Holy Crap: Canadians Use ‘Poop’ Emoji More Than Any Country in the World


SwitftKey, the makers of the SwiftKey Keyboard, have published their first emoji analysis report from over 1 billion pieces of data via the company’s SwiftKey Cloud vaults.

Here are the findings of note:

  • Canadians score highest in emoji categories some may consider to be more American (money, raunchy, violent, sports)
  • French use four times as many heart emoji than other languages, and it’s the only language for which a ‘smiley’ is not #1
  • Flowers and plants emoji are used at more than 4X the average rate by Arabic speakers
  • Russian speakers use three times as much romantic emoji than the average
  • Australia’s emoji use characterizes it as the land of vice & indulgence, using double the average amount of alcohol-themed emoji, 65% more drug emoji than average and leading for both junk food and holiday emoji
  • Americans lead for a random assortment of emoji & categories, including skulls, birthday cake, fire, tech, LGBT, meat and female-oriented emoji

Category leaders for users of the Canada English keyboard: violent, body parts, money, sports, raunch, ocean creatures. Our usage of guns and violent emoji actually are higher compared to our American neighbours (1.52% vs .97% average).

As for the beloved ‘poop’ emoji that brings smiles to all faces, Canada’s usage of this emoji beat out every other nation in the world:

Screenshot 2015 04 22 08 53 18

Overall, the top 5 emoji categories were happy faces, sad faces, hearts, hand gestures and romantic. Oh, and also when it comes to junk food, Canada really loves pizza:

Screenshot 2015 04 22 08 55 52

Canada also uses more ‘raunchy’ emoji two times more than everyone else, which SwiftKey defines as the banana, raised fist, eggplant, peach, cherries and Cancer astrological symbol (get your mind out of the gutter, peoples).

When it comes to sports, Canadians reference sports or activity almost three times more than other nations, with the bike emoji being the most popular here (there is no hockey stick or puck emoji yet).

We also use the money emoji more than others, plus we use the most ocean creatures as well, with the octopus being particularly popular here. We are also literally out of this world as Canada leads outer space emoji usage of the alien face.

Some Canadians use the English (US) keyboard, so those results won’t show in this report. This data was taken from the SwiftKey Cloud database, which users opt-in to which allows saving keyboard settings and profiles to use across all devices.

What’s your most used emoji? Surely by now it’s the Canadian flag, right?


  • Is nobody else noticing the bigger story here? Swiftkey is logging your keystrokes and sending them to “researchers”! Are they also researching credit card numbers and passwords?

  • It’s an opt-in service, so people should know what they’re getting into. SwiftKey says they omit passwords and credit card numbers. Here’s what they say…

    Data we exclude from collection


    Where a web site or application has identified a field as a password field we will not learn from or record in any way the text entered into that field.

    Credit card numbers

    We do not learn credit card number entered into a secure text field, and in the rare case you may have entered this type of information in an unsecured field we aim to detect and discard this type of information.

  • Chrome262

    Got to be something wrong with this, I can’t see Australians so into lollipops. And apparently we are in to shit and guns lol

  • awkpain

    Most of the custom keyboards fall back to the default apple keyboard for fields identified as credit card or password. I’ve only run into 1-2 cases where it doesn’t flip on its own.

  • Although we all know how many people read TOS and what they are agreeing to when they click “Recommended”. Otherwise nobody would have toolbars, Shomi, Onedrive or “buy” John Deere tractors.

  • definingsound

    Apparently what we call by the name “candy”, Aussies call by the name “lollies”. I’m sure that it has a variety of slang meanings down there.

  • Chrome262

    I guess, but still seems crazy. Its like they are using a very small survey pool