Canada: Here’s a Real-Time iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Reservations Inventory Tracker [u]


If you’re still trying to nab an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, but keep missing out from Apple’s Reserve and Pick Up page, reader Ashwin Balu has created a real-time script to track inventory for each retail location across Canada:

Iphone 6 inventory

Ashwin tells us he created the page after he was having trouble landing an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reservation. He made it for his friends to use and now he’s sharing it with us—thanks dude (he’s not making money off the site either)! If the page has helped you, send him a quick thanks via email at: im_ashwin[at]

You can visit the real-time tracking page by clicking here.

Update: the site is down for maintenance–in the meantime, try this link instead.


  • Experience Motion

    Doesn’t seem accurate. It said Guilford had stock but on the actual Apple website, Guilford is all out. The tracker still shows stock in Guilford.

  • I’m looking at it right now. Says it’s sold out at the moment. Note that when you go the reservation page, it asks you to choose “with contract” and “without contract”. Make sure to try BOTH options. Apple Stores have separate allocations for each bucket. HOWEVER, it doesn’t matter which one you reserve. Once you have your reservation, you can walk into the store and do either one.

  • Just wanted to throw in two other notes: 1) The information here is being pulled from Apple’s own inventory. So if there does happen to be an inaccuracy, it’s because that’s what Apple’s reporting. 2) Apple’s reservation page is closed each night from 8pm to 11:59pm local time to each store. So, if you see availability during this time, you’ll have to wait till midnight to nab one. Good luck!

  • Jeffryyyy

    Hey Ashwin! Im trying your page in 10 mins! Just a thought, maybe make a option to list only stores I would like to see

  • That’s a fantastic idea, and one I’m definitely going to implement when I get some time! Good luck!!!

  • Steven

    OOh yes! I would agree that option too!

  • Nafizur

    man.. his stuff was pretty accurate, but i wasn’t able to snatch one. UGH!!! tomorrow again

  • Jeffryyyy

    THANK YOU Ashwin you are a god!!!! I have to use it again tmrw night to try and get my girlfriend one (she’s here sad we ran out of time for her). You are a hero, hope you can do this every year!! do you have a twitter?

  • Haha, glad it worked for ya! My twitter’s @im_ash_twit.

  • Thanks! Good luck!

  • Steven

    argh, missed close

  • Tong

    i t is so accurate but why you did not snatch one?

  • Tong

    which one did you miss?

  • Tong

    have you ever use this to nab iphone6 plus successfully?

  • Steven

    6+…so close

  • Tong

    how did you lost? i did not see there was yes

  • Tuxcito

    Ashwin, do they get new stock updates at midnight or throughout the day? Is there another time in the day when they usually restock? Just wondering if I should be staring at your page refresh all day. Great work btw!

  • When there are thousands of people trying to nab one at the same time, it really depends whose Apple Reservation page loads first!

  • I used it myself, all 3 of my beta testers used it to get theirs. Also, I got a flood of emails last night from people who used it to get theirs.

  • Hey Tuxcito, they do get stock randomly throughout the day (in addition to the midnight drop). I reserved mine at 2pm in the middle of the day, when one became available. Sadly, it required a lot of patient waiting.

  • Nafizur

    i actually got to click the phone and as i was completing it said, sorry it’s unavailable, try again later. I think it has to do with the time slot. What do you think is the best time slot to pick. Also, if there is anyway to to show whether it’s under contract or device only, that would be even better.

  • Hi Nafizur, it could be that someone barely beat you to it. For the handful of instances I’ve visually seen, the moment you’re in the process of picking a timeslot, the phone is just about yours. It’s the step right after picking a colour that I’ve often had difficulty.

    I really don’t think any time slot is better than another from an ability-to-reserve perspective. I believe that’s more personal preference, and shouldn’t affect your ability to reserve your device.

    I’m sorry to hear that you were soooo close to getting your phone only to get trumped at the last second. I hope luck’s on your side the next time around.

  • At 12am EST, I saw a lot of availability for 6+’s. By 12:02am EST, they were almost all gone.

  • Nafizur

    there were some 6 plus available a while ago. all gone.. only masonville has one left

  • Tuxcito

    Once again, you’re a hero.

  • Haha, thanks!

  • Steven

    Same happened to me. Saw 6+ at oakridge but after I select the storage size it just kept loading… And it gone.

  • Tong

    how do you know that? why i did not see it?

  • tong

    do you have some ways that faster than others to cab iphone?

  • ????Dennis

    Wife has been trying to snatch a gold 64gb since launch day. Bookmarked this on my home screen last night and found one at Sherway for her this afternoon. She put a 7-8 times slot, but ended up grabbing it at 2pm. When she gets there the genius tells her she reserved 2. She ended up buying both, lol. She’s gonna see if a family or friend wants one…

    I emailed the dude who made this link and tipped him $5 for his efforts. I hope others that use this to grab a phone do the same. Saved me tons of time from checking each store stock individually. Apple… If you’re listening, hire this guy to set up the reserve for your next launch!

    Take another bow Gary for reporting this!

  • Nice! Yeah it’s a real time saver, glad it helped. I noticed he added the PayPal tip button after we posted. It’s a worthy service.

  • ????Dennis

    Geez… Just booted her phone up to set up and noticed a dead pixel. Lucky she bought 2. Off to Apple she goes. Hopefully it’s not too complicated to return a locked phone and buy the other one locked again. Just a heads up for everyone to do a pixel check on their phones.

  • Nafizur

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ASHU!! I got my plus. Took worked like a charm

  • Tong

    But it just sell in other malls why? i am in Vancouver .Why they did not release any iphone?

  • Hey Dennis, thanks for the tip. Very glad to hear that you were able to grab your phone! It’s unfortunate about the dead pixel though, but it’s a good thing you have a backup!

  • I’ve seen that issue when I was reserving myself. One thing that’s helped immensely is once you have logged into the Reserve and Pick Up page, hit refresh. If it boots you out requiring a login, try again until it stops that behaviour. (It took me 4 attempts.) Once completed, it shouldn’t be pausing at the storage size.

  • Alright it took a solid sleepless night, but I’ve massively overhauled the iPhone Tracker page. You can now individually choose the devices you care about and Apple Store locations that are convenient to you. Now, whenever your preferred devices become available to reserve, the page will literally start beeping at you! Enjoy and good luck!

  • voodoo_ca

    Why did you change the layout? It was great to see everything at a glance.

  • I got a lot of feedback asking to narrow down the list of stores (since it’s unlikely that a user cares about a store in both Vancouver and Toronto at the same time). However, if you prefer the old page, it’s still up at:

  • VK

    Hi Ashwin, both pages appear to be down. Site maintenance? Great tools you have developed here. Keep up the great work.

  • Ali Sheikh

    Hi Is this site down. That is the message i am getting. is there a new link to this site? Please advise. Thank you all.

  • Mathieu Desmarais ?

    Hi Ashwin, your site is down at the moment… maybe time to switch host?

  • Yep, for now please use

  • VK

    No need to apologize. You have for above and beyond the call by developing this tool. All of us are very appreciative of the work you have put in, and can deal with the inconveniences imposed on you by your provider.

    From all of us; thank you.

  • Steven

    WOW, the site’s been remake into by impanting option to list only stores users would like to see! Thank you Ashwin!

  • ????Dennis

    My pleasure my man. It’s the least I could do. Hosting a site doesn’t come free. I hope others do the same and send something your way. All the best in your future endeavours.

  • Anthony ?

    Great site, especially with the update that sounds an alarm when your chosen model appears. Just snagged my wife a Gold 6 Plus in Burlington, so I’ll get some brownie points this evening 🙂

  • Blunderous

    Oh man, thanks so much Ashwin! Just snagged myself a gold 6 plus 64gb from Metrotown all thanks to you!! Can’t wait to pick it up later today.

  • _Jc_

    Thank you so much for creating this! I fully intend to tip you generously if this works!!! I can’t tell you how many nights I wanted to go to bed at 10 but stayed up until 12:03 only go to to bed defeated…

    Quick question – should I lot into the page ahead of time?

    When logged in, the page seems to show new items when refreshed (for example, at midnight it goes from showing only Halifax store to showing all stores) but I have had zero luck finding stock.

    Or should I wait until seeing availability to login?

  • I would actually suggest passing on the midnight release and trying to get the phone during the day. At midnight, there are *sooo many* people logged on trying to get a limited number of devices.

    Instead, I’d suggest leaving the page running during the day. Most stores get a shipment of new inventory each weekday. However, because the timing of this is fairly random and changes daily, there won’t be nearly as much competition. Besides, the only way for someone to pick up the mid-day phones would be to either 1) be lucky enough to be checking Apple’s reservation page at exactly the right time, or 2) cheat by running something like the tracker page!

    However, to answer your earlier question, I’m not really sure. I’ve personally never had luck reserving at midnight, so I can’t really speak from experience.

  • Glad to hear it! 🙂

  • That’s fantastic!

  • You’re very welcome!

  • Joe

    Thank you for doing this! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be able to reserved/swap the colour that I want since the beginning! Apple gave me silver instead of gold on the first time I reserved the gold iPhone 6! Thank you once again!!!!

  • You’re very welcome!

  • I can attest to the midnight release madness. After two frustrating ‘near misses’, I’m done. On two occasions, I went to click the reserve button only to get the “reservation time not available” and losing out on the phone. Thanks for the advice Ashwin and for your kickass tracker page!

  • Very welcome!

  • Guest

    I have it happen a few times where I see that a model is available but isn’t there when I try to reserve it. A different model is available i.e. 16GB available but the 128GB is not?

  • Did you try both the “with contract” and “device only” options? Apple puts their reservable inventory online into those two buckets. Once you reserve it, it really doesn’t matter what you picked – when you walk into the Apple Store, you can do whatever you want.

    Alternately, it could be that someone beat you to that specific model, has picked it, but hasn’t pressed “finish” or “checkout”.

  • Beware, Apple DOES indeed care which option you choose. During the midnight reservation frenzy, I chose “with contract”. Today I was told at the reservation line that I could only activate the phone on contract and if I wanted “device only”, I could try to reserve again.

    I had to raise a stink about it before the staffer magically found a “device only” phone on his iPad. The staffer that helped me purchase the unlocked phone reiterated the “policy”.

  • Hi Dan, I’m sorry to hear that you had such issues at the Apple Store. I myself was able to reserve a device with contact and buy it outright. I saw a bunch of other testimonials online that found the same thing. So, I guess if depends on the staffer.

    As for the phones, when you ask for a contract, they actually lock them in-store, after opening the box in front of you. They are just raw devices until told otherwise. So the staffer claiming to “find” a device-only phone was absolutely BSing.

  • applefangirl

    Sp happy this worked for me! I got a 64 gig plus but am keeping it box for a few days still watching in hopes of getting a 128 gig. Thanks for this site!

  • Montreal, October 7, iPhone 6+ 64Gig Space Grey
    Ste-Catherine Store.
    Got the notification sound at 3:05 pm and I’ve let the page run in the background for less then 24h.

    Will use the Donation button on Paypal as this tool saved me what looked like weeks of wait using the Fido reservation option.

    Great useful tool !
    Thx 🙂

  • Marky Mark

    Thank you very much Ashwin and Gary. I ordered my 6 plus via Apple store and the expected delivery was late october/early November. Went online at midnight tuesday, reserved and picked up my 6 plus on the wednesday! it simply works. Thanks again!

  • Cheers!

  • voodoo_ca

    I have been using this older version showing all phones and stores. I noticed today that the update time was 2hrs behind actual. I am wondering if it is a different time zone (not eastern) or just behind by 2 hrs?

  • The data is accurate to within 4 seconds. Timestamp may be off. I can take a look when I get a chance.

  • Steven

    So my i6+ arrived via UPS today, I’ve kinda gave up on grabbing gold version but thank you for the tracking website anyway!

  • voodoo_ca

    No problem – not a big deal… I just noticed it today and wondered. I was surprised, today I went to reserve a phone and my only option was to pick the phone up today. Not only that, but the last time was only 6-7pm – not even 9pm when the mall would close.