:

IMG 0028

The News widget won’t launch a native news app, but links to trending stories—and so far it’s pretty good at curating popular headlines from Canadian publications such as CBC News, The Globe and Mail, Global News and National Post, to name a few.

How to enable this News widget if you’re not seeing it? Go to the Widgets view, scroll to the bottom and tap “Edit”, then add the News widget.

According to the WSJ, the new version of the News app now allows subscriptions for publishers, taking a 30% cut from new subscribers and an ongoing 15% cut from renewals. Currently, there are 14 publications available in Apple News, which allows subscriptions to be funded from a customer’s iTunes account.

If you’re looking for Apple News in iOS 10 in Canada, it’s not here yet, so you’ll have to keep on waiting.


  • I find that sad…. It’s been more than 1 year, the News app was launch and nothing for Canada… and even worse, we have that widget that we can’t edit or customize… especially in french is mostly all crap from Journal de Montreal… 🙁

  • Jay

    For what it is, Its a nice little window to give you whats happening. Disappointed that we don’t have a native app, but its useful regardless.

  • Michel Plante

    Just change the region to US

  • Dany Quirion

    you cant use apple pay with canadian credit cards if you do that

  • bbousquet

    It was already like this in iOS 9.

    I don’t understand why they don’t have the News app for us (you can get it to appear if you switch to US region and reboot – then switching back to Canada region will display local news until you reboot and it disappears again).

  • bbousquet

    Yeah it’s mostly Journal de Montréal/Québec and TVA Nouvelles. I also see tidbits from Journal Métro or Le Devoir once in awhile.

  • bbousquet

    I thought you could use previously added ones?

  • Michel Plante

    It’s no big deal I don’t have a credit card ????????????

  • Dany Quirion

    Debit as well

  • MGSayah

    False. I use my Canadian cards and my region is USA.

  • Mrleblanc

    So wrong… I use my TD Debit and my region is set to USA for Apple News and everything works fine

  • I suspect Apple is waiting for publishers to buy-in to supporting the native News app format for their publications. I’ve seen little news however as to whether Apple has even approached them, and if so, where the holdup might be.

  • Salinger

    The downside of linking to articles with the Globe is they only allow 10 free per month. Once you’ve linked to 10, you get the “sorry” message and asks you to subscribe to read on.

  • Try a private/incognito tab, or search the headline in google news and try to click through that way

  • McHuman

    I still miss Zite, and despise Flipboard for ruining what I believe the best news app that ever was!

  • yamdigger

    All I can see are small l liberal publications. Where’s the National Post? Where’s the Toronto Sun? Is Apple and it’s openly gay CEO trying to force-feed us its liberal agenda?

  • wlym

    Homophobe much?

  • SardisisreallyChilliwack

    Another Globe and Mail Comment … While I like the paper its so Eastern in all it ways still i quit subscribing yrs ago. I read comment about work around but that’s overmyhead. Who picks which news feed we see. I would contact them. Or is that the reason its being carried so “They” can get new subs. and Apple gets a cut ?

  • RichardRene

    Clear your cookies.

  • RichardRene

    I use Canadian credit and debit just fine with my region as US.

  • Salinger

    Nah, the whole point of the news widget on the swipe right is to have quick and easy access to stories that capture your attention in the moment. If I have to clear cookies on my mobile Safari, or mess with private/incognito tabs as Gary suggested, it sort of defeats the purpose of the quick tap to see an article.

  • Ron Roberts

    Toronto Sun? It’s a “News” app, not a “Tabloid” app.

  • We really need a way to get rid of the globe and mail from this widget. It is so annoying to be blocked if you forget to check that the story is from that source. And with only four articles what a waste of space. So frustrating.

  • Golan Klinger

    Which works but unfortunately you lose all the Canadian news sources. It’s ridiculous that after all this time there is no Canadian version of the news app.

  • Golan Klinger

    I see articles from the National Post.

  • EndoPlayz Wolf

    I had to switch region to US to get news app LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING

  • GodoStoyke

    I’m with you, McHuman. I loved Zite. Where is anti-trust protection when you need it??