Canada: Request a Song on Beats 1 by Calling this Toll Free Number


Want to request a song for Beats 1, Apple Music’s new 24/7 worldwide radio? All you have to do is call the following toll-free number: +1 855-648-0703.

For other countries, you can call one of the respective numbers below to request a song:

Screenshot 2015 06 30 15 38 29

So far, Beats 1 and Apple Music has been pretty awesome, available to everyone as the three month free trial starts today. You can learn how to turn off auto-renew for your membership here.


  • Rio

    I just head while listening, that you can iMessage them too. Forgot the e-mail they mentioned though. or something

  • bionicmonk

    What the point of requesting music to be played on the radio when you have all the streaming music in the world to chose from ? Am I missing something ?